Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan


After two days of waiting for the wind, the trade winds filled back in with a solid 20 knot breeze and the single elimination was completed. Liam Whaley won his first single elimination on his last move and Gisela Pulido is one win away from becoming the 2013 world champion and winner of the Hainan event in China. After a slow start to the day the wind filled in and the full single elimination was completed. The onshore winds were challenging but the top contenders advanced and the show was spectacular.

Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan

Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan

The final was between Christophe Tack and Liam Whaley, Christophe is coming off his win in Pingtan and was looking great throughout the whole final, but Liam Whaley landed a back mobe 5 in the dying seconds of the heat to secure the win. Both riders landed some great moves like perfect front blind mobes and s-mobes. On the womens side it was Gisela Pulido who dominated the final against Karolina Winkowska. Gisela landed a near perfect front blind and back mobe. Winkowska had many great moves but could not match Gisela’s amplitude.

With so many top riders present in Hainan it is hard to pick the best heat of the day but the Tack vs Hadlow was another classic heat. Tack was still on fire from Pingtan and seemed to be freeriding during his heat landing trick after trick. The two semifinals with Pastor and Jacobs were both very entertaining; with Marc Jacobs landing some huge mobes and Pastor sticking some great double handle passes.

Competition will resume tomorrow with the double elimination. If Gisela Pulido wins one of her finals against the challenger she will be the 2013 world Champion. Liam can win his first PKRA event with another win or maybe a challenger like Tack can come in and win bact to back events. If you want to see today’s results go to http://live.prokitetour.com/ to see detailed scores and results from today’s action.

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra

Christophe tack and Karolina Winkowska won the Pingtan kiteboarding World Cup 2013 single elimination in a spectacular manner.  Christophe tack picked up where he left off yesterday landing a massive front side seven and KGB five to score the highest heat total of the event (38.3) and defeated Alex pastor. Karolina Winkowska also defeated the current point’s leader Gisela Pulido in a very close heat with both riders landing perfect tricks.  The conditions were bit lighter than yesterday but were still close to perfect. During the afternoon the big air competition was run and Sebastien Garat got first place.  The perfect conditions of Pingtan China have provided the best possible conditions for hosting a kitesurfing World Cup and the top riders in the world.

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra




The first heat of the day was between Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley, both riders train and ride in Tarifa and know each other very well.  Whaley has been improving throughout the year and keeps getting better, he started his heat with a perfect front blind mobe and back mobe 5 and looked to be command until Alex pastor landed a grabbed KGB five and took the lead and the final spot in the final.  They both finish with equal scores and the tie was broken with the highest tricks score of the heat being the KGB 5 of Alex pastor.  After that heat the two finals were set along with the battles for third.  With Jana Schader being sick Paula Novotna got a bye and a third place finish.  Next it was up to Liam Whaley and Marc Jacobs to take to the water for the final podium spot.  This time Liam made no mistakes and defeated Jacobs to stand on the podium.

The final between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska’s was absolutely outstanding with both riders going trick for trick throughout the heat and being very close util the end.  Both riders landed great back mobes, s-1 and S-mobes. Karolina landed a nice 315 to move her into the lead in the dying minutes of the heat.  The two girls had a great heat and intense battle, but when it was all said and done, it was Karolina Winkowska who won the single and is now looking to regain the tour lead from Gisela Pulido.

After yesterday’s outstanding performance it seem hard to believe the Christophe tack could out do himself again, but he left everyone speechless by doing just that in the final.  He landed two flat 7’s with a lot of height, a KGB five, a blind judge fives, a crow mobe, a front blind mobe and back mobe.  All of the scores were above seven and into the 8 range with the heat total of 38.3.  Alex pastor was riding well but was unable to stop Christophe.  Alex pastor is closer to winning the overall title but will have to wait until the double elimination.

In the afternoon the race director decided to start the big air competition, with riders going for height and technical tricks. Sebastien Garat won the big air contest followed by Reno Romeu, Mario Rodwald and Oswald Smith.  It’s was a great show for the spectators to see some big jumps of the waves.


The wind is forecasted to build tomorrow and the double elimination will start and we would decide the winner of the Pingtan kiteboard World Cup 2013.  Christophe tack and Karolina Winkowska are definitely to riders to beat and the conditions seem to be playing into their favor.  Check out www.prokitetour.com for the latest news and photos.

Kiteboard world tour PKRA Schedule Update for China and New Caledonia

The dates for the both PKRA’s in China have been modified and unfortunately the Slalom event is canceled for Hainan. The prize money for the Pingtan event has been increased to $80,000. The PKRA stop in New Caledonia is canceled; we are all hoping to see it back on the schedule next year because it is such a magical spot and kitesurf haven.

