Founders Kite Club The new ” Golf for Entrepreneurs “

• FoundersKiteClub brings business kitesurfing events to Europe
• Kiteboarding becomes the new golf for top entrepreuneurs
• Forbes Magazine relates billion-deals to business kitesurfing events
• World champion league: Kristin Boese, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern
will co-host the first event 2013 in El Gouna, Egypt

Founders Kite Club The new  Golf for Entrepreneurs

Founders Kite Club The new Golf for Entrepreneurs

FoundersKiteClub (FKC) hosts several kitesurfing, community and entrepreneurship events supported by BEST KITEBOARDING at premium kitesurfing venues. Entrepreneurs, investors and innovators meet like-minded people for networking and improving their kiting skills by learning from the best athletes out there. The focus of these events are on business and networking in the informal atmosphere of kitesurfing.

Together with Kristin Boese, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern the FoundersKiteClub kickoff event will take place from 23rd-26th of May in El Gouna (Egypt). Christoph Jost reveals that there are already top entrepreneurs on the participation list.

“Kitesurfing bonds a certain type of people: entrepreneurial, successful, those willing to take a risk, are adventurous and at the same time have a relaxed and open minded attitude to life, which proves to be an explosive mix of characters,” positively admit both of the FKC founders Christoph Jost and Sebastian Heitmann, CEO of Best Kiteboarding. “We are stoked to bring the business – and kitesurf events to Europe.”

The participation is per invite only. Applications can be sent via or directly on their webpage

The connections which are made in strong winds also can last in business life. Over 7 billion dollars have already been generated in market value which forbes magazine* relates to kitesurfing business events that have already taken place in USA.

About FoundersKiteClub
The Founders Kite Club has been initiated by several entrepreneurs at the end of 2012 and has been founded by Sebastian Heitmann and Christoph Jost in February 2013. Co-Founders are Florian Behn and Florian Wilken.

As the CEO of Best Kiteboarding, Sebastian contributes the FKC with his understanding of the kite market and as a German internet entrepreneur, founder and investor Christoph Jost helps to round things out. The vowed goal is to help to establish the sport of kitesurfing as the new “golf” for energetic entrepreneurial personalities.

Strutless Kite 2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Boardriding Maui Cloud
Sizes Available: 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 17m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 13m

Strutless Kite  2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Strutless Kite 2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Boardriding Maui Says:

What makes this strutless design special is its ability to dynamically twist resulting in exciting steering speed. The draft profile fills freely for great range with clean low-end lift, delivering power smoothly and reducing stall at the edge of the window. Surfing down the line, it drifts like nothing else. Super lightweight, the Cloud feels alive. It’s often the first kite that can get off the beach and the last one still out riding.

TKB Says:

We will freely admit that when the Cloud showed up for us to test we were very skeptical of the strutless concept. The Cloud is the first strutless kite on the market and is quite different compared to anything we’ve tested before. The Cloud comes in a simple stuff sack and is amazingly light and small when packed compared to traditional strutted kites.

The Cloud features a moderately long bridle, very wide wingtips, and a squared-off outline. The leading edge features a large diameter Boston valve and there are no adjustments to make on the bridle. It is inflated the same way as other kites and does not require more leading edge pressure than traditional kites.




Currently Boardriding Maui does not produce a control bar, but the Cloud can be used with any 4-line bar with all lines even. The kite’s bridle uses fool-proof connections with loops on the leading edge bridle and knots on the trailing edge.

Launching the Cloud is no different than any other kite and we were able to successfully self launch and self land without having to use any special techniques. In the sky the Cloud feels very light and extremely stable. Turning is relatively quick and immediate with medium bar pressure.

An area where the Cloud really shines is in the amount of low-end power it produces. Our testers came to the conclusion that you should be able to get away with riding a Cloud that is about two square meters smaller than the average kite. With no struts we expected the Cloud to become more unstable and distort under load, but it seems like the opposite is true. The more load that is on the canopy the better it looks and the more solid the kite feels.


