Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town (South Africa) – Off the back of a successful event in early 2013, the world’s best kiters will again descend on Cape Town’s Big Bay to compete in their big air competition and will have to prove their mettle in a spectacular new format for the contest. Spectators are bound to be treated to some with radically high jumps, various tricks and kite-loops combined with style, height, and speed in the one-day showcase of big air prowess.

 Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is known for its prime kiting conditions during January and February – with the south easterly wind, dubbed ‘Cape Doctor’, almost guaranteeing big airs and even bigger moves.

Twelve of the best from 2013 will return and 12 wildcards, selected from online entries at, will round up the 24 participant line up.

Defending champion, Jesse Richman (USA) is already training hard in the lead up to the event: “Big Bay in Cape Town is possibly the best kiteboarding arena I have ever seen, the place is made to send us flying. The Red Bull King of the Air is kiteboarding at its highest level of extreme! I am really pumped to come back this year and see how far we can push it past the limits.”

Judges William Bogaards (NED), Greg Thijsse (RSA), Arek Jerzelkowski (POL), Reinier Korstanje (NED), Ralf Bachschuster (GER) and Jim Gaunt (GBR) are bound to have a tough time in the judges tower adjudicating the aerial masters.

In order to ensure the best wind conditions possible for Red Bull King of the Air to take place, the event window period extends from 25 January 2014 to 9 February 2014.

Invited Riders:
Jesse Richman (USA), Nick Jacobsen (DEN), Sam Light (GBR), Gianni Aragno (ESP), Ruben Lenten (NED), Lewis Crathern (GBR), Oswald Smith (RSA), Shawn Richman (USA), Billy Parker (USA), Kevin de Smidt (NED), Kevin Langeree (NED), Andries Fourie (RSA).

For more information on the invited riders visit:

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Slingshot kiteboarding video The Gorge oregon USA kite park 2

The boys are hungry to keep the Slingshot momentum strong and have just finished 2 weeks of shooting on one of the only public kite parks in the world: “The Gorge”. And once again Alex Fox, Sam Light and Eric Reinstra have raised the bar on what can be done with a kite. This new short film was filmed and directed by Patrick Wieland and produced by Mauricio Abreu – so sit back and enjoy the next level of kiteboarding…

The Kite Show Episode 10 From Tarifa Spain to Triple-S USA

The Kite Show Episode 10 – From Tarifa, Triple-S and with guest host Jo Ciastula

Episode 10 comes at you from Tarifa, one of kitesurfing’s undisputed meccas. Jo Ciastula has grown up and ridden there most of his life and helps us join the dots on this episode’s features, including an interview with Jaime Herraiz. Earlier in the year we visited Airush’s design lab where they have a new CNC prototype twin-tip shaping machine – we talk to shaper Clinton Filen about that. In our other main feature we cover the Triple-S with our own exclusive behind-the-scenes report and hear from the winners. Beefing out the show with our usual optic pleasures, Bruna Kajiya features in Mystic Moments, the North Trust bar winner is announced and we launch the latest competition in association with Mystic, we spill the world news, Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon get you in shape and we round the show out with a profile of Colleen Carroll who cleaned up at the Triple-S.

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Pastor and Pulido Win the Mondial du Vent PKRA France

The final heats of the double elimination were performed in perfect Leucate conditions with side-off shore winds at about 25-30 knots under sunny skies.  In the end it was the winners of the single elimination that won the double elimination and the Mondial du Vent PKRA freestyle event.  Alex Pastor won his 2nd consecutive title and Gisela Pulido her first of the year.  Annabel Van Westerop and Youri Zoon both made a good run at the podium but were stopped short by Bruna Kajiya and Marc Jacobs.  The next stop will be in Italy at the end of June for the 3rd spot of the year.

The double elimination gives the opportunity for riders that lost in the single elimination a chance to come back and win.  This is done so that in case you break a line or have a bad heat you can still come back and finish with a better result or in the case of the higher seeds they can lose a spot.  The competition started with the men’s heats of round 2.  The First heat between Tack and Blanc was won by Tack who found his rhythm early while Blanc was unable to land his big moves.  Next Zoon defeated Madson from Brazil and Schitzhofer kept on winning by beating Romeu Reno.  The last heat of the round the technical riding of Sam Light took out the last Frenchman from the competition Valentin Garat.  Next it was up to the women to take to the water.  In this round the young riders Switala, Van Westerop and Valesa all went through to the next round.

