Founders Kite Club The new ” Golf for Entrepreneurs “

• FoundersKiteClub brings business kitesurfing events to Europe
• Kiteboarding becomes the new golf for top entrepreuneurs
• Forbes Magazine relates billion-deals to business kitesurfing events
• World champion league: Kristin Boese, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern
will co-host the first event 2013 in El Gouna, Egypt

Founders Kite Club The new  Golf for Entrepreneurs

Founders Kite Club The new Golf for Entrepreneurs

FoundersKiteClub (FKC) hosts several kitesurfing, community and entrepreneurship events supported by BEST KITEBOARDING at premium kitesurfing venues. Entrepreneurs, investors and innovators meet like-minded people for networking and improving their kiting skills by learning from the best athletes out there. The focus of these events are on business and networking in the informal atmosphere of kitesurfing.

Together with Kristin Boese, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern the FoundersKiteClub kickoff event will take place from 23rd-26th of May in El Gouna (Egypt). Christoph Jost reveals that there are already top entrepreneurs on the participation list.

“Kitesurfing bonds a certain type of people: entrepreneurial, successful, those willing to take a risk, are adventurous and at the same time have a relaxed and open minded attitude to life, which proves to be an explosive mix of characters,” positively admit both of the FKC founders Christoph Jost and Sebastian Heitmann, CEO of Best Kiteboarding. “We are stoked to bring the business – and kitesurf events to Europe.”

The participation is per invite only. Applications can be sent via or directly on their webpage

The connections which are made in strong winds also can last in business life. Over 7 billion dollars have already been generated in market value which forbes magazine* relates to kitesurfing business events that have already taken place in USA.

About FoundersKiteClub
The Founders Kite Club has been initiated by several entrepreneurs at the end of 2012 and has been founded by Sebastian Heitmann and Christoph Jost in February 2013. Co-Founders are Florian Behn and Florian Wilken.

As the CEO of Best Kiteboarding, Sebastian contributes the FKC with his understanding of the kite market and as a German internet entrepreneur, founder and investor Christoph Jost helps to round things out. The vowed goal is to help to establish the sport of kitesurfing as the new “golf” for energetic entrepreneurial personalities.