Relaunching the Cloud is surprisingly easy. Our testers reported that they were able to relaunch it by simply turning the bar and did not need to pull on a back line. The testers also found that relaunching is easiest if you first wait for the Cloud to drift further downwind before starting the relaunch process as this causes the canopy to open more.

The Cloud is easy to get upwind on and our testers felt it has good jumping performance. Where the Cloud feels very different than traditional kites is the way it sheets. The kite’s full range of power lies in a relatively short bar throw which can lead the kite to feel a little on-or-off until you get used to smaller movements with the bar. With no struts the canopy begins to luff just behind the leading edge as you sheet out, but this is normal for this kite. Riders who do not like to see or hear their kite canopy flapping may have a hard time adjusting to the Cloud, but our testers had no problem getting used to it and commented that it reminded them of a sailboat sail being sheeted out in overpowered conditions.


As you reach the upper end of the kite’s wind range and sheet it out further, the Cloud remains controllable, but the trailing edge of the canopy will begin to flutter, especially during turns. At this point the fluttering becomes distracting as you can feel it in the bar as you ride, but if you’ve depowered the Cloud to this point, you should be on a smaller kite.

Overall, we were really surprised by how easy and fun the Cloud is to ride. It’s a different riding experience than other kites, but not radically so. Because it’s so different some riders may be reluctant to give it a try, but the Cloud is a well-refined product that a good range of riders will enjoy.


  • Great low end power.
  • The Clouds are very lightweight and take up about half the space of a traditional kite when packed.
  • Extremely stable in the sky with quick, direct, and predictable handling.


  • The Cloud is a different kind of kite that takes a bit of time to get used to.
  • This kite must be very heavily sanded or tied to a solid object to keep it from being blown off a windy beach. It’s a good idea to fill the kite bag with sand and tie it to the kite so it stays put.
  • The canopy flutters a lot when riding this kite at the top of it’s wind range. Riders who like to ride overpowered may find it hard to get used to.


  • Check your line lengths before flying the cloud for the first time. It’s very sensitive to trim and it’s critical that you start with all four lines even.
  • Get used to the luffing in the forward part of the canopy when sheeting out. This is normal and isn’t a bad thing. If the Cloud is luffing along its trailing edge you’ve sheeting out too much and you should be on a smaller kite.
  • When relaunching, it’s best if you wait for a few moments to let the kite drift further downwind until the canopy is fully open.


The Kite Show Episode 9

Episode 9 was shot in Cape Town towards the end of the South Africa summer season and we are joined by slick Brit Tom Court as guest host who gives us the benefit of his opinion on the features and riders appearing in this episode. Keahi de Aboitiz won our ’2012 Video of the Year’ competition voted for by you with his ‘Hawaii Sessions’ flick, and we get his reaction to such a prestigious award.

Tom Court joins his boys Aaron Hadlow and James Boulding for an interview with Jim focusing on the filming of Freeride Project 2 (Sam Light almost made it back from the cable… but the filming was just too good we hear). Jim also sits down with Ryan Evans, Rich Sabo and Sam Medysky from Best to hear how they’ve recently expanded their riding team to include the likes of Youri Zoon and Ruben Lenten. We announce the winner of the Best Profanity board and launch the North Trust bar competition.

The Red Bull King of the Air dominates the news section as our host Jim was a judge, so he caught loads of reaction from that and we also fill you in on the latest world tour news. This episode’s Move of the Month features a bunch of Amercian Gangstas, Youri Zoon relives winning the 2012 PKRA World Title in Mystic Moments and we close the show out with our video of the year 2012, Hawaii Sessions.

Visit the all-new Kite Show website for the full show, a break down of special features, previous episodes and more

Kite Right Diet not only for girls

Following the Right Diet for Kiteboarding

Kite Right Diet not only for girls

Kite Right Diet not only for girls

In order to kiteboard, it is important to follow a diet that will help to keep you fit and healthy. The sport involves performing powerful repeated movements that can be extremely physically demanding. This can help to keep you in shape and give you the body that you have always wanted. The downside is that muscles get tired and a kiteboarder’s body can start to suffer from the effects of fatigue. Carbs are fuel for the muscles during high intensity exercise. If you are on the water for longer than two hours then you will need to refuel in order to ensure that you remain at your performing best. (comment from KB4girls: you should not train for more than 1.5 hours at the time to prevent injury) You can do this with a simple sandwich. If you do not have time to eat anything during your session then you could drink something containing carbs instead. Your muscles contain a natural store of glycogen but need more carbohydrates in order to top it up if you are kiteboarding for an extended period of time.

