KTE Côte d’Azur nby MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 next to St.Tropez welcome the first European Tour stop in Kitesurfing

Hyères/ Alamanarre, June 3rd – With the two first days of wind, sun, 95 riders from over 14 countries coming to the South of France – Almanarre Kitemasters finished with a full freestyle event and 8 counted course races. The tour starts with 46 racers – 39 men and 7 women – as well as 49 freestylers – 37 men and 12 women. The first edition of the European tour stop on the Côte d’Azur, was a great event with a parallel execution of the two disciplines.


KTE Côte d’Azur  nby MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 next to St.Tropez welcome the first European Tour stop in Kitesurfing

KTE Côte d’Azur nby MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 next to St.Tropez welcome the first European Tour stop in Kitesurfing

The first day brought strong 30-35 knots. The action was intense right from the beginning and we started early in the morning with both competitions. Freestylers were riding with 7 meters kites and after to get used to the conditions, the spectators could seen some awesome tricks. Riders like Stefan Spiessberger (Austria), who was kicked-off in round 4 in the single elimination, went straight through the doubles and won unstoppable six heats until the quarter final, when he was beaten by Liam Whaley (Spain).
The final in the doubles, featured Mario Rodwald (Germany) against Whaley. Both of these riders have had an amazing start and demonstrated great progression over the wintertime. That heat was full of power, variety and action for the beach crowd. With a great powerful double S-Bend Pass and a Low Mobe 5, Mario got it and won the first European tour stop. The final women’s heat took place between Sabrina Lutz (Germany) and title-holder 2012 Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands), when Sabrina crashed her kite and Annelous advanced. A super women final was announced and finally the first women tour stop title goes to Germany as well – Sabrina Lutz (NKB).
Focusing on course racing, the first two competition days were quite eventful. Racers entered the water early, hungry for days full of racing action. With regard to the rough sea, the course provided tactical challenges that made not only spectacular for racing, but excellent spectating as well.
On day one, French rider Maxime Nocher (NKB) won three of four races following by Julien Kerneur, also from France. British race women Steph Bridge from UK, holds first place positioning, while Dutch rider Katja Roose followed her on second place. The riders were always quite close and handled out arresting battles. The second day was a smoother running. Some kites moved in perfect synchronization alongside one another. With the fleet on bigger kites, Maxime Nocher, Julien Kerneur, Blazej Ozog and Florian Gruber were riding closed to each other in rotational positioning. Day three and four, brought a bout of very light, or better, no wind.
The course director, Markus Schwendtner, adapted due to these light conditions. But unfortunately they realized their wishful thinking did not materialize. The wind didn’t picked up on these two last days.
In a nutshell, ten races were sailed, with two discards in total. French riders Maxime Nocher and Julien Kerneur, managed to achieved top placements, with Maxime on first, Julien on second and Blazej Ozog on third position.

The women fleet, was leading by Steph Bridge (UK). Steph crossed fifth time the finish line first, followed by Katja Roose (NED). Aga Grzymska (POL) earned a third placement.
The end of the first MINI KTE event was marked with the closing ceremony and the distribution of the trophies and prize money. We could not have a better way to start the season with a greatful event and tough conditions in the beginning.

The next stop of the season is on the German island Sylt. The rough Northern Sea and strong winds will be a perfect spot for the 2nd stop of the year, from 2nd July to 7th July.
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Slider Party 2013 by Kitaddict France

The official video of the event that took place in Le Barcarès, France, from may 13th till may 19th.

Slider Party 2013 by Kitaddict France

Slider Party 2013 by Kitaddict France

Thank you all for taking part : Tobias Hölter, Ewan Jaspan, Finn Behrens, Sergi Sureda, Mads Wollesen, Regis Stantina, Alexandre Campet, Sebastien Garat, Nico Etienne, Jordan Heurtaux, Samuel le Denmat, Pol-Erwan Carsin, Benjamin Marx Lecomte, Damien Girardin, Clementine Bonzom, Dominique Granger…Tim LeK

And huge thanks to eveyone who made this event happen !!!! see you in 2014 !!!

Filmed by Olivier Sautet
Edited by Olivier Sautet – Petole Prod

Official Results // Slider Party 2013
1 – Regis Stantina
2 – Ewan Jaspan
3 – Jordan Heurtaux
4 – Finn Behrens
5 ex æquo – Alexandre Campet
5 ex æquo – Tobias Hölter

1 – Ewan Jaspan
2 – Finn Behrens
3 – Regis Stantina
4 – Nico Etienne
5 – Seb Garat

1 – Ewan Jaspan
2 – Jordan Heurtaux
3 – Finn Behrens
4 – Samuel Sam le Denmat
5 – Sergi Sureda Comas


Final day of the PKRA France in Leucate

The closing day of the PKRA France Mondial du Vent came to an end on another calm day.  After three days on intense competition with 61 riders from over twenty countries, it was time to give the prizes and awards to the winners.  Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor were crowned Mondial du Vent champions.  Pauline Valesa and George Dufty were given the rookie of the event awards.  This competition had some of the strongest winds that we have seen in the history of the PKRA and the riders made it look easy.