Kiteboard world tour PKRA Schedule Update for China and New Caledonia

Kiteboard world tour PKRA Schedule Update for China and New Caledonia


Pingtan Kieboarding World Cup will be October 21-27

Pingtan Island is the most consistent and strongest wind spot in China and is rapidly becoming the most popular kiteboarding destination in China. The PKRA Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup will make kiteboarding history by being the highest prize money event in the history of kiteboarding. $80,000 USD will be divided into the 3 official disciplines $55,000 for freestyle, $20,000 for Slalom and $5,000 for Long distance. There will be a lot at stake in Pingtan making the competition fierce.

FREE accomodations will be provided for all the competitors.

Contact Max Lia max.liao@youfirstsports.com for your visa invitation letter and to book the hotels for Pingtan and Hainan.

For more information please visit the PKRA site.

Hainain International Kitesurf Festival will be November 3-9, 2013

The dates of the Hainan event have been moved closer to the Pingtan event to make travel easier for all the travelers and the Slalom World Cup event has been canceled.  This means that the last slalom stop of the year will be in Argentina.  The focus will be on the freestylers.

Contact Max Lia max.liao@youfirstsports.com for your visa invitation letter and to book the hotels for Pingtan and Hainan.

For more information please visit the PKRA site.

Kitesurf World Cup Burn Turkey A Explosive PKRA start

PKRA Explosive start to the Burn Kitesurf World Cup, Turkey

Kitesurf World Cup Burn Turkey PKRA

Kitesurf World Cup Burn Turkey PKRA


Ariel Corniel from the Domincan republic and Gisil Ozen from Turkey won the kite Masters at the Burn Kitesurf World cup in Turkey.  Corniel put a great show combining big air tricks and new school moves.  Bryan lake got his first win in Slalom and Boenniger kept on winning.  The conditions were slightly lighter then yesterday, with men and women riding 12 to 14 meter kites.  The waves were still here to offer a great playground to the riders.  The focus will now shift to slalom for the next three days.

The competition started with the completion of the last 12 heats of the round robin to determine the top six men and the four riders that would advance into the semifinal.  Serin and Sholte had to complete another heat to break the tie and seed them accordingly. Serin was the winner of that exchange and went up against Smith in the semifinals.  The heat was very close but Paul Serin landed some great board-offs and a few technical moves to defeat Smith.  The other semifinal was between Corniel and Scholte, Scholte started well but could not keep up with Ariel who was landing trick after trick and got an easy win.


Thte battle for 5th and 6th place was between Kerneur from France and Taner Aykurt form Turkey.  Taner was solid from the start with a nice 360 board off, back mobe and 313.  Kerneur had a response, but did not have the intensity of the local and had to settle for 6th, while Aykurt was the top Turkish finisher.  Smith and Scholte took to the water next with Scholte getting more tricks in, but Smith was riding extremely stylishly with a perfect 315, S-mobe and one footer to secure the final podium spot.

The Final between Corniel and Serin very close, Serin landed a good BJ, 313, Slim, S-1 and a few board offs.  Coniel landed a perfect front blind and had a little more power in his back mobe and other handle passes.  His board offs were good enough to get him the win a title and a large cash prize.  The girl’s final was setup with three heats with Gisil Ozen defeating Berna Ozturk and Merve Ceylan, with some clean back rolls, S-bends and blind judge.

The slalom races took a few minutes to get underway with large swells pulling the boat and the marks off position.  Once the racing got underway it was extremely exciting with all the riders battling for a position into the next round.  The ladder was setup with three heats in the first round, two semifinals and a four men final to give all the riders ample room to navigate the course and not collide with each other.  In the first round all the favorite’s advanced and the competition really heated up in the semifinals.  The first semifinal lake easily won and Castel got second on the last leg while Cakir and Grubber tangled.  The second semifinal Kerneur was over early and disqualified from the race while Smith and Vanucci went on to win.

The womens final was very fun, when all the girls missed a mark and realized that they had not completed the course and needed to round the last 2 marks of the course to finish the race.  Christine Boenniger won again followed by Ozturk and Ceylan.

The men final was intense, with waves hitting the first mark, strategy was a key factor.  Lake and Smith exchanged first places a few times but in the end it was the American Lake who got the win, Smith finished second and may have been a little tired from all the heats he completed in the morning.  Grubber and Simone Vannucci battle for third until the second to last leg when Grubber took third place.