Round 3 of men was between the 4 riders that were in 5th place after the single and the challengers.  Only Da Silva and Mario Rodwald were able to hold their position against the challengers, Tack took down Liam Whaley in a very close heat and Youri Zoon kept his podium run going by taking down his country man and world champion Kevin Langeree.  The next round opposed Youri Zoon and Tack and Rodwald versus Da Silva.  Zoon and Da Silva’s explosive and technical riding were too good for the challengers.  The Zoon versus Da Silva heat was very exciting, both were going big, in the end Youri was ahead and Da Silva went for a big blind judge 5 and crashed it and bowed out of the comp in 6th place.

On the women’s side it was Switala and Van Westerop who kept moving forward in the competition by land their kiteloops and blind judges.  When they went against each other Van Westerop landed an S-1 to move on to meet Manuela Jungo.  The heat was very close between the two women but Annabel just kept landing her tricks and got a chance to challenge Bruna Kayija for the podium.

Youri Zoon had already guaranteed himself at least a 5th place, but he was not done.  He faced the Russian Borisov who had a brilliant competition going through the qualifiers and finishing 4th in the single elimination.  Zoon was still on fire and defeated Borisov with his big front mobe and back mobes.  Next he faced Marc Jacobs who was not ready to give up his podium spot just yet.  Marc’s late back mobe, grabbed slim and S-3 kept him on the podium and gave himself the chance to go against Aaron Hadlow.

The Kajiya versus Winkowska was close, both were landing technical handle passes but Winkowska seemed to have another gear on her tricks and was able to put a little more power and commitment into her tricks and won the heat and got a chance to go after Pulido.  On the men’s side Marc Jacobs was against Aaron Hadlow.  Aaron came out and landed his tricks with fluid style in contrast to Marc who went all out from the start.  It was high scoring heat for both riders but Marc’s explosive riding got him into the final Against Alex Pastor.

The women’s double elimination final was set between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska.  They both landed their blind judges and 313’s, Karolina got another S-1 in but could not get in enough tricks. In the end Gisela got four high scoring tricks in the gusty winds to win.  The men’s final was between Alex Pastor and Marc Jacobs; Alex landed some amazing tricks: back mobe 5, double S-1, NIS, BJ and 313.  Marc did all he could, but he seemed to be a little of his game and could not mount a solid heat.  Alex Pastor Won the event with the highest heat score total of the day 33.86.

The conditions for the past 3 days have been classic Leucate conditions and a lot of fun to run the second PKRA of the year.  The 61 riders really made the competition amazing and put on a great show for the public.

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Check out all the heat result and scores here.

Daily Photos Day 3

The Kite Show Episode 9

Episode 9 was shot in Cape Town towards the end of the South Africa summer season and we are joined by slick Brit Tom Court as guest host who gives us the benefit of his opinion on the features and riders appearing in this episode. Keahi de Aboitiz won our ’2012 Video of the Year’ competition voted for by you with his ‘Hawaii Sessions’ flick, and we get his reaction to such a prestigious award.

Tom Court joins his boys Aaron Hadlow and James Boulding for an interview with Jim focusing on the filming of Freeride Project 2 (Sam Light almost made it back from the cable… but the filming was just too good we hear). Jim also sits down with Ryan Evans, Rich Sabo and Sam Medysky from Best to hear how they’ve recently expanded their riding team to include the likes of Youri Zoon and Ruben Lenten. We announce the winner of the Best Profanity board and launch the North Trust bar competition.

The Red Bull King of the Air dominates the news section as our host Jim was a judge, so he caught loads of reaction from that and we also fill you in on the latest world tour news. This episode’s Move of the Month features a bunch of Amercian Gangstas, Youri Zoon relives winning the 2012 PKRA World Title in Mystic Moments and we close the show out with our video of the year 2012, Hawaii Sessions.

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Kite Surf ProBrazilians Dominate Men’s Round One Of The Aer Lingus Ireland

Achill Island, Ireland – October 21, 2012: Solid 4 foot surf, sunshine and moderate wind graced day 3 of the Aer Lingus Kite Surf Pro’s 10 day holding period. Brazilian riders dominated the action as contest directors finished the first 7 heats of men’s round 1.

