Americans John and Erika Heineken are the new world champions

They reached their goal this afternoon after four days of intense competition in the event organized by the Yacht Club Cagliari at Poetto beach

Americans John and Erika Heineken are the new world champions

Americans John and Erika Heineken are the new world champions


The two brother and sister are from San Francisco – the very cradle of the discipline of racing. John have been for years one of the stars of the international kitesurfing. He is class 1988 and has defended the title, already won in Sylt Germany last year . Erika the older sister (class 1986) instead is at her first worldwide success. She won at her debut in the competition with determination and regularity in front of the defending champion, Britain’s Steph Bridge.

Decisive for the award of titles Men and Women, the two Medal race for each fleet, that by late morning pledged to turn the ten finalists emerged from the qualifying rounds.
Only one course-race was laid in close proximity to the beach to allow a better understanding and participation of the large audience that since the morning rushed to the beach to see the last day. The Mistral, hampered beside cloud formations at low altitude, and made his entrance only around 13 h..
With all previous scores not counting,beside only the final position as one result, the finalists have come to the decisive two races with the burden of the position gained during the preliminary races.
A fact that could have jeopardize the victory of the Heineken brothers.

At the first race in fact, the leader of qualifications (J. Heineken) had scored a second place, behind compatriot Adam Koch who was in third position in the preliminaries. Only the final victory of Johnny in the last race gave him the title in front of Kock. Third place went to the Frenchman Julien Kerneur, on a par with Italian Andrea Riccardo Leccese, excluded, however, from the podium by virtue of finishing position (a fifth, against the fourth opponent).

Women’s position in Fleet was decisive also in head-to-head between Heineken and Bridge. Steph won the first race and Erika had to win the second to reach the gold. In third place, separated by five positions, the French Caroline Adrien. The Italian Alice Brunacci ended up eight place (8th).
The colorful prize giving, animated by mc master Pietro Porcella ended up in glory the championship.

“For me it was already a dream to be in the top ten, I never thought to get so high,” said the kitesurfer Follonica, “I am very happy at this point I’ll try to make the Olympic campaign.”

“Even after dominating the first part of the championship, I found myself in the last race to decide the fate of the championship. It was a difficult time but I’m happy that I went through, it was a tough week but fantastic”

I’m so glad I won again the world title. This time with 10 times the stress of last event because of the formula that doesn’t consider the results of the qualification rounds. Particularly fun to win with my sister on the side.

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Men Results (Medal Race):

1. John Heineken (USA), 1-2-1, points 4
2. Adam Koch (USA), 3-1-2, 6
3. Julien Kerneur (FRA), 6-3-4, 13
4. Riccardo Andrea Leccese (FRA), 2-6-5, 13
5. Maxime Nocher (FRA), 7-4-3, 14
6. Bryan Lake (USA), 5-5-6, 16
7. Florian Gruber (GER), 4-8-7-,19
8. Olivier Dansin (FRA), 8-7-9, 24
9. Dave Robertson (NZL), 9-9-8, 26
10. Wilson Veloso (BRA), 10-10-10, 30

Women Results (Medal Race):

1. Erika Heineken (USA), 1-2-1, points 4
2. Steph Bridge (GB), 2-1-2, 5
3. Caroline Adrien (FRA), 3-4-3, 10
4. Nayara Licariao (BRA), 5-3-5, 13
5. Christine Boenniger (GER), 6-5-4,15
6. Elena Kalinina (RUS), 7-6-6,19
7. Katja Roose (NED), 4-7-dnf, 22
8. Alice Brunacci (ITA), 8-dnf-dnf, 30
9. Lilian De Geus (NED), 9-dnf-dnf, 31
10. Justina Sellers (NZL), 10-dnf-dnf, 32

Men Youth: Oliver Bridge (GB)
Women Youth: Elena Kalinina (RUS)

Men Master: Wilson Veloso (BRA)
Women Master: Steph Bridge (GB)

Men Grand Master: Alex Aguera (USA)