Video of Mens Final Race 3

The freestylers are done for the week but will be here to provide some great entertainment and keep the parties going, while the Slalom racers will have to keep fighting to see who will win the Burn Kitesurf World Cup Slalom in Istanbul.  Follow us on Facebook and twitter to get the latest news and make sure you check out the LIVE.


Pastor and Pulido win the 100th PKRA event

Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor are the winners of the 100th PKRA event in Fuerteventura.  Aaron Hadlow moves back up to 4th and Novotna climbs on the last podium spot.  The Fuerteventura winds were full on, with men riding in between 5 to 7meter kites and girls were on 5 and 6 meter kites.  Alex Pastor and Hadlow had the strongest heats of the day, with Gisela Pulido needing two heats to defeat Annabel Van Westrop.  Alex Pastor takes a commanding lead in the overall points ranking while Gisela Pulido regains the lead from Karolina Winkowska.

Special thanks to all the riders and staff that took part in this historic PKRA event.  All the riders that took part in the slalom, trials, single and double elimination did a great job to make this one of the best PKRA’s ever.

The competition started at 11:00 am with Aaron Hadlow taking on Madson.  Aaron had a big back mobe 5 and front blind to advance over Madson with cleaner execution.  Next Reno Romeu took on Christophe Tack, Tack won by just one point by having a little more power and commitment into the tricks.  The girls hit the water next; Jungo and Menardo advanced and faced off in heat to determine the 5th and 6th place.  Jungo was landing powerful S-bends to defeat the young Italian.  The Hadlow Vs Tack heat was another close one with Aaron Scoring a 32.39 with a massive front blind and back mobe.  This set the pace early in the heat and Tack was unable to catch up.


With the top 4 riders already in position, it was up to Jungo and Hadlow to dethrone them from their position.  Jungo was unable to matches Novotna’s power and Paula was poised to go after Victoria Rosinska on the Podium.  Hadlow charged hard and put a lot of pressure on Da Silva who was only able to land four tricks out of the five needed to score a maximum amount of points.

Now it was down to the top three to defend their position from the challengers.  Hadlow was first to take a crack at Marc Jacobs, but seemed to run out of steam.  He could not get the consistency that he had shown in his previous three heats and Marc Jacobs went about landing his extremely powerful hinterberger mobes and S-1.  This left Marc on the podium with a chance to defeat Liam Whaley to go Challenge Alex Pastor.  Liam Whaley was not going to give his spot away so easily and landed a great S-3 and back mobe to defeat Marc who crashed too many tricks.

On the women’s side Annabel Van Westerop was on fire, landing a perfect blind judge and S-1 pass to defeat Paula Novotna.  In the first final Annabel did just enough to advance over Gisela who only landed a blind judge and S-1.  The next final Gisela knew what she needed to do to defeat Annabel and charged right out of the gates with a blind Judge, megaloop, 313 and S-bend.  Annabel could not keep up with Gisela and had to settle for second while Gisela won the 100th PKRA event and took overall points lead.


The final between Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley was one sided, when Alex came out with a huge blind judge, followed by a perfect Back mobe and S-mobe and finished it off with the highest trick score of the competition a 7.94 for a double s-bend 3.  Liam unfortunately crashed his first 7 tricks and by the time he got back into it, the horn had sounded and Alex pastor was the winner of the PKRA Fuerteventura.

The 100th PKRA event and 12th in Fuerteventura was absolutely amazing, with Julien Kerneur and Gisela Pulido first winning the Slalom, followed by two Spanish riders, Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor  winning the freestyle event.  If you missed any of the action, checkout all the daily shots, video highlights and raw replays of all the heats and races.  Stay informed on facebook and www.prokitetour.com for the latest news and event updates.

PKRA Pastor and Pulido win the Single Elimination in Fuerteventura

Pastor and Pulido win the Single Elimination in Fuerteventura

Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor are the winners of the PKRA freestyle World Cup in Fuerteventura. With perfect 9 to 10 meter weather and flat water, the riders could not have asked for better conditions in Fuerteventura for the single elimination. The two full ladders of men and women were run for a total of six hours of freestyle. Alexander Neto and Sergey Borisov are just a few of the riders that had amazing heats and Liam Whaley made his first PKRA final. Karolina Winkowska was injured and left Gisela Pulido without her two nemeses, but Annabel Van Westrop and Victoria Rosinska had some great heats to get to the podium.

The final between Alex pastor and Liam Whaley was very close with the two riders landing similar tricks, but Alex Pastor was a little more powerful to win the single. Alex took an early lead with a nice S-mobe, BJ3, back mobe 5 and double s-bend pass 3, but Liam almost caught Alex in the dying minutes of the heat with a 720 back mobe and near perfect S-3. Alex is a few points closer to his goal of being world champion but will have to defend against many potential contenders in the double elimination.


