Naish Torch video 2014

Pro Performance Freestyle

The Torch is designed for freestyle riders who demand a state-of-the-art, fast flying C-kite with precision response for hooked in and unhooked riding.

Weight was reduced on the 2014 Torch by implementing reduced diameter struts, which increases the low-end power and improves handling. Power is delivered smoothly on the Torch, while the depower is similar to that of a bridled kite due to its ability to fly fast through the air.

The Torch is the #1 kite of choice for dedicated freestyle and unhooked wave riders.

Producer : Naish
Director : Petole Prod
MUSIC : Flume – Sleepless Feat. Jezzabell Doran (Original Mix)

North Kiteboarding Roll the Dice The Episode video

What happens when two of the best freestyle riders and two of the best wave riders of the world meet in Mauritius to try a completely new kite concept, the Dice? Watch it yourself as a friendly competition ensues between the riders, who will fly it first, who will perform the best! Follow Tom Court, Airton Cozzolino, Tom Hebert, and Matchu Lopez on an unordinary trip, to find out who the Dice fits best. Can there be a winner!?

Best Kiteboarding team riders Youri Zoon Gisela Pulido Change Video

In order to become a World Champion, Best team riders Youri Zoon, Gisela Pulido and Michael Schitzhofer always have to adapt to changes to make this dream a reality. The GP kite is choice to dominate the competition, for more information check it out

Special thanks to those involved with all their help and support to make this happen! Location scouting and kite safaris provided, Turks and Caicos. Film and edit by Miguel Willis, If you are looking for a great place to learn kiteboarding, visit this island and Kite Provo for all your lesson needs!, Competition shots provided by Seventh Frame.

Naish Park Kiteboarding Hawaii 2014 video

Performance Freeride/Freestyle/Wave

The Park is one kite that does it all for any rider, any style, in any condition. Designed with fun in mind, the Park provides an easy ride, the power to boost and the handling to hit the lip with style.

The powerful profile gives the rider outstanding low-end power and consistent pull over a wide range of wind speeds. Reduced diameter struts were also implemented for increased low-end power, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight. The Compact C outline and three-strut design create a stable and responsive kite. The Park uses just enough sweep to maximize depower and allow for easy re-launch.

The new Static Bridle Platform improves forward flying, acceleration out of turns, stability, instant response and direct bar feel. These characteristics are essential for wave/unhooked riding.

Producer : Naish
Director : Olivier SAUTET
MUSIC : Django Django – Default

Kiteworld Magazine # 65 kitesurfing world Teahupoo thaitii Reo Stevens


Issue #65 will be with you from early September and features guides to Cumbuco in Brazil and Langebaan in South Africa. Adam Super gives vital tips on how to set about achieving some serious progression, we spill the news on the 2014 kite releases so far, Reo hits Teahupoo and much, much more !

Kiteworld Magazine # 65 kitesurfing world Teahupoo thaitii Reo Stevens

Kiteworld Magazine # 65 kitesurfing world Teahupoo thaitii Reo Stevens

Kitesurfing Teahupoo thaitii Kiteworld magazine with Reo Stevens


Kiteworld #65 – Coming Together

The tour of kitesurfing’s meccas continues for the Kiteworld editorial team as they hit the northeast coast of Brazil. First stop is the small village of Cumbuco 45 minutes northwest of Fortaleza that struck gold in terms of kiting tourism when it became apparent that there aren’t many places in the world with such a staggeringly consistent seven to eight month wind season. Thousands visit here for the long golden beaches, choice of lagoons and endless downwinders. The kids here grew up surrounded by kiteboarding, and it shows.

In issue #65 we feature a ride guide for Cumbuco, and in issue #66 we’ll be taking a look at some more of the riding delights further north. The wind is already taking on its clockwork tendencies and set to blow every day until at least the end of January!

Another area that’s just about to come into season is South Africa. We also offer advice on traveling to Langebaan, a stunning flat water playground 90 minutes north of Cape Town and throw a further lure out in the form of a Cape Town freestyle gallery from Jens Hogenkamp.

Adam Super is an incredibly technical and analytical rider that we met in the States. Living in Hatteras and working for Kitty Hawk Kites, Adam gets to kite nearly every day, but also gets to watch streams of kiters of all levels come through the school as students and freeriders, with both good habits and bad. He starts a column this issue focused on helping you understand how to go about learning how to learn. If you need inspiration to go huge, check out our interview with Toby Braeuer about his new Airstyle DVD with 666 tricks!

We also hear from Brianna Hirsch-Pollitt, a 19-year-old woman for whom kiteboarding gave such strength in rebuilding her life after being diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma when she was 17, culminating in her attending the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer mega event in Hood River in July this year.

You will also find out about Poul Rasmussen in Jason Gallate’s regular To Love, To Kite column. Poul was literally a ‘Great Dane’ – a man who literally lived to kitesurf until he was 88. Our doctor in the house looks into finding the lessons we can learn from Poul to help us all push beyond the norm.

All that, plus: flow better in waves with the downloop, Reo at Teahupoo, Shinn and Hadlow columns, Readers’ Gallery, the sport’s best images from the last couple of months and more!

Get your copy from September… and life’s always better when you subscriiiiiiibe!

CAPTION – Toby Braeuer recently released his big air DVD, Airstyle, containing 666 hooked-in tricks. A massive undertaking to collect and very different to the constant new school unhooked freestyle barrage – we talk to Toby in issue #65.PHOTO – Fabian Huelsen /

Sir Richard Branson is set to join 300+ riders who will attempt to break the record for the biggest group downwinder along the south coast of the UK, from Hayling Island to Lancing. Now fully supported by Virgin, the ‘Big Charity Downwinder’ has become the ‘Virgin Kitesurfing Armada’… read more here. or visit Kiteworld Events Directory.

RANDOM VIDEO – North Vegas 2014

Read all about the early 2014 kite releases in issue #65. Some early movie teasers for the products are out now too, including this excellent video on the North Vegas!


SUBSCRIBE & WINIssue #64′s subscriber competition was the change to win a weeks holiday in Tarifa. For Issue #65 we’ve teamed up with Cabrinha to offer the Cabrinha Stylus as a prize. All you have to do is have a valid subscription on 15 October 2013 and you will be entered in the draw to find the winner.Don’t have a subscription ? Get it here ».




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North Vegas product clip 2014 video

If you´ve ever ridden one already, there´s nothing else to say. The Vegas is a pure competitive C-kite, combined with smooth depower abilities and absolutely predictable behavior for everyday riding. If you have never experienced the Vegas feeling yourself, get all the information here and find a North Kiteboarding test center nearby soon! You´ll love it

Cabrinha kites Overdrive 1x Tech Tip video

Phil Sobolov, Cabrinha’s tech tip guru, takes you through the paces of the Overdrive 1X control system.
Depower on Demand
QR1- Full Shut Down
Q2- Disconnecting from your kite completely
Center Line Adjustment
Trim Adjusters
Bar Adjustment