Naish Kiteboarding Video – WELCOME TO 2013 – S02E08

Welcome to the world of Naish; A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience.

DIRECTOR: Andi Jansen
FILMERS : Andi Jansen / Olivier Sautet (additional footages)
EDITER : Andi Jansen / Olivier Sautet (Title)
RIDERS: Jalou Langeree, Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai Lenny
KITES: 2013 Kite Collection
BOARDS: 2013 Kiteboard Collection
HARNESSES: 2013 Harness Collection

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 Hawaii

The Finals of the 2012 Naish Summer Kite Race Series took place Saturday at Kanaha beach park on Maui with perfect sunny and windy conditions, a great crowd and lots of tight racing. More than 50 people signed up for racing and the team Ride Relay event. The race is all about fun, but everyone is improving and upping their games so there are no easy wins. The race division is growing and there were new and young faces. Alex Aguera stayed ahead of the pack and his daughter Alexis was not far behind, beating most of the men. The starts of the open division, with more then 30 kiters starting together, was an unbelievable sight. Flash Austin and Patri McLaughlin traded bullets in the first two races, and in the final race Flash pulled it off with a close win. Kalia Aguera kept up the family tradition and was not far behind the leading men.

 Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

This was the final race of the Naish Summer Kite Race Series and the Hawaiian state champions were crowned combining the results from all the race days with the final day counting double. With Alexis and Kalia Aguera and Flash Austin, three Naish riders placed on top of the podium. The awards party kept going well into the night, capping off a full day of action and fun.

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Port Douglas could hold key to Olympic gold

Port Douglas could become the training ground for an Olympic champion as a new sport enters the big time in Rio 2016.

Kiteboarding will be thrust in front of the world’s biggest TV audience with athletes from across the globe aiming to take out the inaugural kiteboard racing gold medal.

And it just so happens Port Douglas has built a reputation for being one of the world’s best kiteboarding locations.

Brett Wright, operator of local kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) company Opens external link in new windowWindswell at the southern end of Four Mile Beach, said the introduction of the sport into the Olympics creates a unique opportunity for the region.

“Four Mile is a proven, perfect training ground for this type of kiting.

“After travelling myself up and down this coast line, out on the reef, and in Hawaii and WA, there’s no place like home. Four Mile is unreal.

“There’s always plenty of room, you’ve got the best wind angle for getting on and off the beach, and you’ve got all terrains of water at Four Mile.”

Mr Wright said the sport has come a long way since the pioneering days of the sport.

“We’ve got the circuit out there already. 2005 was our first official kite race and we’ve been doing it every year. What we did in ’05 is pretty similar to what they’ll do in the Olympics.

“Kiting is now appealing for a lot more people. The equipment is super-easy, it is 300 per cent safer than it used to be, and the pricing is way down.

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“Who knows, the Olympic champion might not even be kitesurfing yet.”

Mr Wright said he’d love to represent Australia in 2016 and is confident kiteboard racing will make an exciting addition to the Rio Olympic line-up

“Given the opportunity I’d give it a shot. It has been a while since I’ve been in the sailing or racing arena but it’s now or never.

“There is a lot of close-quarter situations and a lot of kite fights and tangles. These boards are built for speed so there will be some pretty big stacks.”

Mr Wright said progress is being made to deliver a major event in Port Douglas which could bolster sports tourism in the region.

“For me this has always been my dream, to have a world class event here in Port Douglas.

“Currently I’m in talks with groups like USM (organisers of Ironman Cairns) to host a really good kiting and paddleboarding water sports event in Port Douglas.

“They seem to be fairly supportive and we’re close to getting our own big event.”

Virgin founder and adventurer Sir Richard Branson is believed to have played a big part in kiteboard racing’s Olympic acceptance.

“We all flew a kite to get kiteboarding in to the Olympics and unbelievably the kite has landed in Rio,” Sir Richard told