Red Bull Danish Kiteboarding Race Fehmarn Island to Cost of Danemark

Two coasts, 40 kilometers and over 200 competitors. Red Bull Coast 2 Coast, taking place on September 7th 2013, is one of the gnarliest and most incredible Kitesurf races of all time.

Red Bull Denish Kiteboarding Race Fehmarn Island to Cost of Danemark

Red Bull Denish Kiteboarding Race Fehmarn Island to Cost of Danemark

A distance of 40 kilometer from Niobe, Fehmarn to Lalandia at the Denish coast and back has to be ridden. Everybody whether beginner or pro can registrate for the race on But only the fastes one can win at Red Bull Coast 2 Coast. Link to Registration: Link to Trailer: Rules: • All competitors start at the same time on water and have to cross a line between buoys, which is not allowed to cross before the start • Starting point is the Niobe beach Fehmarn, then a 20-kilometer distance has to be ridden to a turn buoy, which is located about 100 meters off the coast of Rodbyhavn (Lalandia, Denmark) • Each participant must kite around the turn buoy and then the same distance back to the starting point • The finish line again is built by the line between the two buoys • The competitor, who has crossed the finish line first with his board, wins the race • The route to kite is accompanied by several boats and lifeboats to guaranty the safety of all competitors

Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition – Red Bull King of the Air 2013 South Africa

After an 8-year hiatus Red Bull King of the Air has returned with a new format, new location and the mission to bring back the wow factor to kiteboarding.

Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the world’s top 24 kiteboarders to face-off in the unique ‘flag out’ competition format. In the end it was Jesse Richman from the USA who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious.

Red Bull King of the Air 2013 Kiteboarding South Africa Video

After an 8-year hiatus Red Bull King of the Air has returned with a new format, new location and the mission to bring back the wow factor to kiteboarding.

Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the world’s top 24 kiteboarders to face-off in the unique ‘flag out’ competition format. In the end it was Jesse Richman from the USA who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious.

Jesse Richman crowned Red Bull King of the Air South Africa

CAPE TOWN (South Africa) – Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the sixteen invited kiteboarders and eight wildcards to face-off in a unique ‘flag out’ competition format. It was eventually American, Richman who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious in front of 5,000 spectators.

“I never expected this and I’m so amazingly pumped! Red Bull King of the Air has been the biggest event in the world since the very beginning – I competed in it when I was a little kid and it was the coolest thing ever. To come here and win this event is unbelievable! By far the best riders in the world were throwing down in the best conditions for the event today!”

Scored by the judging panel of kiteboarder Susi Mai, editor of Kiteworld Magazine and presenter of ‘The Kite Show’ Jim Gaunt and South African original Red Bull King of the Air alumnus Greg Thijsse, they were judged on the height, creativity and style they executed their manoeuvres with airs reaching up to 25 metres.

Godfather of wind-based watersports Robby Naish was in Cape Town to check out the event first hand.
“I’m a little embarrassed to say this but this was my first time in South Africa. It’s a real pleasure to be here, I’m really stoked I came! I always knew it was good here,” remarked Robby on his first visit to the country.

Robby went on to say: “We’ve been talking about resurrecting Red Bull King of the Air for a while and today we had some of the best conditions – this was best exhibition of high performance kitesurfing I’ve ever seen. Big Bay was the perfect venue for this event. If this place wasn’t on the map before today, it’s definitely going to be after. I don’t think ever seen this many people at a kiteboarding event.”

Jesse Richman (USA) crowned Red Bull King of the Air

Jesse Richman (USA) crowned Red Bull King of the Air

The South Africans held their own in the field of riders with Andries Fourie making it through to the semi-final.

Final Results: 1. Jesse Richman (USA), 2. Nick Jacobsen (DEN), 3. Sam Light (GBR), 4. Youri Zoon (NED), 5. Andries Fourie (RSA), 5. Lewis Crathern (GBR), 7. Gianni Aragno (ESP), 7. Kevin Langeree (NED)

More details on the event can be found at

Pictures: Craig Kolesky (Kolesky / Nikon / Red Bull Content Pool.

