Kiteboard World PKRA Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

egistration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

The first day of the Fuerteventura World Cup in and 100th event of the PKRA started with registration and light winds. All the Slalom racers registered for the 3rd stop of the year. Everyone was expecting high winds early on, but the trade winds were capricious. All the riders took the time to tune their gear, go for an SUP session and enjoyed the perfect weather. Competiton will resume tomorrow when the trades return.

Kiteboard World PKRA  Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

Kiteboard World PKRA Registration and Light winds in Fuerteventura

The men’s fleet is full of top competitors like Julien Kerneur, Adam Withington, Oswald Smith and many more. Bryan Lake is not here to win a third consecutive race so someone else will walk away with €3000 and hoist the trophy of the Fuerteventura World Cup in its 28th consecutive edition. Many freestyle competitors entered this event looking for chance to upset the top racers in the world. Reno Romeu, Paul Serin, Chirs Bobryk are just some of the big names that are entered in the Slalom. On the womens side Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska the best freestylers in the world will also be competiting in both freestyle and slalom.

The high winds will provide a great testing ground for full speed slalom racing. The past two events have taken place in rather light winds, so this will be a change for the racers. For this event, some competitors brought twin tip boards to see if they might have an advantage in high wind and around the marks. The forecast is calling for the winds to return tomorrow and then just keeps building for the rest of the week. All the races will be LIVE

Light winds in Leucate and 2013 Rankings PKRA France

or the fifth day of the PKRA France, the wind stayed light at the Mondial du Vent. Riders took full advantage of the warm weather to go for SUP sessions or take a cruise down to the cable park. The town of Leucate is being a great host providing activities for visitors and competitors to enjoy the conditions and event site. Many riders also spent time talking with Dave on the live stream and making time for interviews with national and international press.


At the beginning of the season the ranking of the riders is based on two factors; the results from the current year and the past year. This means that if a rider has done well over the first two events but has a poor ranking from the year before, the rankings will not be as high, however it also works the other way if a rider did well the year before and had a bad first event his ranking might still be good. Ranking is crucial because the top eight men and four women are preceded into the main event and get a bye in the first round.

In 2013 the level of the top 40 riders has been extremely competitive and the qualifiers to make it into the main PKRA event have become tougher. Our next stop on tour is in Marsala, Italy and the top eight men and women have already been chosen. The rest of the riders unless they are part of the two lucky wildcards given to the local organizers will have to go through the qualifiers.

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Hood River Oregon USA B Roll



Footage I couldn’t see go to waste! Sam Light, Brandon Scheid, Tom Court and Eric Reinstra filming each other during the summer of 2012 in Hood River, OR.
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