PRODUCT  NORTH KITE BAR (19M, 22M, 24M, 27M, 32M)



The North Trust Bar is legendary in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; we have developed it, tweaked it and refined it for many years. The Trust bar 2013 once again stands for unmatched safety and reliability. As with all things at North Kiteboarding, if we do something new, we do it right, this year the bar has been completely reworked, updated and redesigned! The new bar for 2013 is the culmination of years of development, testing and competition winning success.



It provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety rooted at its core.
Comfort, control and easy handling back up this ethos and combine to offer the rider the best control system on the market. Naturally the new Trust bar conforms to the regulations of the French Safety Laws and surpasses all of our own requirements in terms of ease of release. Take a closer look at this masterpiece yourselves!




The length of your flying lines can make a huge difference to the way your kite flies. Different styles of riding also require different line lengths, and lastly different kites and different kite sizes are designed to be flown with different line lengths. Riders often overlook these facts; they get new kites but don’t bother to match the kite and their riding style to the correct lines.

19m (70% Handling / 30% Power)
Super fast and reactive tuning speeds, shorter lines are best for extreme freestyle and crazy kiteloops. They are also excellent for wave riding, where kite turning speed is important. Wakestyle riders like the close connection to the kite too. The disadvantage is you lose some of the low end power.
- Fast and reactive turning
- For extreme Freestyle, Wakestyle and Waves
- Tight, super fast and hard kite loops

24m (50% Handling / 50% Power)
The best choice for an all round length, good turning speed combined with good power make 24m the perfect choice for a lot of riders. Great for freeride, waves and freestyle.
- The most versatile length
- Great for all round freeriding
- Good low end and a good turning speed
- High jumps as you can “load” the lines
- The recommended size for a one bar quiver!!

32m (25% Handling / 75% Power )
The choice of the North Kiteboarding Race Team, longer lines mean even more power, but the kite turns at a slower rate. This suits racers looking for the ultimate in pull in the often gusty and light conditions they are faced with.
- Perfect for light winds!
- Extra power
- North Kiteboarding Race Team approved

The bar is your first point of contact with the kite, Iit is the connection between you and your kite and it is important to get it right. And it’s actually an easy formula: The shorter the lines, the more direct and faster the kite turns. The longer the lines, the more power you can generate out of them! Choose a North Trust Bar, and choose the right line set up for your style of riding.

22m (60% Handling / 40% Power)
This is the favorite length of our freestyle and wave team! These 22m lines are still great for getting lots of speed from the kite, perfect for wave riding and freestyle. Not as extreme as the 19m lines, they still lose a bot of low end power.
- Reactive turning
- Fast kite loops
- Favorite set up from our freestyle riders
- Best choice for waveriding

27m (40% Handling / 60% Power)
The extra length means extra power, get a little more range out of your quiver by adding this bar with the longer lines. They are also great for jumping as you can really “load” the lines when you edge and send the kite back through the window.
- Enormous low end
- Huge jumps
- Lots of lift





We have completely redesigned the winding posts for the bar and they are loaded with new features! We have utilized a fully moulded fibreglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which offers an incredibly lightweight solution with increased stiffness. We have also integrated a new backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines as and when it is needed to do so. In addition to this there is moulded EVA cushioning to ensure maximum comfort for the rider.

The all-new moulded EVA floater is fully integrated into the winding posts to offer a seamless connection, which gives better protection to the lines and the rider. We have a totally new Flip-Flop function which allows you to switch between a  46cm and 54 cm bar with just one click, making the riders choice of bar far simpler to set up. The integration of the EVA floater also avoids line tangling and gives better overall stiffness between the bar and lines.



Plastic, fitted centre hole
Our new exchangeable insert for the centre hole is made of plastic, to reduce wear on the depower line. The material we use is resistant to abrasion, but should cause much less damage, if sand is present, to the line itself.



New Vario Cleat and sliding stopper
We have completely redesigned the Vario Cleat for 2013 to make it even more effective and efficient. We have introduced a 5th line channel for the 5th line to run through, this reduces the risk of the 5th line getting tangled considerably. You can easily adjust the height of the Vario Cleat too, plus we have reduced it’s size to increase the depower area. The sliding stopper can be adjusted to suit personal preferences, it is also smaller than in previous years. Combined with the smaller Vario Cleat this accounts for 12% more depower area!