Red Bull King of the Air big  air

Red Bull King of the Air big air

Red Bull King of the Air action

Red Bull King of the Air action


Red Bull King of the Air spth africa

Red Bull King of the Air spth africa

Red Bull King of the Air SouthAfrica is a Go for this Sunday 3 Feb 2013

The window period for Red Bull King of the Air started today and we’re lucky enough to have been given the go ahead for this Sunday, 3 February 2013!

Red Bull King of the Air SouthAfrica is a Go for this Sunday 3 Feb 2013

Red Bull King of the Air SouthAfrica is a Go for this Sunday 3 Feb 2013

This afternoon Ruben Lenten hit the water for a pre-event session just as the Cape Town sun was setting.

Ruben Lenten hits the water for a sunset session ahead of this Sunday’s Red Bull King of the Air at Big Bay, Cape Town


Red Bull King of the Air SouthAfrica is a Go for this Sunday 3 Feb 2013 Roby naish suso may

Red Bull King of the Air SouthAfrica is a Go for this Sunday 3 Feb 2013 Roby naish suso may

The World’s top Kiteboarders to descend on Cape Town for Red Bull King of the Air 2013

The much anticipated return of Red Bull King of the Air has seen kiteboarders the world over doing anything to get their hands on an entry. Sixteen of the world’s best as well as eight wildcards have been selected to compete.

The World’s top Kiteboarders to descend on Cape Town for Red Bull King of the Air 2013

The World’s top Kiteboarders to descend on Cape Town for Red Bull King of the Air 2013

CAPE TOWN (South Africa) Red Bull King of the Air returns to the fore after an eight year hiatus since the last running of the event in Maui, USA and wind patterns are currently looking favourable for the window period of 1 – 15 February at Big Bay, Blouberg on Cape Town’s coastline.

Sixteen invited kiteboarders from around the world will be joined by eight wildcards who secured their entry by sending in a video of themselves in action in the water.

Included in the lineup are extreme kiteboarder Ruben Lenten (NED), compatriot and world number 1 in 2012 Youri Zoon and local wildcard Oswald Smith who goes into the competition having just won SA Champs.

The judging panel consisting of fearless female kiteboarder Susi Mai, editor of Kiteworld Magazine and presenter of ‘The Kite Show’ Jim Gaunt and South African original Red Bull King of the Air alumnus Greg Tijsse will be watching the water to gauge height, style and creativity each kiteboarder executes their movement with.

The newly developed ‘flag out’ competition format is unlike any others – it gives each kiteboarder the opportunity to pull their best moves and score high. Four riders hit the water wearing different colour rash vests that matching a corresponding flag on the beach. After an allocated time, the rider with the lowest score will be flagged out (flag will be lowered) and must leave the water. The last man standing is the winner.

The event will also feature the godfather of wind-based watersports Robby Naish who will be in Cape Town to put the title hopefuls through their paces in the lead up to the event. Robby has multiple World Titles across windsurfing and kiteboarding disciplines and still competes internationally, at the tender age of 49.

The Invited Kiteboarders

Ruben Lenten (NED)
Kevin Langeree (NED)
Youri Zoon (NED)
Nick Jacobsen (DEN)
Billy Parker (USA)
Sam Light (GBR)
Lewis Crathern (GBR)
Kevin de Smidt (NED)
Steven Akkersijk (NED)
Jesse Richman (USA)
Tom Court (GBR)
Luke Whiteside (GBR)
Gianni Aragno (ESP)
Shawn Richman (USA)
Luke McGillewie (RSA)
Reno Romeu (BRA)

The Wildcards

Sam Medysky (CAN)
Oswald Smith (RSA)
Johnno Sholte (NED)
Andries Fourie (RSA)
Graham Howes (RSA)
Jandre Fraser (RSA)
Alan Steele (RSA)
Nicolas Falcou (FRA)

Seven years later the famous Red Bull King of the Air is back in Cape town South Africa

Red Bull King of the Air has found new energy to bring back the wowfactor of kiteboarding. In the past Red Bull King of The Air was the most prestigious event in kiteboarding, where the world’s best battled it out with the biggest airs. The sport has gone in many different directions since. Now seven years later, an all new format focused on extreme big airs and a new location is going to bring us to new heights of kiteboarding.