This competition was marked by a three characteristics:  it had one the biggest fleets of freestyler riders with an incredible amount of talent, the return of Aaron Hadlow to the pkra after a 3 year break and some incredible winds.

The womens ladder was full of new talent like Pauline Valesa the rookie of the event and Annabel Van Westerop who made a great run in the double elimination to get to her best finish ever on the PKRA in 4th.  The top three had a great battle and it was Gisela Pulido who defeated Kajiya and Winkowska to win her first event of the year and end the four event winning streak of Karolina.

The mens side was reshuffled by the return of Aaron Hadlow, who in the second round eliminated the World Champion Youri Zoon and went on to finish 3rd.  Marc Jacobs and Alex pastor took the top two spots like in Dakhla and are in a great position at the start of the season.

The next stop of the season is in Mexico for the start of the PKRA Slalom season and Freestyle exhibition by some top riders like Alex Pastor and Kevin Langeree.  The next freestyle event will be in Marsala, Italy on the Island of Sicily. The warm lagoons and strong thermals will be a perfect spot for the 3rd stop of the year.  Go to www.prokitetour.com to see the latest contest news and schedule information.

You can see all the heat scores from the entire event here.

Light winds in Leucate and 2013 Rankings PKRA France

or the fifth day of the PKRA France, the wind stayed light at the Mondial du Vent. Riders took full advantage of the warm weather to go for SUP sessions or take a cruise down to the cable park. The town of Leucate is being a great host providing activities for visitors and competitors to enjoy the conditions and event site. Many riders also spent time talking with Dave on the live stream and making time for interviews with national and international press.


At the beginning of the season the ranking of the riders is based on two factors; the results from the current year and the past year. This means that if a rider has done well over the first two events but has a poor ranking from the year before, the rankings will not be as high, however it also works the other way if a rider did well the year before and had a bad first event his ranking might still be good. Ranking is crucial because the top eight men and four women are preceded into the main event and get a bye in the first round.

In 2013 the level of the top 40 riders has been extremely competitive and the qualifiers to make it into the main PKRA event have become tougher. Our next stop on tour is in Marsala, Italy and the top eight men and women have already been chosen. The rest of the riders unless they are part of the two lucky wildcards given to the local organizers will have to go through the qualifiers.

Seeding-for-Italy-2013-men.jpg [ 102.07 KIB | Viewed 121 times ]

Mondial du Vent “Sosh Cup” Leucate France Speed Event

The American team arrived in Leucate, France 4 days day’s early to prepare for the Mondial du Vent speed event, the largest kitesurfing event in France. The team: Rob, Morgan, Jamie Douglas and myself were on a mission to see if a new course record could be set in the waters of La Franqui. The weather forecast was perfect as the Tramontonia wind was about to hit hard for 4 huge days! 30 to 40 knots with gusts of 45knots. Perfect conditions for speed sailing. Flat water

Mondial du Vent “Sosh Cup” Leucate France Speed Event

Mondial du Vent “Sosh Cup” Leucate France Speed Event

…. Strong winds….Good wind angle…. and the worlds fastest speed sailors in one location.

The day before the event kicked off we had winds 30 to 40knots one the course so we got a early jump on the competitors as we got to train on the course. Tuning in our gear, checking line length, fins sizes, foot strap positions making sure our gear was ready for the up coming days. Raining and cold, the brothers were all looking very fast as they have been training in Martha’s Vineyard over the past few months with temperatures in the 40’s. They felt right at home. I started to feel comfortable maybe to comfortable, as I crashed hard at 40+ knots, cart wheeling across the water snapping my neck like never before. The worst crash I have ever had in my carrier. Reality Check! Never the less I was fine but was going to start the racing with a sever whiplash in the approximate area of C5 and C6.

Race days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

50 minutes into Heat 1 after a slight technical delay, Rob Douglas landed the first shot with a blistering 44.61 kt average and a new speed record for Leaucate. Antoine Albeau 20 time world champion windsurfer answers back in heat 2 with a bullet after Rob made a costly mistake. I had a good start sailing consistent heats with a 6th and 7th hanging on to my Cabrinha Switchblade 7m.