The Iron Heart from North Kiteboarding has long been the benchmark for all safety systems, 2013 sees more development to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment. It is renowned for fast, safe and easy release, coupled with the ability to quickly reassemble the unit and continue flying. For 2013 we analysed all the features of the Iron Heart and addressed a few areas where we felt we could improve it. The Roto Head, Chicken Loop and Chicken Dick have all been redesigned in order to improve safety and performance. The light, robust, stainless steel and strong plastic construction of the main body remains the same, as it is the most reliable on the market.

The heart of the Iron Heart IV is the reverse release pin and one of the keys of the intelligent release mechanism. Unlike other safety systems, it hinges to the inside to protect your hands. The incredibly low release forces are a direct result of the reverse release pin.
With every 2013 North Kiteboarding Bar, there is a choice between the standard safety mode and an easy to mount ‘SUICIDE’ MODE. Only very experienced riders with special needs should use the suicide mode.
ATTENTION: Only the standard safety mode offers 100% safety. We recommend to always use the standard safety mode. Riders who use the suicide mode should be aware and responsible for of the possible resulting consequences!


The Chicken loop has been totally reworked for 2013, we have used a new moulded construction, which is stiffer and increases the overall durability. This new construction is warp resistant and dimensionally stable. This makes it very easy to hook back in after unhooked tricks, as the loop can never get out of shape.


We have a new moulded chicken dick with a thicker end, which helps the rider avoid accidental unhooking. The new construction used is also stronger and more durable.

The entire system is easy to reassemble following a release.

For 2013 we have redesigned the EVA Bar Grip to offer even more comfort to the rider. Using a new formula for the EVA we have also increased the “stickiness” of the bar grip to ensure your hands should never slip during radical manoeuvres such as unhooked kite loops.



The all-new Roto Head utilises a plastic construction, which is totally new for 2013, the plastic is extremely durable and offers many benefits. There will no longer be any corrosion between the old aluminium head and the stainless stell pin. We have also used swapped the old pin system for two grub screws to change the depower line, no need to hammer the old stainless steel pin out, simply use an FCS Fin Key to remove the screws and change the depower line.




5th Element Bar
The North patented 5th line system has provided the greatest combination of safety and performance for many years now. 2013 is no different and we are sticking behind the 5th line concept which we feel offers the ultimate in safety and 100% depower no matter what the conditions. It isn’t just the safety aspect either, our loaded 5th line kite designs offer a very short depower stroke, giving the rider ultimate control in gusty conditions. Plus the 5th line makes water relaunch really easy too, the benefits of this set up are clear to see and are appreciated by riders all over the world.




The quality of the lines is often overlooked, but not here at North Kiteboarding! We understand and believe the lines are just as important as every other component in your kiteboarding set up. It was no mistake that already years ago we decided to team up with the company Teufelberger, the world’s leading line and rope manufacturer.

Teufelberger understands the needs of demanding product managers, professional riders and of course our end users. They know that high quality kite lines can make a difference to the way the kite feels and reacts in the air. For years they have been perfecting their standards to ensure the highest durability, lowest wear rates and lowest stretch. The latest generation lines have improved even further over last years, the current range offering 15% less stretch. On top of this the abrasion resistance has been improved and is up to 3 times better than before and the lines have much longer life spans, meaning season after season they will still be performing at the highest level.

The GII main advantages:
- Up to 3 times higher abrasion resistance
- Up to 15% Reduced Stretch Value high performance even after years of use

Teufelberger have a rigorous testing program that sees every element of their lines and ropes being tested to destruction. Not only that but they test them against all the other leading lines and ropes available on the market to ensure theirs are the strongest, toughest and most high performance lines on the market. It is for this very reason North Kiteboarding chooses Teufelberger; we trust them and so can you, trust in your lines and concentrate on your riding!


(1) At maximum Breaking Strength
(2) Load range in normal / average use
(3) All data and specifications based on used lines

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Welcome to the world of Naish; A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience.

DIRECTOR: Andi Jansen
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RIDERS: Jalou Langeree, Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai Lenny
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