Seven years later the famous Red Bull King of the Air is back

Seven years later the famous Red Bull King of the Air is back

During this event we have the 16 best kiteboarders invited by the King Of The Air committee and eight wildcards will be divided through international and national kiteboarders that send in their most extreme tricks. The event is set to take place on the windiest day in the first two weeks of February. If you want to see this crazy action from up close come join us at Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

more information in here:

Win a Free Kite Safari on the Red Sea Egypt kiteboarding boat trip 2000$ value on

The Red Sea Kite safari is one of those kiteboard trips to experience.

Win a Free Kite Safari on the Red sea

Win a Free Kite Safari on the Red sea

One week on an incredible boat boat surrounded by glistening turquoise seas and smooth  lagoons.

Egypt  kiteboarding boat trip

Egypt kiteboarding boat trip

The freedom of the boat means that conditions are always fantastic, lots of space and most importantly, only guests from the boat riding the area!

To add to your relaxation and enjoyment all meals are prepared for you. The helpful crew is there to assist you and instructors are onboard for advanced tips and safety support. It doesn’t get better than this!
Take your kiting at your own pace with many like minded people reveling in the secluded surf spots we will reveal to you.

Egypt  kiteboarding boat trip sun set

Egypt kiteboarding boat trip sun set

How about non Kite surfers? No worries, the wonderful underwater world of the Red Sea will no doubt keep you busy for hours with some of the worlds most amazing snorkeling! Why not take an introductory course into the world of kiting or windsurfing? Or take advantage of our kayaks and explore islands. Or just relax in the tranquil surroundings of our beautiful wooden boat.Min. Kiteboarding level required: up wind riding.


ARRIVAL AT HURGHADA AIRPORT, EGYPTAfter being welcomed at Hurghada airport you will be transferred to the Boat moored just 5 minutes away at Hurghada new marina. Our crew will welcome you and give you all the advice you’ll need for the coming week.In the event of an early arrival on Friday you can ride with our team at some of the local spots and overnight in a hotel (on request).

SUNDAY – DAY 1Depart to the north of the Red Sea for a 6 days of cruising. After a 3 hours trip we reach our first spot for a warm up session. A huge lagoon with crystal clean and shallow water. Here the adventure begins. Jump the sand bar or freestyle on glass flat water. Secluded beach with a great atmosphere, far away from the crowded coasts and cities.

DAY 2We leave the lagoon early and make way to our next area. We will discover an authentic coralline’s island with several lagoons and flat water close to the shore. A decent swell also builds up outside the coral reef. During your cruise you will surely come across many different types of wildlife. After the sunset cession our crew may teach you how to catch Calamari!As we wait for our meal to be prepared you can check out the videos and pictures from the day’s session on our screens.

DAY 3Time to make way to our ultimate extreme spot! During the Northern most part of our safari we’ll travel between the islands to be the perfect side shore wind. Why not take a look under your board? The water here is so clear that you’ll easily see the dolphins as they glide through the water.A real unspoilt area and a great place to take advantage of our kayaks and snorkeling equipment to explore the colourful coral below the surface. With no man made light pollution the stars here are bright and plentiful. Enjoy this spectacle with drinks on the deck.

DAY 4After another fantastic breakfast we are ready for a giant 6 km downwind ride to our next spot! The boat and our rescue team will follow us to give us that extra aspect of safety. Starting with flat water, we’ll head outside to catch some serious swell. It’s time to try some big carving and high jumps.We’ll finish the day’s session back on the second day spot. This is a great chance to explore the lagoons you missed last time as the area is very large.

DAY 5Early morning departure to our final spot. An inland lagoon. This amazing area gives you the option to kite on flat water or head out to sea to catch some waves.After the session it’s party time. Our crew will be setting up the barbecue on the beach to celebrate our last night at sea. During full moon it’s a great opportunity for some night kiting!