Foods and Drinks to Speed Up your Recovery

A report by the University of Illinois states that you should consume snacks and meals that contain fat, protein and carbs with the highest percentage being carbs within an hour of exercise. The report advises that if you aren’t hungry during this period then you could drink juice that is high in carbs.

Remaining Hydrated During and After Kiteboarding

It is important to remain hydrated whilst you are kiteboarding. Ensure that you have drunk plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can lead to dehydration. The University of Illinois advises that it is essential to drink plenty immediately after taking part in a vigorous activity, as you commonly lose between one and three pounds of sweat every hour during exercise. If muscle cells are not hydrated properly, protein synthesis will slow down, which will reduce the growth and recovery of muscle tissue. However a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine warns against the dangers of over-hydration. It mentions that people with light frames are more at risk of this, which applies to women, as they are generally of a slighter build than men. You should drink plenty of water but be careful not to overdo it.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Kiteboarding requires high levels of concentration. In order to make sure that you are functioning to the optimum level in this area, you should ensure that you consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in mackerel, herring, salmon, trout, squid oil and flaxseed oil. According to a study published in Neurology, these fatty acids increase thinking ability and boost concentration, which will enable you to rise to the mental challenges that are presented by the sport. Eat the correct foodstuffs immediately before and after kiteboarding, remain hydrated and follow the right diet and exercise routine whilst training and you will be guaranteed to have the best possible chance of achieving your desired results in competitions. You will also reduce the risk of injury and fatigue and make sure that you gain the optimum level of enjoyment from participating in this challenging, exciting and highly rewarding activity.

Lily Saunders

F-One New Trust Kite

For 2013 F-ONE presents the Bandit’s little brother. A kite built and designed 100% for FREERIDE. The goal was to offer riders of all levels a kite with an intuitive feel, optimum relaunch, great stability and complete power control.

F-One New Trust Kite Photo Gilles CALVET

F-One New Trust Kite Photo Gilles CALVET

The TRUST gives the rider amazing control of his speed, therefore providing a very smooth ride. Its main attribute being giving the rider easier control in his edging, it is living proof that a kite can also help significantly in absorbing chop and waves. Combined with its great upwind ability and exceptional stability in neutral positions, you will have complete confidence in theTRUST!!

F-One New Trust Kite

The kite is very predictable making the steering instinctive and very intuitive. With its direct steering, you will always know where the kite is in the sky – just as if it was part of your own body. The first time you fly the TRUST you will immediately be able to take advantage of the kites full potential.

Stability was at the core of its development and you know you will be in complete control of the TRUST regardless of the wind or wave conditions. Maneuverable and responsive this kite will very quickly give you the confidence to try some new moves.

The DELTA C Shape originally designed by F-ONE remains the most progressive design in recent years to optimize relaunch. The leading-edge diameter tapers towards the wingtips, allowing the kite to pivot on its wingtips. This new flexible design allows the kite to quickly relaunch when it is on its back. This auto-relaunch feature gives the rider complete peace of mind when riding or trying new tricks as he knows the kite will always relaunch.

The TRUST was designed to give the rider consistent power and depower with smooth transitions without any twitching or jerking in the bar. With its great depower ability you can bring the power all the way down to zero, making you feel very secure in any conditions.

You can also easily neutralize your kite by activating the quick release, which will make the kite land depowered, on its back. The TRUST is equipped with the same quick-release technology as the BANDIT that has been used for years by thousands of kiters who trust its effectivity.

The bar of the TRUST kite also benefits from the advanced technology applied to the BANDIT MONOLITH BAR and is similarly carved from a single block of aluminum 6061. This CNC tooling process enables us to manufacture the bar from single piece of aluminum. This new technique is combined with the use of aluminum 6061, a composite aluminum made with magnesium and silica used in the aerospace industry. Apart from its increased strength this alloy offers very good stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance.

