Recently crowned Australian National Kitesurfing Juniors champion,Tom McGregor , is a fresh face to join the Ozone team. Tom will be riding the new Ozone Reo surf specific kite and will be representing Ozone within Australia and internationally. This is an exciting opportunity for the 16 year old whose rise has been very quick.

He recently won his first big peer judged competition, the Australian Kitesurfing Wave Nationals in Warnambool in February. Prior to that, Tom won most promising junior at the Corona Classic in Merrimbula, NSW, last November 2010. Tom’s decision to join the Ozone team was a family affair, and Ozone Australia brand manager Steve McCormack visited Tom and discussed the opportunity at the family home with Tom and his parents.
Tom is passionately into wave riding, and works in the Kitethrills ( shop on Sundays and some afternoons. Tom is a very happy and outgoing guy always ready for a laugh, a surf, a kite and a good time, he says – “I’m single and ready to mingle yewwww”
Tom is currently riding Ozone’s all terrain kite, the Catalyst, until his Reo’s arrive very soon.

Look out for more news on this young ripper

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