FRIDAY, DAY 6Early morning ride on the inland lagoon. A good chance for a final picture session. We finish kiting around midday and enjoy a hearty lunch before heading back to Hurghada.Gear will be cleaned and packed at the marina. Still have energy for more fun? We’ll head out for a night in one of the areas most popular beach nightclubs.

N.B.: program may be changed due to flight schedule or wind conditions, boat non contractual (should it not be available a classical motor boat will replace it). Contact us for more info.

Egypt kitesurfing holidays – boat details (non contractual)

For the weeks Red Sea Kite safari we have a new  boat Sea king on. As you jump on board your greeted by a welcoming crew, smell a mixture of canvas and wood, sup on your welcome drink and take it all in.Not only that but we have an IKO instructor on board for ad hoc coaching (basic jumps, new moves etc)

Kiteboarding the Red Sea Egypte


Google Kitesurfing destinations or other such terms and in the top spots you will find Egypt, along with other exotic locations such as Brazil, the Caribbean and Indonesia. The big difference, and this is what makes this country so attractive, is that Egypt is just a few hours flying time from airports in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. It offers a choice of holiday options to suit all pockets along the coast of the Red Sea.

Kitesurfing on the Red Sea egypte

Kitesurfing on the Red Sea egypte

With many waist-deep warm blue water lagoons to learn and kite in, Egypt is a dream destination for kiters of all levels, from complete beginners to professional kitesurfers on training camps.  The dramatic natural backdrops and the beautiful light in Egypt make it thelocation for commercial video and photo shoots. It is hard to find a more inspiring destination for a kitesurf vacation, even if it is just for a couple of days; it is world class and yet right on many people’s doorstep.

Kiters do not have to wear wetsuits from spring to late into the year. October and November are wonderful months for the sport, when the intense heat of summer has passed and the water is still warm enough to kite all day and end with socialising outdoors during the balmy evenings.

Many people return to Egypt time and time again to kite and with the presence of many kite stations online they can get all the necessary information to make an informed decision on where they will harness the wind next. While some leave it until the last minute to book their holiday, others plan months in advance and have lively emails with their chosen kite stations before they arrive.

Kiteboarding is a great way to meet new people and it is a fantastic sport that invites you to share experiences with others and make new friends. The fact that kitesurfers are overall a sociable breed has lead to countless forums on the internet, where experiences are shared. The word has spread on Egypt and its favourable kiteboarding conditions, which has lead to an exponential growth of the industry which was in its infancy just a few years ago. Kite magazines have featured Egypt countless times, in full features, images and the advertisements they present.

Not surprisingly, the number of repeat guests coming to Egypt to kitesurf is high and post revolution, in places like El Gouna, the kitesurfers were the first to return. They waited impatiently for the flights from their countries to resume or took multiple legs to return to Egypt.

The contrast of the intense blues of the ocean with the rich rusts and ochres of the sand and the vivid reds, browns and purples of the distant mountains are a visual feast no kiter soon forgets, even more so with ones’ senses heightened by carving through the blue lagoons powered only by the wind. Kitesurfing lends itself to reverie on the water and in the wind and be one with nature like very few other sports. Once a month, as the sun sets behind the mountains and full moon rises huge and red out of the sea, there is nowhere else to be but on the water for true kitesurfers.

The winged visitors passing through the Red Sea migration corridor and the diversity of sea birds along its coast are unsurpassed. To be able to ride alongside these exquisite creatures is humbling and a real privilege that I have not experienced in the same degree anywhere else. Added to these wonders of nature, for the very lucky few, even dolphin encounters are possible while kiting in the Red Sea.

Kiteboarding courses

With such great conditions, there are plenty of established schools to choose from. Make sure to choose one that operates to international standards of one of the two of the main teaching systems; IKO (International Kitesurf Organisation) and VDWS (Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen).

By learning methodically through an internationally recognised system, with a qualified instructor you will learn all the basics and become a safe kiteboarder. Then it comes down to getting the hours on the water to practice riding on the board with the option of  taking extra instruction to learn new skills and hone existing ones.