F-one TRUST kitebar

F-one TRUST kitebar

The TRUST will surprise you with its outstanding performance and give you amazing sensations of power and control every session.

IKSURFMAG online kite Magazine Issue 37 Out Now

We have just released issue 37 of IKSURFMAG and it is huge! Packed with all the latest and greatest images, videos and stories from around the world there is plenty to keep you entertained! We catch up with the two PKRA World Champions, Youri Zoon and Karolina Winkowska, both with different paths to success and interesting tales to tell. We also check out two huge storm swells, one in Maui and the other in the UK. Christian and Karine have some great moves to learn in the technique and we have surfboards and wetsuits on test, plus there are two travel features designed to take you off the beaten track! There is loads more inside so be sure to check it out!

IKSURFMAG online kite Magazine Issue 37 Out Now

IKSURFMAG online kite Magazine Issue 37 Out Now

We hope you enjoy the latest issue!



KTA Kite Kidstour is taking off everyone can kite

Free Powerkiteclinics for local kids in each tourstop of the Kitetour Asia

KTA Kite Kidstour is taking off  everyone can kite

KTA Kite Kidstour is taking off everyone can kite

Kitekids is a new training program initiated by Kitetour Asia and Cabrinha Rider and 3 times KTA Tour Champion in Racing Kathrin Borgwardt to put something back into each location and country that the kite competition visit.

Local kids get the opportunity to join a powerkite class for free and take those first steps towards perhaps becoming future kiteboarding Champions. The Kite Kids tour will introduce local children to kiteboarding by teaching them the fundamental skills through power kiteflying, while at the same time getting them to understand the importance of safety while they are having fun. Having many years of experience and skill as qualified instructor Kathrin Borgwardt will bringing her teaching skill and well as her competition background to the KTA Kite Kids program, which itself is based on kids camps and courses she has successfully been running over in Europe.

The KTA Kite Kids classes will be run just before each round of the KTA Asia Tour over two day period and will be supported by local instructors and kiters to ensure lots of help is on hand for the kids to get the max out of their flying session. Thanks to OZONE Kites and Maelstorm there will a be a local kids kiting club established in each destination, so the kids can continue to kite and there will be follow up clinics like full beginner courses for the kids in the water. The kids will have the possibility during the competition to stay with the riders and to ask all their questions and keep in touch on the kitekidstour Facebook page.

The first event for the tour will be Bintan/ Indonesia in February with following events in Pranburi/Thailand, Boracay/ Philippines and Pingtan/ China.

More details on

KSP Strong Wind Graces Day 8 Of The Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro Maui Hawaii

Kahului, Hawaii – December 6, 2012: The Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro saw strong side-offshore winds and consistent head high surf today on day 8 of the 10-day holding period. Men’s and women’s round 1 was completed as well as 7 heats of men’s round 2.

KSP Strong Wind Graces Day 8 Of The Ho'okipa Kite Surf Pro Maui Hawaii

In a 10AM rider’s meeting, contest directors officially announced the implementation of the KSP’s alternate “short dingle elimination” ladder. Used for the first time in a KSP competition today, the short dingle elimination was originally designed in conjunction with the riders to reduce competition time to ensure an event result when conditions do not permit the use of the standard double consolidation ladder.

Competition kicked off in the early afternoon with the last remaining heat of men’s round 1, pitting local Maui boy and current KSP World Championship Tour points leader Patri Mclaughlin (HI, North) against Kevin “Top Hat” Senn (HI) and Jakop Appel (DEN). With his world title hopes on the line, Mclaughlin prevailed in a nerve-racking, but relatively low scoring heat.

Women’s round 1 saw some hotly contested battles, but no major upsets in the world title race. Local wildcard Moona Whyte (HI, Cabrinha) continued to impress with the highest heat score total of the women’s competition thus far, a 14.17. Other riders advancing from women’s round 1 included Ninja Bichler (GER, North), Kirsty Jones (GBR, North) and Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish).

