SBC Kiteboard .com Magazine 2013 Spring Cover

SBC Kiteboard Magazine 2013 Spring Cover

This issue opens with Damien LeRoy and his GoPro camera capturing Matt Collins mid-jump in Jupiter, Florida. Be sure to check out thevideo of the cover shoot.


Chris Bobryk

Inside the issue

We catch up with legend Robby Naish to reflect on his first 50 years; Brian Wheeler introduces us to the team behind the Weendy App; Michigan’s Tommy Fields takes us to Tulum, Mexico; Damien LeRoy tells us what we need and how to to smash the 6-Knot wind barrier; and SBC catches up with Bertrand Fleury. Also in the issue: Tips to Rip: 360 Shuv-it,  Bar Tuning, Tips for getting great GoPro photos, Yoga for Kiteboarders, Making the conversion from Straps to Boots; and the Alex Fox interview.

Australia: The Golden Outback of the Wild West

Hollow waves, kiting with humpback whales, a shark attack, and a man leaning out of a chopper. Gabi Steindl’s Oz adventure is like none you have ever read about.

2013 Lightwind Kite Test Reviews

Tested: 2013 Lightwind Kite Test Reviews

The SBC Kiteboard test team puts 9 of the best lightwind kites through their paces. The test team helps you decide which kite is best suited to your style of riding. Also on the test front, the team check out 11 versatile twin-tips.