PKRA Next 3 events aTurkey, Italy and Spain Burn Kitesurf World Cup June 19th-23

On June 19th the PKRA will start the second Slalom event of the season in Turkey on Burc Beach near Istanbul. This will be the second year that the PKRA is in Turkey, this year with a slalom-racing event. The past year the winds of Burc beach provided a perfect venue for racing and freestyle. The Slalom racing takes place on the Black Sea that gets a thermal wind every day or a front will come through to give the competitors winds up to 30 knots. A PKRA Kitemasters freestyle competition will also take place during the event with great prize money for the top 6.

PKRA Next 3 events aTurkey, Italy and Spain Burn Kitesurf World Cup June 19th-23

PKRA Next 3 events aTurkey, Italy and Spain Burn Kitesurf World Cup June 19th-23

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After one slalom event in Mexico and 6 more to come throughout the world, the season will be amazing. After 7 events an ISAF-IKA Slalom world champion will be crowned. If you missed some the action in Mexico make sure you look at the race videos and event videos.

Top riders from all over the world like Bryan Lake and the 2012 Slalom world champion Julien Kerneur will be there. With Slalom racing, the action is intense form the start to the finish every race.

Freestyle Kitesurf World Cup Marsala 2013-June 25th-30th.

KB4girls CHAPTER events assemble an amazing network with 68 events

The top 5 Chapters of 2012 to host KB4girls Global events in 2013 with further chapter events to be released

KB4girls CHAPTER events assemble an amazing network with 68 events and counting

KB4girls CHAPTER events assemble an amazing network with 68 events

KB4girls CHAPTER events assemble an amazing network with 68 events

TAMPA/BERLIN, February 9, 2013: Right on the heels of an incredibly successful 2012 kiteboarding season the KB4girls Foundation releases the global dates for their 4rd inaugural season today. As announced in early January the 5 top KB4girls Chapters of the 2012 seasons will be hosting this year’s global events as part of winning the Chapter Challenge.

The KB4girls Global events, attended and supported by founder and 9x World Champion Kristin Boese, will be held as special events within the Chapter’s regular events. The chapter located in Mui Ne/Vietnam will be hosting a global event on February 15 and 16, the Ambassadors in Israel will be welcoming Kristin Boese on June 5 to 6, the Chapter Challenge Champions in the United Kingdom will be holding their event on August 17 and 18, the Cabarete Chapter ladies will be celebrating their global event on August 24 and 25 and the Baja Chapter will become a venue for a KB4girls global event in November (dates to be announced). The new calendar of events will give girls and women from all over the world the chance to join the fun and work on their kiteboarding.

Set up as instructional events for female kiteboarders of all levels, the KB4girls GLOBAL events are designed to empower girls and women by practicing the sport of kiteboarding as well as focusing on a primarily female environment. Each of the events will be free for the participating girls and women and include on and off the water pro-coaching, mental imaging, theory and safety training, and engaging day and evening activities.

Alongside these special chapter events, the KB4girls chapters all over the world will be holding social gatherings, advanced clinics and “fly a kite” events in their community on a regular basis to further support and promote kiteboarding among female athletes.

While the chapters in Tel Aviv/Israel, Sunshine Coast/Australia, Ontario/Canada, Mui Ne/Vietnam, Long Island, NY/USA, Lancing/UK, Lake Garda/Italy, Gokova Bay/Turkey, Charleston, SC/USA, Cabarete/Dominican Republic and Baja/Mexico have already released an incredible 68 events for this season, further dates from the remaining KB4girls chapters are expected soon.

To check out the constantly growing list of KB4girls chapter events and to find out how to join the fun please see:

The 2013 KB4girls GLOBAL events will be held:

February 15 to 16, 2013 – Mui Ne, Vietnam
June 5 to 6, 2013 – Eilat, Israel
August 17 to 18, 2013 – Lancing, UK
August 24 to 25, 2013 – Cabarete, Dominican Republic
November (date TBC) – Baja, Mexico

KB4Girls is proudly supported by its founding sponsors Best Kiteboarding and DaKine as well as Flysurfer, Baby-G, Elemental Herbs, and Tramontana Grafixx.

international kiteboarding association Course Racing World Ranking and Qualification System for future Major Events

As kiteboard course racing has been selected as an event for the Olympic Sailing Competition 2016, the world ranking system will change with the beginning of the new Olympic quadrennium.