 Kite Surf ProBrazilians Dominate Men's Round One Of The Aer Lingus

Kite Surf ProBrazilians Dominate Men's Round One Of The Aer Lingus

“This is some of the best that Ireland has to offer”, said local contest organizer Eoin O’Connell. “The waves are pumping, the sun is out and we’re really happy to be able to share it with the best riders in the world.”

Standouts today included Brazilian riders Sebastian Ribeiro, Guilly Brandao and Felippe Ferreira who all scored 14 plus point heat score totals. The on-fire Brandao not only scored the highest single wave, but also the highest heat total of the event so far of 15.9 with his vertical back hand attack in the clean side-offshore wind conditions.

The opening heat of the day saw a highly anticipated rematch of the semi-finals of the second stop of the KSP World Tour in Mauritius between Luke McGillewie (RSA, RRD) and current KSP points leader Patri McLaughlin (HI, North). The young South African took down the tour leader to secure a spot in the 4th round of the event. Mitu Montiero (CPV, F-One) dominated the second heat of the day and yet again established himself as one of the riders to beat on tour this year.

Heat 3 began the Brazilian rampage through the first round that saw the Ribeiro, Brandao, Ferreira as well as Pedro Henrique (BRA, Best) take home a Round 1 victory ensuring a strong presence from Brazil in the later rounds of the event.

Wind speeds were unreliable as heats ran into the afternoon, resulting in delays and heat postponements. Etienne Lhote (FRA, F-One) took home the victory in the final seconds of heat number 7 to end the day.

A riders meeting will be held early tomorrow morning to get the event underway as soon as conditions allow. Tune in at 10:00am Ireland time.

The Aer Lingus Kite Surf Pro 2012, organized by Freeride Ireland, is sponsored by Aer Lingus, ION Essentials, Pure Magic, Hertz, Achill Tourism, Cully & Sully, IKSA, Leader, NDP, EAFRD, SW Mayo Development, DECLG and as well as The Strand Hotel and the Teach Cruachan B&B.
Heat 8: Airton Cozzolino (ITA, North), Keahi De Aboitiz, (AUS, Cabrinha), Mark Barry (IRL)

Heat 1: Ninja Bichler (GER, North), Suzanne Kuiper (NED, F-One), Celina Guardati (ARG)
Heat 2: Ines Correia (POR, RRD), Melissa Gil (USA, Cabrinha), Jade O’Connor (IRL)
Heat 3: Kirsty Jones (GBR, North), Kristin Boese (GER, Best), Kari Schibevaag (NOR, Ozone)
Heat 4: Milla Ferreira (BRA), Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish), Lilian Malschaert (NED)

The Kite Show Episode 7

Episode 7 is absolutely stacked.
Luke McGillewie surprised many with his fourth place at the recent KSP event in Mauritius – Jim caught up with the SA teen sensation earlier this year in Cape Town.
We round up the nail biting PKRA and KSP seasons so far, talk to Kristin Boese about kitesurfers v windsurfers in the race for places in the 2016 Olympics and fill you in on Branson’s channel crossing.
Move of the Month strapless air special features KSP Mauritius winner Patri McLaughlin, Keahi de Aboitiz, Patrick Rebstock, Niccolo Porcella and Bear Karry.
Part two of Sam Light’s back mobe instructional series moves on to the back-to-wrapped.
Islamorada in Florida is just coming into season – we have a quick low down on the riding.
We play the show out with a chapter from Elliot Leboe’s legendary Autofocus DVD. Released in 2005 it featured the world’s best wake-style riders: Dre, Mauricio Abreu, Bertrand Fleury, Jason Stone, Moe Goold and Jason Slezak.
All that, plus: Win a Cabrinha Subwoofer surfboard and find out if you won the Best Shortstick!
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“Every day on the water is a good day!” These four gentlemen: Pete Siracusa, Bob Street, Cyrus Monroe, and Gerry Shalhoob are not only pioneers of kitesurfing since 1999, they also take Naish’s motto serious and have the most fun on the water. Their attitude and passion for water sports is exceptional and inspirational. Sit back and enjoy their perfect daily life on Maui.