Finally walking bare foot again …. I had missed the feeling of my toes deeping in the warm sand … I am not made for cold countries and I have learnt it the hard way during the last 2 snowkite trip with Mallory.It was amazing and we had a lot of fun but I was missing the warm Caribbean waters and trade winds.Right now I am in Martinique, we had a lot of fun riding the spots on the East coast, the wind has been amazing here this year, one of the best trade wind season I have ever seen in the Caribbean.

I will be flying with some friends and will spend some time between the grenadines, Martinique , St Lucia and Puerto Rico.
For now here are some of the pictures we took the last few days with the new 2011 Ocean Rodeo Rise kite !
Enjoy and don’t forget to share these if you like it !

Source: Jeremie Tronet

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