GPS miles sailed: 65 Nautical Miles
GPS V MAX: 50 Knots

Day 2:

Rougher water and 35 to 40 knots the American team started to find their groove as Morgan and Jamie made their climb up the leader board and Rob holding strong in the battle for top spot with two 2nd’s. I sailed my throw outs early, as I could not find my groove as I battled to wrap my head around 40knots.

Day 3:

Last day of the Tramontonia wind, Rob was .9 points out of first behind Antoine. Morgan, Jamie and myself were holding strong in the top 10. I started to get more comfortable with the windy conditions and dropped two 3rd’s in on the fleet. Beating Rob and Antoine in the 6th heat. Antoine and Rob continued to trade bullets and in the end it was Antoine 1.3 points ahead after 7 heats.

Thanks to: Cabrinha kites, Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, GoPro, Oakley, Meanline Fins, Dakine, Alex Aguera, Cornerfive, NP, Gorilla Rigging. A big Thanks to Pascal Maka for inviting team USA to the Mondial du Vent “Sosh Cup”.

Kindly, Damo

Sosh Cup Results:

Rob Douglas: 1st kite 2nd overall Best speed over 500m: 44.61 knots. (Course record)
Damien LeRoy 3rd kite and 5th overall
Morgan Douglas 6th kite and 11th overall
Jamie Douglas 9th kite and 15th overall

Pastor and Pulido Win the Mondial du Vent PKRA France

The final heats of the double elimination were performed in perfect Leucate conditions with side-off shore winds at about 25-30 knots under sunny skies.  In the end it was the winners of the single elimination that won the double elimination and the Mondial du Vent PKRA freestyle event.  Alex Pastor won his 2nd consecutive title and Gisela Pulido her first of the year.  Annabel Van Westerop and Youri Zoon both made a good run at the podium but were stopped short by Bruna Kajiya and Marc Jacobs.  The next stop will be in Italy at the end of June for the 3rd spot of the year.

The double elimination gives the opportunity for riders that lost in the single elimination a chance to come back and win.  This is done so that in case you break a line or have a bad heat you can still come back and finish with a better result or in the case of the higher seeds they can lose a spot.  The competition started with the men’s heats of round 2.  The First heat between Tack and Blanc was won by Tack who found his rhythm early while Blanc was unable to land his big moves.  Next Zoon defeated Madson from Brazil and Schitzhofer kept on winning by beating Romeu Reno.  The last heat of the round the technical riding of Sam Light took out the last Frenchman from the competition Valentin Garat.  Next it was up to the women to take to the water.  In this round the young riders Switala, Van Westerop and Valesa all went through to the next round.

Round 3 of men was between the 4 riders that were in 5th place after the single and the challengers.  Only Da Silva and Mario Rodwald were able to hold their position against the challengers, Tack took down Liam Whaley in a very close heat and Youri Zoon kept his podium run going by taking down his country man and world champion Kevin Langeree.  The next round opposed Youri Zoon and Tack and Rodwald versus Da Silva.  Zoon and Da Silva’s explosive and technical riding were too good for the challengers.  The Zoon versus Da Silva heat was very exciting, both were going big, in the end Youri was ahead and Da Silva went for a big blind judge 5 and crashed it and bowed out of the comp in 6th place.

On the women’s side it was Switala and Van Westerop who kept moving forward in the competition by land their kiteloops and blind judges.  When they went against each other Van Westerop landed an S-1 to move on to meet Manuela Jungo.  The heat was very close between the two women but Annabel just kept landing her tricks and got a chance to challenge Bruna Kayija for the podium.

Youri Zoon had already guaranteed himself at least a 5th place, but he was not done.  He faced the Russian Borisov who had a brilliant competition going through the qualifiers and finishing 4th in the single elimination.  Zoon was still on fire and defeated Borisov with his big front mobe and back mobes.  Next he faced Marc Jacobs who was not ready to give up his podium spot just yet.  Marc’s late back mobe, grabbed slim and S-3 kept him on the podium and gave himself the chance to go against Aaron Hadlow.

The Kajiya versus Winkowska was close, both were landing technical handle passes but Winkowska seemed to have another gear on her tricks and was able to put a little more power and commitment into her tricks and won the heat and got a chance to go after Pulido.  On the men’s side Marc Jacobs was against Aaron Hadlow.  Aaron came out and landed his tricks with fluid style in contrast to Marc who went all out from the start.  It was high scoring heat for both riders but Marc’s explosive riding got him into the final Against Alex Pastor.

