Slingshot New Website Launches Soon


We’re planning to launch a completely new online experience at the end of March. It’s been some time since we’ve had a new website and finally we will have a platform built with modern technology and latest web standards. Coupled with a powerful content management system, we’ll be able to focus on giving our riders the best product experience yet. Not only will all the necessary information be there, but a deeper look into our technology and innovations as well as educational videos. Video will play a large part of the site as we begin to integrate all the work we’ve been doing to create interesting and entertaining content. Now we have another platform to share this with everyone.

Slingshot New Website Launches Soon

Slingshot New Website Launches Soon

We’ll also have sections in the site that speak more to our culture and what we believe in. There will be great inside information on our Team riders, a look inside our Factory as well as our History. We’ll be building a new Support section that will be filled with helpful answers and a library of product information. A new Warranty process and Product Registration will highlight our best-in-class Customer Service. The new site will be a great example of the current brand movement and messaging for everyone to follow. It fits right in line with the current ad campaigns as well as our other visual channels. Our goal is to create one brand experience that connects our different sports and shows our true commitment to being a top watersports company.

Of course, this will all be tied together with the latest social sharing tools and optimized for the best SEO performance. The mobile experience will be much improved as well since more and more users are experiencing our site through these devices.

We’re excited to share the new site with you and the industry. Our hope is that it becomes an invaluable tool for everyone and the one place you can go to find out what Slingshot is all about.

World Kiteboarding Speed Record Attempt Salt and Speed 2

After some initial attempts at the Outright Sailing Speed Record late last year, Alexandre Caizergues and Rob Douglas will be back in action from 10 March to 18 April 2013 at the new speed spot in France’s Salin-de-Giraud.

World Kiteboarding Speed Record Attempt Salt and Speed 2

World Kiteboarding Speed Record Attempt Salt and Speed 2

With an average speed of 53.40 knots for the American and 52.45 knots for the Frenchman over 500 metres, the first “Salt and Speed” session proved to be a popular success, as well as enabling the kitesurfers to validate the Volkswagen Transporter Arena and rack up the year’s best world performance in kitesurfing. Since that time, Alex and Rob have put in a lot of training both on and off the water so as to continue to make technical and physical advances. Alex Caizergues has linked together a series of sessions in South Africa and Qatar, whilst Rob has been in Costa Rica. As such the two guys are honed and ready to boost their record haul, a bid which will initially involve trying to improve on the current World kitesurfing speed record held by Rob Douglas himself (55.65 knots). “We mustn’t let our imagination run away with us. It’s going to take a while to go faster than SailRocket 2 and her 65.45 knots, but at this particular speed spot, Rob’s world record is within our grasp and 60 knots is a reasonable target,” explains Alex Caizergues. “Weather conditions in early March are often excellent with a strong Mistral and we’re feeling motivated. We’ll be working with the same organisation team as you don’t change a winning team.
Alexandre Caizergues:

Born on 14 March 1979

3 x World Speed Champion (2007, 2008, 2009)
2 x World Speed Record all categories combined in 2008 and 2010
2 x World Kite Speed Record in 2007 and 2009
2 x FFVL (French Free Flight Federation) French Speed Champion
European Long Distance Number Two 2008
World Speed Number Two 2006

1st man to break 100 km/hr on the water, propelled by the wind

Partners: Ouest Provence – AlpEnergie par GDF SUEZ – Volkswagen Véhicules Utilitaires (Commercial Vehicles) – Zenith – Sosh.

Rob Douglas Kiteboarding Speed Record

Rob Douglas:

Born on 16 June 1971

World Speed Record all categories combined in 2011 with 55.65 knots and 49.84 knots in 2008.