Introductions to kitesurfing are often free, so before committing to a full course it is possible to get a taster for flying a trainer kite on land. You will find it is hard not to get hooked by the amazing feeling of controlling the power of the kite. When you watch the tricks and antics of the riders on the water, everyone has such an amazing time, no matter what their level or experience is.

A full kitesurf training course normally takes around nine hours, divided over three (windy) days, but the exact duration will be determined according to the school and the size of the group. The schedule will be set based on the tides and the wind forecasts as well, so be prepared to be flexible and allow a little more time to finish the course.

Most schools have teachers of varying nationalities and English and Arabic are widely spoken. Other languages such as German, Polish, French, Russian and Dutch are also often spoken but it depends on the school, so check before you start if you can take your course in the language of your choice.

Egypt is top of the list of destinations in VDWS, (Aegypten begins with A in German), which makes it the first choice for overseas destinations for many German speakers. With no less than 18 centres to choose from on the Red Sea it is no wonder so many visitors choose Egypt each year and they return time and time again. The standards are high and the dedicated schools are well spread along the coast, in addition there are smaller schools with certified instructors that teach to the same standards and certification.

IKO lists seven affiliated centres and in between there are many independent schools with qualified IKO instructors teaching according to their standards and give out proper certification on completion of the course.

So what to expect from a course? The skills learnt are similar via either route, as can be seen below:



  • Level 1: Safety basics, getting ready, start flying, take off, bodydrag
  • Level 2: Bodydrag, relaunch
  • Level 3: Waterstart, going downwind (minimum 50 metres)
  • Theory: Basic theoretical knowledge, test
  • Level 4: Going downwind, changing direction, keep position to wind, basic jibe
  • Level 5: Going upwind
  • Level 6: Basic jumps and carved jibes, or transition jumps
  • Level 7: Rotation or kiteloop, grabs, one foot, board off or railey


Discovery – Kiteboarder Level 1 on land (2-4 hours)

  • Level 1A: Site selection
  • Level 1B: Basic piloting
  • Level 1C: Control systems
  • Level 1D: Power control
  • Level 1E: Self landing

Intermediate – Kiteboarder Level 2 in the water (6-8 hours)

  • Level 2F: Downwind drag
  • Level 2G: Upwind drag
  • Level 2H: Steady pull
  • Level 2I:Waterstart

Independent – Kiteboarder Level 3

  • Level 3J: Edging
  • Level 3K: Upwind riding
  • Level 3L: Turns
  • Level 3M: Self launch
  • Level 3N: Basic jump

After some essential paperwork, expect some theory and to learn about the equipment you will use. This does not take long normally and then it is time to get the harness on and start flying with a small foil trainer kite on land, to gain experience in kite control before moving on to the larger tube kites, (so called because they have a framework of air filled bladders).

Once you get in the water you will be wearing more equipment, such as a buoyancy aid as well as the harness and maybe booties and a wetsuit. Kite piloting continues in the water and it is a really exciting feeling of being pulled through the water for the first time.

Initially you will just be standing and steering, lowering and raising the kite, as if you are launching and landing, before you move on to controlled body dragging. Firstly straight down wind and then cross wind. Steering the kite with one hand and using the other arm as a rudder to steer your body, using the power of the kite against the resistance of the water. It is exhilarating and does not require Herculean strength as the kite power is delivered through the harness, and the kite is steered with the bar in both hands.

In addition to this you will learn and practice with the quick release and safety system and how to pack down your kite completely on the water.

Once you have kite control down pat, the instructor will introduce you to the board. First, with some water start simulation on land and then into the water. Be warned, this comes more naturally to some than to others, just controlling the kite while putting the board on can take a bit of getting used to.

You will practice steering the kite into the power in order to come up on the board and ride, be prepared to take many dips in the water!  The course concludes with the certification but this is only the beginning. It takes practice to improve your riding skills and as well as getting time on the water its possible, and a good idea, to take more instruction and get certified to a higher level. This can be anything from simply improving stance, your body position on the board, to riding upwind to making turns. Next step would be riding toeside to making simple jumps. And it does not end there; you will see people jumping, doing high jumps, rotations and handle passes made in the blink of an eye. The more you ride the more it becomes clear where your interests lie.

