Dakhla Morocco Africa Kitesurfing destination

In the middle of the western Sahara, 1500 km away from Casablanca, is a town called Dakhla situated on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast called Rio de Oro. At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible windstatistic….a true Kitesurf paradise. The wind stats in this area are just astounding so you can sail the whole year in Dakhla (even in December & January, the lowest wind season, it is still 60% reliable) !! The water is perfectly flat with huge shallow areas; just perfect for beginners & improvers; simply the best spot on earth to learn to kitesurf.

Dakhla has recently also become a very ‘trendy’ location for the more affluent Moroccans to come for a few days to experience the wildness and beauty that this area has to offer. Mostly these visitors come for just a few days to take in the tranquility of the area, go on boat excursions, surf at the wave spot and perhaps have a few kitesurf lessons.

Getting to Dakhla

Getting to Dakhla is not quite as straight forward as with many of our destinations … but it is definitely worth the travel !! There are no direct flights so we will route you in via Casablanca with a connection twice a week on the way out. Coming back you will have to overnight at Casablanca airport – there is not way around this for now. There is a hotel for overnight very close to the airport; the downside to this is the standard of this hotel we are sorry to say. It’s not the best but for a simple overnight it is ‘functional’.

Due to all the complexity of arranging the travel to this resort we do not recommend customers try to book independently. We have excellent prices for this resort and many years of experience in handling these trips.


The spots in Dakhla

Wave spot

For the more advances kitesurfing a visit to this wave spot on a wind day offers 2-4 metre peeling waves with side to side off shore wind….an awesome wave spot ! There really is something for all levels in Dakhla.

Main Lagoon

Where to start… the lagoon is enormous so you can kite either directly in from of your chosen accommodation of hitch a ride on the rescue boat to one of the many other sport around the lagoon. The choices are endless but all offering super flat water conditions with very clean and consistent wind.


LifeStyle : quiete, very laid-back
Airport : Dakhla-DAK
Language : Arabic
Health : Typhoid, polio, tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccines recommended
Electricity : 220 V
Time zone : UTC + 0 ou + 1 in summer
Cost Factor : moderate
Population : 31 671 474
Size : 446 550 km2
Currency : Dirham (MAD)
Wind : 19
Air Temp : 25
Water Temp : 22
Difficulty: beginners to advance
Best period: blowing all year-round but best on may-october

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