Watch the replay of the final HERE.

The women’s final was dominated by Gisela Pulido who landed a 313, blind judge 3, S-mobe and air back to blind. Annabel Van Westerop did all she could in her first final with an S-1, BJ and air back to blind but it was not enough to defeat Gisela. Gisela will have to defend her position in the single against the possible return of Karolina Winkowska in the double elimination.


Watch the replay of the final HERE.

The battle for third place between Marc Jacobs and Eudazio Da Silva took a very strange twist when Eudazio crashed his first trick, then came back to the beach to change kites, this took a few minutes and when he finally came back to the water landed six tricks in a matter of seconds and closed the gap with Marc Jacobs, but Marc’s powerful riding had done enough damage already to secure a 3rd place finish. The women’s battle for the last podium spot was between Paula Novotna and Victora Rosinska a polish rider that trains in Fuerteventura. This proved to be a key factor in getting just a slight edge over Novotna to get the last podium spot.

The men’s quarterfinal heats were all the exciting with the riders like Borisov landing some of the biggest tricks with the most power that were thrown today, but could not land enough to upset Jacobs. Tack did not find his rhythm and Whaley was riding extremely well. Hadlow came up against Alex Pastor who was on fire and could do nothing to slow down the Spaniard. He had some very clean and well executed tricks, but Pastor was more aggressive. Da Silva defeated Stefan who was only able to land four tricks out of five possible needed to get a maximum score.

In the earlier rounds Alexander Neto had a great heat with a 34.27 that was the third highest score of the day only behind Pastor who had a 35.47 against hadlow and Liams 34.47. Alex Pastor also had the highest scoring move of the day with a double S-bend pass 3 that scored an 8.40. Reno lost to his team mate Stefan and said he was “lucky in love, but not at Play”.

The double elimination’s will start tomorrow at 12 o’clock and will finish Saturday afternoon. This will give the opportunities for many riders to move back up in the rankings over the next two days. This will give the riders ample time to rest while moving back up the doubles ladder. The main challenges will come from the wind that is forecasted to be picking up tomorrow and Saturday, with gusts forecasted into the 40 knots. With winds like this, we can expect some pretty amazing riding and a few big air tricks.

All the score, from all the heats, are posted online at www.live.prokitetour.com along with the replays of almost all the heats. So if you like to go watch your favorite riders and see how you would score them, you can do it online.


Kiteboard World PKRA Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

egistration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

The first day of the Fuerteventura World Cup in and 100th event of the PKRA started with registration and light winds. All the Slalom racers registered for the 3rd stop of the year. Everyone was expecting high winds early on, but the trade winds were capricious. All the riders took the time to tune their gear, go for an SUP session and enjoyed the perfect weather. Competiton will resume tomorrow when the trades return.

Kiteboard World PKRA  Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

Kiteboard World PKRA Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

The men’s fleet is full of top competitors like Julien Kerneur, Adam Withington, Oswald Smith and many more. Bryan Lake is not here to win a third consecutive race so someone else will walk away with €3000 and hoist the trophy of the Fuerteventura World Cup in its 28th consecutive edition. Many freestyle competitors entered this event looking for chance to upset the top racers in the world. Reno Romeu, Paul Serin, Chirs Bobryk are just some of the big names that are entered in the Slalom. On the womens side Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska the best freestylers in the world will also be competiting in both freestyle and slalom.

The high winds will provide a great testing ground for full speed slalom racing. The past two events have taken place in rather light winds, so this will be a change for the racers. For this event, some competitors brought twin tip boards to see if they might have an advantage in high wind and around the marks. The forecast is calling for the winds to return tomorrow and then just keeps building for the rest of the week. All the races will be LIVE

World Kiteboard VW Beetle Kitesurf Saint Peter Ording Germany PKRA

Closing Ceremony of the Beetle Kitesurf WC

The final day of the PKRA Saint Peter Ording, Germany, brought another day of beautiful sun with thousands of kitesurfing fans coming to the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup.  The closing ceremony started at 16:00, with Marc Jacobs from New Zealand and Karolina Winkowska from Poland winning the freestyle event.  Bryan Lake from the United States won the racing along with Christine Boenniger from Germany.  The 134 riders from 24 different countries made this the biggest PKRA event ever.  The top riders will be sharing €52,000 in prize money.  The Freestyle and Slalom racing was some of the best we have ever seen.

