Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

So there it is, the Yourmood Kitecup 2012 is over, joyfully and peacefully of course, these are the
Mood Team’s standards of living!
Kitecup 2012  Nazare Portugal

Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

The wind wasn’t always on time but that is part of the game and the kite surfers amused themselves
in many other ways! A bunch of laughters, a ton of fun nights and a few musical decibels thanks to
the turntables of MC Speak2Max.

Yourmood Kitecup 2012  Nazare Portugal

Yourmood Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

Logged in the luxurious Miramar Hotel (4 stars), the whole team could benefit from various relaxing
activities such as the Jacuzzi or by posing in front of the Guinness Record Book picture of the gigantic
wave in Nazaré.

Of course there was also plenty of action. First of all, during the Best Trick freestyle followed by
the Best Waves Contest a few days later with the “crème de la crème” Portuguese riders. The
competition took place on some pretty weak conditions, waves not exceeding 1 meter and wind
behaving itself at an average of 15 knots on the Praia do Norte.

Finally, it was our patriot Julien Kerneur who won the test (finishing first in the freestyle competition)
followed closely by the Portuguese riders. A special honour was awarded to Mathilde Serin for being
the only woman in the competition.

1) Julien Kerneur
2) Joao Stopani
3) Joao Fernandes

After a beautiful award ceremony and prize money distribution, the riders left conquered by this new
2012 edition.

As for the staff, they enjoyed for the last time a great competition, fresh fish, a few cocktails of which
we will not reveal the names, before going back home heavy hearted but with plenty of beautiful

Next year’s session already being set, first week of july for the water sesh expanded concept with the "battle crew", the snow sesh need to be confirmed, stay tuned !