Experienced kiteboarders

It is important to carry your certification with you if you already have one because the better stations will ask to see it before allowing you to kite or rent equipment. Forget your certification and you may be required to pay for and take a check out session with an instructor before being allowed to rent or even to kite with your own equipment. Annoying as this may be, it is for the safety of everyone on the water.

Equipment rental is widely available for experienced riders and again it is sensible to check what equipment is available for hire, the cost and if there is an option for insurance. For riders with their own equipment storage and rescue packages are normally available. It is noteworthy that kiting on the Red Sea is usually a paid activity on designated kite beaches with common sense rules and a beach service with experienced beach boys to help launch and land. Kite stations normally operate a safety (rescue) boat for everyone during working hours.

Kitesurfing from the beach is the most popular, but other options include organised downwind trips between kite spots or complete Kite Safaris that range from an overnight trip to a week on a boat, cruising between the Red Sea kiting spots and deserted beaches that are accessible only by boat.

As the resorts vary, the other activities and nightlife on offer will vary too, for the no wind or rest days, or for non-kiting family members or friends. To combine the best of both worlds you can arrange for two centre breaks, combining the liveliness of a resort such as El Gouna with the isolation of Hamata. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget.

Most people ride on twin tip boards but directional boards are becoming more popular and with kitesurfing now an Olympic sailing class for Rio 2016, more and more people are learning to ride raceboards. Egypt has many talented national riders already so the move to raceboards was inevitable and with Egyptian athletes have year round riding on their doorstep to train, they could become a force to be reckoned with.

Freestyle is by far the most popular discipline and likely to remain so for most riders and it is the best style to perform incredibly complex tricks. Shortly before going to press the PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) wrote, “the PKRA is thrilled to announce one of the most exciting tour stops for the 2013 season, in El Gouna, Egypt. Located on the Red Sea and famed for its resort feel, El Gouna will host the PKRA in true Egyptian style.”

This will be an incredible opportunity to witness not only the world’s best freestylers competing here in Egypt but also that Egypts’ best will be able to compete in their home country. It is possible to train with Egypts’ best riders here on the Red Sea, like the champions in their own categories Emad and Gogo at Surfvibes in the Palma Resort north of Hurghada, or Nemo at Red Sea Zone and Momo at Kitepower, both in El Gouna. In addition there are many visiting champions from overseas who come to the area to train throughout the year.

Best locations

In the Sinai the main centres are located in Ras Sudr, with others at Dahab and a centre in Sharm el Sheikh, based in the Hotel Regency.  Ras Sudr, 150 km or so by car from Cairo, has massive beaches but is more limited in other activities.  Sharm and Dahab have kite centres, although not in the main towns.

On the mainland there is a centre at Za’afarana in the north, however there are limited tourist facilities. El Gouna has kite stations in two of its hotels and a whole kite beach with three kitestations to the North of the town. As a purpose built gated community and resort town, it has all sorts of accommodation and restaurants to choose from and numerous other activities on offer.

Moving down the coast towards Hurghada there are more kite schools close to the resort hotels and apartment complexes. The kite schools in El Gouna and at Palma Resort have a good relationship so organise escorted downwind trips from El Gouna accompanied by boat and normally finishing with a beach BBQ before transport back to El Gouna.

Hurghada has mostly hotel based schools, with one of the largest being at Magawish. Further south still are stations in Soma Bay and Safaga. Arguably it is more windy there, but there are fewer other activities on offer compared to the towns of El Gouna and Hurghada. Much further south there are kitestations at Marsa Alam and beyond to the kite camps and huge deserted lagoons in Hamata.

Wherever you decide to look at, learn or practice; kitesurfing is supposed to be fun! Do not be put off by the athletic advanced freestylers. Go at your own pace with an instructor you can relate to. Having a general level of fitness and feel comfortable in the water is all that is needed.

What makes kiteboarding so remarkable is that the sense of camaraderie crosses sex and age barriers, cultures and kiteboarding levels, from complete beginner to champion.

By Jenny Cooper