The women’s double elimination final was set between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska.  They both landed their blind judges and 313’s, Karolina got another S-1 in but could not get in enough tricks. In the end Gisela got four high scoring tricks in the gusty winds to win.  The men’s final was between Alex Pastor and Marc Jacobs; Alex landed some amazing tricks: back mobe 5, double S-1, NIS, BJ and 313.  Marc did all he could, but he seemed to be a little of his game and could not mount a solid heat.  Alex Pastor Won the event with the highest heat score total of the day 33.86.

The conditions for the past 3 days have been classic Leucate conditions and a lot of fun to run the second PKRA of the year.  The 61 riders really made the competition amazing and put on a great show for the public.

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Check out all the heat result and scores here.

Daily Photos Day 3

Pastor and Pulido Win PKRA the Single Elimination in France

The second day of competition started with great conditions. The men riding 7 m kites and women were on 5, 6 meter kites with sunny skies.  Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido won the single elimination. Aaron Hadlow defeated Youri Zoon in the second round and lost to Alex Pastor in the final but guaranteed himself a podium spot for the Mondial du vent.  The first round of the double elimination of men was started and we will be finishing the competition tomorrow and crowning two champions.

The women took to the water first and had to get used to the conditions, the veterans Rodenas and Bonzom advanced and Vieira show some good tricks to defeat Van Der Snoek.  The second round of men was on right from the start with Da Silva versus Tack, with Tack under the weather Da Silva easily won with a perfect BJ7 which set the tone for the competition.  The big upset of the competition was delivered by Aaron Hadlow who upset the defending world champion in a close heat early in the competition. The other upset was Alberto Rondina who was battling injuries and lost to Mario Rodwald and withdrew from the competition.

The women’s quarter final was dominated by the top seeds that landed their repertoire of tricks and all made it to the semifinals.  The men’s quarterfinals were very exciting starting with Da Silva versus Jacobs who have contrasting styles.  Jacobs’s powered moves (back mobe, NIS) defeated the young Brazilian.  Hadlow kept his run going by beating Rodwald, Borisov  powered riding  eliminated Langeree  and sent him to his first PKRA semifinal.  Alex Pastor’s execution stayed flawless and sent Whaley to the double elimination.

The first semifinal was between Bruna Kajiya and Gisela Pulido, this is a classic battle of two world champions that have been going at each other for years, Gisela got the upper hand by being more consistent in the gusty winds and landing more tricks.  The second heat between Karolina Winkowska and Manuela Jungo, the world champion dominated by landing more powered tricks.  The first semifinal of the men between Jacobs and Hadlow was very close, Aaron was landing and executing his tricks smoothly, Marc had more power but was not very smooth on his landings.  It was close, but Aaron qualified for his first PKRA final since 2009.  Borisov was the new comer to the semifinals against Alex Pastor.  Borisov was good, but was no match for Alex’s double S-1, back mobe 5 and front blind mobe.

The first battle for the third-place podium spot between Kajiya and Jungo was close until the last minute when Bruna landed a big blind judge and 313; Manuela had a blind judge but could not match Bruna’s power.   On the men’s side it was Borisov versus Jacobs who have similar style.  Both riders were checking their landings but it was Marc Jacobs that took the podium spot.

The women’s final was between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska.  Gisela was on right from the start and landed a full repertoire of tricks.  Karolina had a hard time finding her rhythm and was unable to land all of her tricks.  Gisela was back on top of the podium and will do her best to secure her first win of the season.

The men’s final was between Alex Pastor and Hadlow, the action was intense from the start.  The two riders traded tricks for the entire heat going back and forth for the lead.  In the end it was Alex pastor who took the win with a last minute double S-1.  Alex Pastor is in a great position to take a commanding points lead in the 2013 ranking.

All the trick and scores can be seen here

The Double elimination of the men was started in the late afternoon, the wind had dropped a bit and the men were able to put up their 9 meter kites.  In the first two heats Tack and Blanc both advanced by being more consistent in the gusty conditions.  Da Silva had a bye due to Rondina’s injury and put a little show for the crowd.  In the next heat the two fan favorites Garat and Zoon battled it out with Zoon taking the win and looking to chase a podium spot tomorrow.  Schitzhofer and Romeu both advance to the next round.  Valentin Garat won against Jaspan and Paul Serin bowed out to Sam Light.

Tomorrow competition will resume at 10:00 and the men and women Mondial du Vent Champions will be chosen.

Daily Photos Day 2

Mondial du Vent Leucate France Registration

The best riders from all over the world are here in Leucate to win the Mondial Du Vent on the second stop of the PKRA 2013.  This is the 17th edition of the Mondial du Vent and the 6th with the PKRA.  Winning this PKRA event brings a lot of prestige due to the history of the event and the extreme conditions. This week will be no exception with the winds forecasted to be 30 knots for the first three days of competition.