World Speed Champion 2012

Partners: The Black Dog – Cabrinha – Lynch Associates – NPX – Dakine – Curtis Fins- Mike’s Lab custom boards

In figures:

65.45 knots: Sailrocket 2 November 2012

55.65 knots: Rob Douglas 28 October 2010 Namibia

55.49 knots: Seb Cattelan 28 October 2010 Namibia

54.10 knots: Alexandre Caizergues 12 October 2010 Luderitz, Namibia exceeding 100km/hr

51.36 knots: Hydroptère on 6 September 2009

50.57 knots: Alexandre Caizergues 4 October 2008 Luderitz, Namibia

50.26 knots: Seb Cattelan 3 October 2008 Luderitz, Namibia

49.84 knots: Rob Douglas 19 September 2008 Luderitz, Namibia

49.09 knots: World Speed Record Antoine Albeau 5 March 2008 in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

46.82 knots: Record set by windsurfer Finian Maynard in the autumn of 2004, bringing an end to the hegemony of the sailboat Yellow Pages in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

46.52 knots: Yellow Pages Endeavour in 1993 at the Sandy Point spot, Australia

38.86 knots: Pascal MAKA the first windsurfer to rack up a new official record with 38.86 knots in Sotavento

26.30 knots: Crossbow Catamaran in Portland in 1972

NB: the outright World Sailing Speed Record is the best average speed over 500m by a sail-powered contraption… As such it is different to a peak speed!

Partners to “Salt and Speed”: Volkswagen Véhicules Utilitaires (Commercial Vehicles), Groupe Salins, Zenith, Fédération Française de Vol Libre (French Free Flight Federation).

Helena Brochocka‏ joins Best Kiteboarding

Country: Poland
Residence: Vancouver, Canada
Date of Birth: 16th Sep, 1991
Nick name: Hela
Years Kiting: 4 Years
Riding style: Wakestyle
Local kite spot: Nonexistent – living in the big city ! (Ah you should check out Squamish!)
Your motto or slogan?: ”If you can’t fix it with duct tape – you’re not using enough duct tape.” not sure where i heard that, but so true…
Best Results: 4th PKRA China 2012, 4th PKRA New Caledonia 2012
Hobbies/other interests: Freeskiing, Wakeboarding, Chilling

Helena Brochocka‏ joins Best Kiteboarding

Helena Brochocka‏ joins Best Kiteboarding

Red Bull King of the Air 2013 Kiteboarding South Africa Video

After an 8-year hiatus Red Bull King of the Air has returned with a new format, new location and the mission to bring back the wow factor to kiteboarding.

Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the world’s top 24 kiteboarders to face-off in the unique ‘flag out’ competition format. In the end it was Jesse Richman from the USA who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious.

Ruben Lenten signs with Best Kiteboarding

All days are good, some are just better. Just like this one. I have found the right partner to push extreme kiteboarding to the next level. Stoked with my new partner in ‘crime’, Best Kiteboarding.

Ruben Lenten signs with Best Kiteboarding

Ruben Lenten signs with Best Kiteboarding

First of all I would like to thank Slingshot for all their support over the past 10 years. It’s been an absolute blast to ride and work with you guys. Thanks for all the experiences that I will never forget and also for helping me explore the limits of kiteboarding.

Now the time has come to move on and continue to follow my vision. My passion for kiteboarding is big, it’s my life and this partnership allows me to raise the bar of extreme kiteboarding even higher.

At the highest level of sports and in the strongest conditions there is a strong demand for high quality products. That’s why LEN10 likes to team up with companies that have a similar vision and want to put the time, effort and money into accomplishing it. Quality is essential to feel safe on the water and in the air. In order to push the limits of your body and sport you need to feel comfortable. This comfort comes from the performance of the kite and all other gear. In my opinion there are very few products that make riders feel comfortable enough to go as big as they would like. Not because  they can’t but simply because the products won’t let them. That’s a shame because I feel extreme kiteboarding is the discipline that keeps our sport hardcore and spectacular.

