kiteboarding in Union Grenadines island rules

I am Jeremie, one of the owners of the JT Pro Center kiteboarding school on Union island in the Grenadines.

kiteboarding in Union Grenadines island

kiteboarding in Union Grenadines island

I wanted to get in touch with all the kiteboarding cruises heading to the Grenadines to set up some ground rules regarding the upcoming wind season.


Kiteboarding in the Grenadines is amazing but pretty limited with the number of sailboats and the small islands and beaches.


Last year we had had several issues with people coming to kite on Clifton (Union island) , some of them didn’t respect the safety limit set up for the airport and others got tangled into the masts of the boats anchored in the bay and escaped leaving the repairs to us.


This led to the government taking action and forbidding kitesurfing on Union Island.


We have been working closely with the port authorities and government to try and set up a zone allowing everyone to kite in the bay so that they would lift the kite ban.

Here are the few rules to follow when coming to kite on Union Island:

-Please do not anchor close to the reef, try and stay a little more downwind. We have had several situations where kite cruises were the one in the middle of the spot reducing the kiting area by half.

-The spot of Clifton is forbidden for beginners unable to go upwind, unless they are students with the JT Pro Center. The beach is very narrow and if one of your guest is unable to ride upwind perfectly he will go straight to the moorings area and get tangled in the masts. If you have beginners on your boat, we will be happy to advice you on good spots.


-As your guests come on our beach, they must come by the school and ask information regarding safety and the zone to respect.


-Signage is set up on the spot so everyone can have a look at it before heading in the water.


- It is forbidden to kite in the waves near the airport (because of the landing strip).


- Please respect the zones, do not kite near the airport or between the sailboats anchored in the bay.


- The spot will be closed on south winds (a few days every year and almost never during the trade winds season) for safety measures regarding the airport.

-Do not stand on the beach with the kite at the zenith.

- Have one of your dinghy ready to go pick up anyone drifting towards the moorings and the boats.

- You must come and have a beer with us, chill and enjoy the spot around the kite school

-If you kite in the Tobago Cays, it is forbidden to launch kites from Baradal (where you can swim with the turtles)

We ask you to always keep an eye on your guests when coming to kite on Clifton.

If it happens that one of your guest get tangled in the mast of one of the boats, please resolve this nicely with the owners and do not escape leaving the bills of broken parts to us (it happened a couple of times last year).

It sounds a lot but we really need to set this up or they will forbid kiteboarding for real this time and extend it through out the whole Grenadines.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the spots.


Pro Kiteboarder



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