The top riders came out in force with Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Karolina Winkowska, Gisela Pulido and many more.  The big surprise for this event is the return of Aaron Hadlow to PKRA competitions. He is a five-time world champion and regarded as one of the pioneers and top riders in the sport.  61 riders have registered for this event, 50 men and 11 women from over 20 countries will be on the water.

The main event of men has 24 spots available, 8 are for the top preceded riders, 2 are for the wildcards chosen by the organization; for this event it will be Sebastian Garat and Paul Serin, and then the 40 other riders have to compete for 14 spots.  Qualifying for a PKRA event is already a competition on its own and a tough battle with lots of pressure.  The way the qualifiers work: the first round will consist of 10 heats and the winner of each heat will be qualified for the main event and the 30 remaining riders would have to go to two more rounds to qualify for the final four spots.

The town of Leucate and the organizers of the Mondial du Vent have once again set up a great village and venue for the competition.   The wind forecast is absolutely brilliant and we should have some amazing action right from the start at 9:30 AM Saturday morning.

The entire competition will be broadcast live on www.Prokitetour.com where you can follow the results and heat scores and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news updates.

The live feed will start at 10 AM on Saturday morning April 20.

KTE La Baule France day 4 Results kitesurf tour Europe

The 4th leg of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe was set up on the popular beach of La Baule, near Nantes, were 117 riders out of 20 nations were ready to show their best on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With an ideal event site and the side-event of the famous french Derby Kite, the four days were an eventful and exciting tour stop, filled with the biggest names in kiteboarding.

KTE La BAule France day 4  Results kitesurf tour  europe

KTE La BAule France day 4 Results kitesurf tour europe

The conditions proved to be difficult during the four days of competition with highly varying and shifting winds that allowed races only to be held during the first days. During the competition days 12 races in total were run, four races for each of the three groups. Varied and light winds with around 7-12 knots provided the biggest challenge for competitors and the race committee, that had to adjust the course to the new wind directions.

After the two days course racing action on the water, Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Mikes Lab/Ozone) and Steph Bridge (GBR, North) are the 2012 Course Racing European Champions. Adam Koch (USA, Mikes Lab/Ozone) won the open Europeans, with Leccese in second and Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD) in third. Bridge was on top of her game this week with Caroline Adrien (FRA, Aguera/Cabrinha) and Katja Roose (NED, Airush) close behind.

Unfortunately all freestyle riders didn’t get any chance to hit the water on that event. They were chilling on the beach or in the event village, where kite brand companies displayed their gear and stuff. Most of the freestyle riders tried their best skills on Golf Competition, E-Skating Challenging and SUP-Action.

On the final day, the awards ceremony took place on the stage at the event site, where fans, friends, and spectators gathered to see the final unveiling of the official winners. Proudly accepting their awards and accolades, each winner looked over the audience with big smiles and much appreciation.

Our partner MINI is involved in action sports around the world through cooperation and sponsoring activities. As a partner of trend-conscious sports, MINI supports young and creative sportspeople and, in so doing, promotes the development of their sport. MINI is the official title sponsor of the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012.

KTE No Wind Action Day in France Day 3

The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe in France carried on today with no wind and a sense of brief relaxation matched with anticipation and funny games on the beach. Racing participants prepared their gear for some promising action on the water, while freestyle riders could be seen scattered throughout the event site, catching up with friends and enjoying the sunny day.

KTE No Wind Action Day in France  Day 3

KTE No Wind Action Day in France Day 3

An announcement was made throughout the day as riders and crew eagerly awaited the wind to pick up in strength however ceased to do so. Unfortunately wind didn’t picked up, so riders stayed on land and discussed the rules of the racing discipline and how it should best be utilized to help progress the sport until the release at 5pm.

Lining the outer edges of the Derby Kite village, kite schools and partner MINI displayed their gear and play host to lounging and relaxation, while clothing companies, and DJ’s maked up a portion of the area as well. With a golf competition, skate ramps, numerous tents and a SUP-race organized by the Derby Kite, the spectators and riders had a good choice entertaining themselves throughout the day.

Tomorrow, riders will arrive to the beach at 10am for the first skipper’s meeting. Wind is expected to range from 5-9 knots. Racing may prove to be the focus for the day with the prize-giving ceremony at 3pm. The forecast for La Baule has made planning difficult in such light conditions.

For the last day tomorrow, join the MINI KTE 2012 on day four via Facebook for the latest updates, photos, and insights.