Sebastian Heitmann, CEO at Best Kiteboarding says:
“Best Kiteboarding is incredibly proud to make this next step for our sport. With Ruben Lenten we will push extreme kiteboarding to the next level and are happy to partner with such a great sports icon who will challenge our R&D team more than ever before. LEN10 rides with us so stay tuned because we have many more exciting plans to come!”

Best Kiteboarding and LEN10 will be working closely together to create the ‘best’ products for the rider that wants to ride hard with us!

I can’t wait to get started and will keep you updated on the progress and testing of our new products.

Naish Kiteboarding video ENDLESS WAVE ALASKA PT II TV S02E15

Robby Naish joins Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree on their kite trip in Alaska. Back on land the search for wind and waves continues and they found not only awesome freestyle conditions but also another unique kiting playground, the endless wave of the bore tide. Come along for the ride and watch it!

Riders: Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree, Kai Lenny

IKSURFMAG online Magazine Issue 36 Goes Live

We hope you are well and have been managing to find some time to get out on the water recently! We wanted to let you know that Issue 36 of IKSURFMAG has just been released and it is packed with all the latests and greatest photos, videos and stories from around the world of kiting. We have travel guides for Cape Town, Montenegro and Peru, plus there are nine kites on test, including five “pocket rockets” for those howling days. Christian and Karine are on hand with the technique and we also have an in depth look at North Kiteboarding and interview the man behind it Till Eberle. Of course there is plenty more inside so be sure to check it out…

IKSURFMAG online Magazine Issue 36 Goes Live

IKSURFMAG online Magazine Issue 36 Goes Live

We hope you enjoy the latest issue!



China PKRA Final Day Hainan Island

Waking up to overcast skies and a slight breeze, the competitors here in Hainan Island prepared for the final day of competition, hoping to complete the double elimination heats and possibly even get some slalom in.

  China kiteboarding PKRA Final Day Hainan Island

China kiteboarding PKRA Final Day Hainan Island

Each competitor retained high expectations for this closing day in such an enchanting place; however, the wind gods turned out to have different plans.  Hanging around the event site checking emails, playing games, and socializing, the riders paid close attention to the official notice board and any sign of a greater breeze.

Lunch came and went with still no wind, and each time the wind was checked, it proved to be far below required levels.  The cutoff time for the day drew closer, and PKRA competitors eventually came to terms with the fact that there would be no action on this final day. As such, discussions shifted to the next and last event of the 2013 season, and how the results of this stop will affect the standing going into New Caledonia.


And while the lack of wind was disappointing, it did nothing to take away from what a stellar event this China stop has been. In speaking of the day, Race Director Erik Troostheide explained, “The wind in the morning showed promise but unfortunately contestable conditions never materialized so we had riders and staff on standby all day.  With the falling tide we had real hopes of being able to run the remaining heats. There is just so much on the line regarding overall rankings at this point and now it really comes down to the last event.”

Considering the double eliminations did not come to completion, each round that finished did count, therefore the top four results from the singles will hold. Now, the battles for top podium placements remain anyone’s game, and the point spread has possibly never been so close for both the men and the women.  Youri Zoon (NED), Alex Pastor (ESP), Alberto Rondina (ITA), Kevin Langeree (NED), Bruna Kajiya (BRA), Gisela Pulido (ESP), and Karolina Winkowska (POL) represent just a few of the many riders who will now head straight to the next stop with podium visions in the forefront of their competitive minds. The crowning of the 2012 World Champion is now just days away.

Womens Podium China

At the close of this event, one thing is certain – Hainan Island has proven to be an excellent location for such a larges scale event, and the place and people only contributed to the wonderful time that was had here by the top riders in the world and the entire PKRA organization. For the first time, PKRA slalom shined and surprised many – standing out as a challenging and fun discipline that will only grow with time. Many riders now look forward to returning to this place with great anticipation for both their freestyle and racing adventures.

