latest Naish Kiteboarding video FLY with Robby Naish and Chuck Patterson

When no one else is thinking of kiting yet the Fly will get you out on the water and having fun. The range of the kite is amazing. Check out three riders, Alexis Aguera (115lbs/50kg), Robby Naish (175lbs/80kgs) and Chuck Patterson (225lbs/100kg) all powered up and riding in really light winds.


“Every day on the water is a good day!” These four gentlemen: Pete Siracusa, Bob Street, Cyrus Monroe, and Gerry Shalhoob are not only pioneers of kitesurfing since 1999, they also take Naish’s motto serious and have the most fun on the water. Their attitude and passion for water sports is exceptional and inspirational. Sit back and enjoy their perfect daily life on Maui.

Naish Kiteboarding THE OTHER SIDE Maui Hawaii TV S02E11

Break on through to the other side of Maui with Shawn Richman and Jalou Langeree. Follow them on their off road adventure to find wind and waves far away from the infamous white sandy beaches from Maui Hawaii!

RIDER: Jalou Langeree, Shawn Richman
EDITING: Olivier Sautet
FILMING: Andi Jansen
KITE: Park, Torch
BOARD: Money shot, Mega, Global
HARNESS: Mafia, Mission 3D

Hood River Oregon USA B Roll



Footage I couldn’t see go to waste! Sam Light, Brandon Scheid, Tom Court and Eric Reinstra filming each other during the summer of 2012 in Hood River, OR.
Edit: Sam Light  kiteboarding video north naish liquidforce
Music: Souls of Mischief – 93 till infinity

Naish Kiteboarding Video – WELCOME TO 2013 – S02E08

Welcome to the world of Naish; A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience.

DIRECTOR: Andi Jansen
FILMERS : Andi Jansen / Olivier Sautet (additional footages)
EDITER : Andi Jansen / Olivier Sautet (Title)
RIDERS: Jalou Langeree, Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai Lenny
KITES: 2013 Kite Collection
BOARDS: 2013 Kiteboard Collection
HARNESSES: 2013 Harness Collection

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 Hawaii

The Finals of the 2012 Naish Summer Kite Race Series took place Saturday at Kanaha beach park on Maui with perfect sunny and windy conditions, a great crowd and lots of tight racing. More than 50 people signed up for racing and the team Ride Relay event. The race is all about fun, but everyone is improving and upping their games so there are no easy wins. The race division is growing and there were new and young faces. Alex Aguera stayed ahead of the pack and his daughter Alexis was not far behind, beating most of the men. The starts of the open division, with more then 30 kiters starting together, was an unbelievable sight. Flash Austin and Patri McLaughlin traded bullets in the first two races, and in the final race Flash pulled it off with a close win. Kalia Aguera kept up the family tradition and was not far behind the leading men.

 Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

This was the final race of the Naish Summer Kite Race Series and the Hawaiian state champions were crowned combining the results from all the race days with the final day counting double. With Alexis and Kalia Aguera and Flash Austin, three Naish riders placed on top of the podium. The awards party kept going well into the night, capping off a full day of action and fun.

See results & article HERE

Naish Torch Premiering the new and improved 2013 kite

State-of-the-art C-kite for competition freestyle, power freeriding and unhooked waveriding.

Naish Torch Premiering the new and improved 2013 kite

Naish Torch Premiering the new and improved 2013 kite

The Torch flies quickly through the air and will depower easily with a quick check of the board edge. Power is delivered smoothly, with depower similar to a bridled kite by virtue of the kite’s ability to fly fast. Whether you are hooked in or unhooked, riding is effortless and precise. The position of the kite’s struts makes it stiffer in the air, for even more precise handling.

The Torch is equally at home winning heats on the world stage as it is ripping up your home beach.

“The Torch, I think, is the most legendary and successful C kite on the market. I always compare it to a sports car. It’s powerful, stable, and turns smooth. If you want power it will generate it and that is perfect for freestyle. The kite feels so natural to me. What we’ve done with the 2013 Torch is made the small sizes slightly slower and the big sizes slightly faster. My goal for this years kites was to make all sizes have close to the same turning speed and feel.” – Kevin Langeree

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


Naish Kiteboarding Video Maui Hawaii TV STAY HI Robby Naish, Kai Lenny S02E10…

Join Rick Jensen as he takes you on a trip through Maui and meet locals Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, and Shawn and Jesse Richman. Learn how the beauty of Hawai’i compares to life as a kiter in Germany.

Naish kiteboarding video maui hawaii tv robby naish kai lenny shawn richman kai lenny kite torch park kite board arcade global skater venturi



Naish Park kite 2013 one kite that does it all video hawaii

The one kite that does it all – any rider, any style, any condition.

The Park’s three-strut design and Swept Compact C outline results in a very stable and responsive kite. The powerful profile and leading edge give the rider good low-end power and consistent pull over a wide range of wind speeds.

The Park uses just enough sweep to maximize depower and allow for easy relaunch. The Swept Compact C platform remains very close to a real C-shape in order to provide the crispness and feel in the bar that you really need.

Designed with fun in mind, the Park provides the rider with the power to boost, the handling to hit the lip with style and the ability to feel good in any condition.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

Key Features:

Super easy handling
Crisp bar feel
Superior low-end performance
Effortless water relaunch