North Vegas product clip 2014 video

If you´ve ever ridden one already, there´s nothing else to say. The Vegas is a pure competitive C-kite, combined with smooth depower abilities and absolutely predictable behavior for everyday riding. If you have never experienced the Vegas feeling yourself, get all the information here and find a North Kiteboarding test center nearby soon! You´ll love it

North Fuse kite 2013 product clip

It´s out, the brand new Fuse is available up from now! Years ago the Fuse started as more or less a Rebel on 5 lines, today it´s an outstanding high performance free ride/wave kite, strictly developed on 4 lines and an intelligent bridle system. Of course, for maximum security, it can be flown on 5 lines too! The low wind abilities and the
easy handling are easy accessible and convincing. Enjoy watching the Fuse clip and test it yourself soon!

North VEGAS 2013 product clip Sri Lanka

Get an insight view into the development and check out the new features of North Kiteboarding ultimate Freestyle/Wakestyle-Machine.

Tom Court, Tom Hebert, Mario Rodwald and Thomas Paris have been the chosen ones to test this amazing kite