Women's Slalom


Mens Slalom

China kiteboarding PKRA Slalom Shines in Haikou

Starting out with a glassy, windless morning, the conditions soon began to improve on this second day of the Hainan Island PKRA tour stop, as the afternoon neared. While still light, the conditions turned out to be suitable for the first racing competitions of the event in 12-15 knots of wind. Sending up their 12-18 meter kites, riders welcomed the idea of a new racing format – slalom, and as such, some of the best freestyle riders took part, as they could ride without gear restrictions as normally seen in course racing.

As the competitors entered the water, it was clear that this would be a very interesting set of races. Riders like Bruna Kajiya (BRA) and Kevin Langeree (NED) happily lined up at the start, and prepared to take part in serious battles to the finish. From the beginning, it became clear that those who had the best start gained the biggest advantage. Competitors started on a port tack between a buoy and a boat – going out about 300 meters – and then around another buoy to complete another 300 meters. They then continued onto the finish line alongside the beach, and in front of the many spectators, coming in incredibly fast as they bared off the wind. In total, the course’s length measured approximately 1 kilometer.

Racing in China

In recounting the exciting moments of the race, Bruna Kajiya commented, “ Slalom is actually more fun than (course) racing! I really enjoy it and it is really exciting to watch, especially if you are racing with your friends and it is really tight and close. I think it was pretty cool!”

Gisela Pulido also chimed in, saying, “It was so much fun! It was really nice because we were really close together at the buoys and passing each other. It is so much different than freestyle. In freestyle you are always worried about crashing tricks and choosing the right kite size.  In Slalom you just go for it and try to get a good start, go really fast and not crash and keep your speed at the buoys and the fist one to cross the finish line is the winner.”

Local China

After many close heats, it became apparent who shined on the race course, Kevin Langeree excelled at the starts and Victor Hays (FRA) made an impressive mark when he passed Christophe Tack (BEL) in the last seconds of one race, which qualified Hays for the final. Pulido also did well for the women, beating out her normally close competitors, Karolina Winkowska (POL) and Bruna Kajiya. And while the local Chinese riders didn’t quite make it into the finals, it was apparent that they have much experience riding in such conditions, and did very well against the top PKRA riders.

Kevin Langeree

After such an incredible day, all the riders are very much looking forward to the continuation the event and the beginning of freestyle heats. Everyone came away from today’s experience with a new level of excitement, with smiles and laughter the most noticeable feature across every competitor’s face.

Day three looks like it will be a full one as well, with conditions expected to improve.  The single elimination will likely begin, and a first possible start of 11am looks hopeful.  For more information and updates on the event, check out or the PKRA Facebook page.

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA

Continuing in the expectation of great things to come, the Grand Opening Ceremony here in Hainan Island, China, kicked off this special PKRA tour stop with much fanfare and attention. The ceremony included many distinguished guests from the government and community, as well as all the riders and PKRA organization.  Opening with dancing, drums, and music, the afternoon was marked by a welcoming ambience and anticipatory feel.

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA

Fans gathered around in much delight as the biggest names in kiteboarding threw down their best maneauvers, while many competitors seemed to enjoy the foreign feel of yet another exotic PKRA tour stop. All in all, the day was a great precursor to the action that is just around the corner. The anticipation and competitive spirit only grows with every hour that passes.


china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA Action

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA Action

In terms of the all important weather, clouds stuck around just long enough to make an obvious departure around noon, a signal which seemed to cue the riders onto the water for some much-needed training and warm-up sessions.

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA Action palm

china kiteboarding Opening Ceremonies on the South China Sea PKRA Action palm

Later in the day, the opening ceremony attendees watched on as the riders went out on their larger kites, putting on a light wind spectacle for all to see. Even the racers got out for some practice runs before returning back to the hotels, hot tubs, and restaurants within the city.

For tomorrow, wind is expected to be fairly light at 10-14 knots.  The race director will make the call as to whether conditions are contestable for the first day of competition, either for race, freestyle, or both disciplines.