Slight breeze throughout Day 2 at the MINI KTE France Europe

Light wind characterized the second day of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe in La Baule, France. The focus of the day was on course racing. The race set up was adapted due to these light winds. Race competitors gathered for the first possible signs of wind and suitable conditions. The breeze did begin to pick up slightly throughout the day to 7-10 knots, giving riders the time they needed to begin pumping up their kites and readying their gear.


Slight breeze throughout Day 2 at the MINI KTE France

Slight breeze throughout Day 2 at the MINI KTE France

With 7-12 knots of wind, racers entered the water in the morning at 12:15 pm, hungry for a day full of racing action. At this point, Adam Koch (USA) and Steph Bridge (GBR) held first place positioning, and hoped to keep it that way. Mostly all competitors raced with kites up to 17 meters.

For rider Adam Koch (Ozone, USA) it was another great day on the water, finishing first in the fifth race. So, Koch is holding his first place in the current overall standing, followed by Julien Kerneur (FRA) on second and Riccardo Leccese (COL) on place three.

In the girls division, the first race of the day and the fifth in total, Steph Bridge (UK, North) got beaten by Caroline Adrien (FRA, Cabrinha) on first, Elena Kalinina (RUS) on second and Katja Roose (NED) on third. Taking a big risk, Steph Bridge continued to hold her placement in front. With Caroline Adrien close behind and Katja Roose on third.

During the women fleet, the wind died slowly. Disappointed by the wind variability, competitors returned to the beach and the meeting area to wait once more, enjoying lunch and the french atmosphere. As the day continued on, there were brief moments where it looked as if the wind might pick up – only to die back down again.

To attract and to animate visitors and fans on the beach, we organised some E-Skating Competition powered by Gliss Evolution. Spectators also checked out the varied products of MINI on the boardwalk.

Tomorrow, wind is expected of up to 12 knots, so competitors will arrive to the meeting place at 9am for the day’s first meeting. Stay tuned Facebook for the latest information throughout the day. To view pictures of the day, check out the daily pictures link below.

Photogallery of Day 2 HERE

Results for MINI European Course Racing

First day – racings and fun freestyle session in France La Baule

The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012 descended on France along with 117 riders, 76 racers and 41 freestyle competitors, ready to show off their very best on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With an ideal event site at La Baule, the week ahead looks to be an eventful and exciting one, filled with biggest names in kiteboarding and set at one of the most beautiful locations in the French region of Loire Atlantique.

First day - racings and fun freestyle session in France La Baule

First day - racings and fun freestyle session in France La Baule

Riders from 20 nations turned up for the 4th leg of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe, excited to compete against the best kite racers and freestylers, to find out where they stand in this European tour event.

With a full five days ahead, riders will be sure to have fun on and off the water, experiencing the conditions, lifestyle and French atmosphere.

Racing kicked off the competition at 11am with three fleets split in 4 races. Competitors entered the water and battled it out for lead positioning. In each race, the top-ranked riders, including Adam Koch (USA), Julien Kerneur (FRA), Riccardo Leccese (COL), and Olivier Dansin (FRA) went head to head at the front of the pack.

In the women fleet, it was almost an all around winning day for North rider Steph Bridge (North, GBR) who managed to race her way gracefully across the finish line first in three of four races today. French racer Caroline Adrien (Cabrinha, FRA), Michalina Laskowska (POL) and Katja Roose (Airush, NED) battled for place two, three and four. Roose managed to finish second of the day while Adrien took third place, followed by Laskowska.

Around 2:30pm, wind picked up for a funny expression session just in front of the Island of La Baule. Almost all freestylers went out to train their kitesurfing skills in light and sunny conditions. After a funny and amazing day at 7pm the opening ceremony took place on the beach with some cocktails and hot sounds.

All in all, the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe to guest at La Baule Derby Kite is on the way to be a giant success, filled with racing and outstanding freestyle action. Tomorrow, forecasts call for lighter winds.

Results for MINI European Course Racing

Cabrinha Kites France Kiteboarding-road-trip Olé La France

Cabrinha KitesVictor Hays and Liam Whaley head to southern France loaded with gear to shred the waters of the L’Almanarre an Grussian.  With Lucas Tozzi behind the camera they came back with an action packed adventure.  Stay tuned for more from this trip!