“I think this is the best event in the world and being the best local rider here is amazing”-Mario Rodwald
The trials of the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup had 71 men and 20 women and took over 8 hrs.  14 men and 8 women were selected but many top riders did not make it into the event.  This event really showed how the base of good riders is getting bigger and how the competitors just keep getting better throughout the world.

The main event was absolutely amazing, with 24 men and 12 women riders.  With 3 world champions in the event, Zoon, Hadlow and Langeree and many talented riders like Eudazio DaSilva, the points leader Alex Pastor, the action was none stop.  DaSilva had the best heat score of the event with a 37.23, defeating Hadlow and Langeree in the double elimination.  Christophe Tack made an amazing run in the doubles, competing in 8 consecutive heats.  Marc Jacobs won his first ever PKRA riding with so much power landing perfect front blind mobes and hinterberger mobes.  Alex Pastor lost his first heat of the season, but kept the lead in the overall rankings.  Youri Zoon dislocated his shoulder and will be out for a few weeks.  He will miss Fuerteventura 10 days from now, but should be back for China. Umpierre, Jaspan and Hutter came all the way through the trials to finish 9th.

“The conditions were very similar to home in New Zealand, went big with a lots of power and I am stoked to win my first PKRA”- Marc Jacobs

The women’s fleet was also extremely competitive, with Karolina Winkowska regaining the overall points lead on tour.  Paula Novotna had a great event making a great run in the double to finish 4th.  Bruna Kajiya injured herself; hopefully it is not too serious.  Gisela Pulido could not win her third event in a row and dropped to second in the rankings.  Lammerts, Van Westerop, Lutz and many more had some amazing tricks.  It looks like the new generation of girl’s riders is here.

“It was good event, we had to be patient for the wind, but when we were competing the conditions were very good, I am happy to regain the lead”- Karolina Winkowska

The Slalom displayed some high speed racing with many lead changes and close battles.  Bryan Lake was the fastest rider of the week with Kerneur on his tail the whole time.  The rest of the fleet with riders like Castel, Baumeister, Gruber, Biniash and many more battled hard every race for a chance at the podium.  In the end, it was Lake, Kerneur and Gruber who took the podium.  On the women side Christine Boenniger dominated the whole event winning every race.  Tatiana Sysoeva was second in front of the German Freestyle champion Lutz.

A beautiful closing ceremony was held at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup, rewarding the athletes with their trophies and Prizes.  This was the best and biggest German PKRA ever and all 134 riders are already looking forward to competing here next year.  The PKRA moves to Fueteventura for the 3rd Slalom stop of the Year and 5th Freestyle event.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the Latest news and results.


PKRA News Cancellation of the PKRA Egypt

The Kiteboarding World Cup in Soma Bay 2013 has been canceled. The event will not be rescheduled in 2013. The PKRA is looking forward to having an event in Egypt next year. Egypt is a great place to kitesurf and the perfect venue for a PKRA World Cup to feature the best kitesurfers in the world.

PKRA News Cancellation of the PKRA Egypt

PKRA News Cancellation of the PKRA Egypt

The Junior world championships in Costa Brava will be starting on Wednesday. Five world titles will be given in three boy’s age group and two girls age group. This is the first time the PKRA will be giving a junior world title and the opportunities for young riders to learn from pros like Gisela Pulido. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and go to www.prokitetour.com for the latest news on the kitesurfing world tour.

Registration at the PKRA IKA Freestyle Jr’s Europe kiteboard championship

The registration at the PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Freestyle Junior World Championships took place at the camping La Ballena Alegre, San Pere Pescador, Costa Brava, Spain.  Costa Brava has been hosting events for many years, it is a great venue and a perfect place for the first Kiteboarding JR World Championships.  43 riders registered from 17 countries.  The thermal winds picked up to solid 15 knots all afternoon and many riders took advantage of the conditions to warm up.  A beautiful opening ceremony welcomed all the riders.

The riders are from all over the world and are adapting to the local conditions.  The wind here is usually the strong Tramontane out of the north or the warm thermal from the south west.  This time of year the thermal is the dominant wind. The competition will have two classes of boys 8-14 and 15-16 and two classes of girls 8-13 and 14-16.  This means that 4 World titles will be given.  Only two kids under 11 registered so they will join the older class.

Throughout the week the PKRA along with many pro’s like Gisela Pulido and Alvaro Onieva will be doing clinics to educate the young riders.  The goal of these clinics will be to teach up and coming riders how to compete, train, media relationships and sponsors.

The level will be very high, especially in the 15-16 age group, with many competitors having already kited for many years.  The European champions are here to see if they can claim a World title.  The competition will start in the morning at 10:30am .  You can follow all the action on www.prokitetour.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.