In round 2 of the men, reigning KSP World Champion Airton Cozzolino later (ITA, North) nailed the highest heat score of the day with a 15.83 two-wave combined total. Male riders advancing out of round 2 included world number 3 Sebastain Ribeiro (BRA), (CPV, F-One) as well as Guilly Brandao (BRA), Stephan De Figueiredo (BRA), Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS, Cabrinha) and Filippe Ferreira (BRA, F-One). Competition was called off for the day falling short of just one heat of men’s round 2.

To see the pictures of the day click here! 

To watch a clip of yesterday’s action click here!

Stay tuned for the 9am call and a 10am first possible start on

The Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro is supported by the County Of Maui, Best Kiteboarding, Cabrinha Kites, Naish Kites, North Kiteboarding, Maui Kitesurfing Community, Eternal Riders, Second Wind, NeilPryde Maui, Maui Beach Hotel, Mana Foods, Whole Foods Maui, Pacific Millworks, Mama’s Fish House and KSP Tour Outfitter ION.


Heat 8: Patri Mclaughlin (HI, North), Luke McGillewie (RSA, RRD)



Heat 1: Ninja Bichler (GER, North), Milla Ferreira (BRA, F-One)

Heat 2: Moona Whyte (HI, Cabrinha), Adriana Harlan (BRA)

Heat 3: Kirsty Jones (GBR, North), Kari Schibevaag (NOR, Ozone)  

Heat 4: Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish), Ines Correia (POR, RRD)

Hookipa Kite Surf Pro Maui Hawaii Epic Surf Continues On Day 7

Kahului, Hawaii – December 4, 2012: Following another windless morning on Maui’s North Shore, the Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro World Championship final got underway in the early afternoon in gusty wind and clean, overhead surf. Today saw incredible action and the near-completion of men’s round 1.

 Hookipa Kite Surf Pro Maui Hawaii Epic Surf Continues On Day 7

Hookipa Kite Surf Pro Maui Hawaii Epic Surf Continues On Day 7

“The wind conditions were not ideal with the wind being lighter than usual and slightly offshore”, said local rider and hometown favorite Cruser Putnam (HI, Cabrinha) following his second place finish in his round 1 heat. “But that was still definitely the best kitesurfing I’ve seen at Ho’okipa.”

Today’s highest heat score came from tour standout Mitu Monteiro (CPV, F-One) with a 16.17 two-wave total. Riding forehand on his natural stance, Monteiro dominated his round 1 heat with solid hacks and vertical top to bottom surfing. Other heat winners in round 1 included Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA), Guilly Brandao (BRA), Airton Cozzolino (ITA, North), Stephan De Figueiredo (BRA), Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS, Cabrinha), Filippe Ferreira (BRA, F-One).

The final heat of Men’s round 1 was abandoned due to deteriorating wind conditions late in the afternoon. All forecasts point to a significant increase in wind strength heading into the weekend and a slight decrease in swell height. When competition resumes, hometown favorite and current KSP World Tour points leader Patri Mclaughlin (HI, North) will face Kevin “Top Hat” Senn (HI) and Jakop Appel (DEN).

To see the pictures of the day click HERE!

Clip of yesterday’s action:



Stay tuned for the 9am call and a 10am first possible start on .

The Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro is supported by the County Of Maui, Best Kiteboarding, Cabrinha Kites, Naish Kites, North Kiteboarding, Maui Kitesurfing Community, Eternal Riders, Second Wind, NeilPryde Maui, Maui Beach Hotel, Mana Foods, Whole Foods Maui, Pacific Millworks, Mama’s Fish House and KSP Tour Outfitter ION.

Heat 8: Patri Mclaughlin (HI, North), Jakop Appel (DEN), Top Hat (HI)

Heat 1: Ninja Bichler (GER, North), Kristin Boese (GER, Best), Erika Lindberg (SWE)
Heat 2: Ines Correia (POR, RRD), Kari Schibevaag (NOR, Ozone), LWC 1.
Heat 3: Kirsty Jones (GBR, North), Milla Ferreira (BRA, F-One), Adriana Harlan (BRA)
Heat 4: Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish), Melissa Gil (USA, Cabrinha), LWC 2