From September 19, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will manage all ranking system for the Olympic Events, and therefore the IKA ranking system previously used will cease to apply. ISAF will publish a press release on that day with detailed explanations on the new ranking system.

international kiteboarding association Course Racing World Ranking and Qualification System for future Major Events

international kiteboarding association Course Racing World Ranking and Qualification System for future Major Events

The ranking principle however remains unchanged: every riders best 5 scores from events in the past 12 months are combined into the overall score. Unfortunately, as a new Olympic event, the ranking for kite racing will start with 0 points on September 19, and the first points for the new world ranking can be collected on the following events (points to be finally confirmed by ISAF):

European Championships, La Baule (France), September 26-30: 100 points - Register here
World Championships, Cagliari (Italy), October 2-7: 100 points - Register here
South American Championships, Buzios (Brazil), November 15-18: 50 points - Register here
Sailing World Cup, Melbourne (Australia), December 2-8: 200 points - Register here
Note: for the group assignments at the 2012 European and World Championships, the current IKA world rankings will be used.

The new world ranking system will also be used as qualification system for the 2013 major events, with an event quota as follows:

200 point events (Kite Racing World Championships, Sailing World Cups): 120 men, 120 women
100 point events (Kite Racing Continental Championships): 80 men, 80 women
50 point events (other events): TBC
If the quota for an event is exceeded, selection of riders will be made purely based on the world ranking as of close of registration:

From every country, the best ranked rider as of close of registration
10 local wildcards for regional riders, to be approved by the class
5 “injury wildcards” to be approved by the class
Remaining places strictly by world ranking position as of close of registration
Please note, that points to qualify for upcoming major events can only be collected at ISAF graded events. A complete list will be published soon on the IKA website.

Major events are planned for 2013 in


ISAF Launches New Sailing World Rankings For Fleet Racing

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has updated and enhanced its ISAF Sailing World Rankings system for fleet racing, and will launch the new system on 19 September 2012.

The new calculation uses an annual system, a simpler formula and three possible event grades.

Key Changes:

- A one year rolling system
- Sailors can count points from a maximum of six regattas
- The grading of regattas for the Olympic classes will be allocated one of the following three grades: 200-pointers, 100-pointers or 50-pointers
- Simplified calculation formula
- Olympic Games and Test Events will not be graded regattas.

The new formula for calculating ranking points is: Points=E(N-P+1)/N (E is Event Rank, N is # entries and P is place). The top 85% of finishers at a regatta will receive points and scores will be rounded down to the next whole number.

All ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas will be 200-pointers along with the class World Championships and the ISAF Sailing World Championships. A sailor may count a maximum of three results from the World Cup. ISAF Regulation 27 sets out the other considerations for regatta grading.

For the first ranking release using the new system will be published on 19 September. Regattas that have taken place since 6 November 2011 (Sail Melbourne) have been re-graded and the new calculation system applied. Rankings will initially be calculated for six of the ten Olympic Events.

The next ranking release is schedule for 10 October 2012 which will see the men’s and women’s kiteboarding events joining the ISAF Sailing World Rankings for the first time. The Nacra17 and 49erFX are set to be introduced into the ISAF Sailing World Cup for the first time throughout the 2012-2013 series and will appear on the rankings following each regatta.

Full details of the new Ranking system can be found in ISAF Regulation 27. There are no changes to the ISAF World Match Race Rankings.

ISAF Sailing World Rankings

Olympic Kiteboarding Events 2016 Selection of equipment from IKA

IKA News:

Selection of equipment for the Olympic Kiteboarding Events 2016

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has made a submission to the ISAF annual conference regarding the selection of equipment for the kiteboarding events of the next Olympic Games.

Olympic Kiteboarding Events 2016 Selection of equipment from IKA

Olympic Kiteboarding Events 2016 Selection of equipment from IKA


We acknowledge that the equipment selection is subject to evaluation, but we thought that it is a good idea to give you an update on the development that has been done in the meantime to address the valid concerns regarding costs and availability.

After the decision to include men’s and women’s Kiteboarding as events in the Olympic regatta it became clear that further restrictions were required to ensure cheapest entry to the Olympics for MNAs while retaining the philosophy of the discipline of kiteboarding and enabling a fair game to all competitors.

We believe that our proposal is effectively addressing all these issues, and rather makes equipment even more available especially to emerging nations, as local builders can satisfy the demands of regional sailors and their associations. This is already happening – e.g. in Thailand and Brazil.

Formula Kite is the International Kiteboarding Associations proposal for the equipment to be used in the Olympic Sailing Regatta, the ISAF Sailing World Cups, and in any other ISAF graded events.

Formula Kite is based on the successful IKA box rule, which allows multiple brands to provide equipment to be used in competition. The main parameters – maximum length and width, minimum weight, and the number of boards and kite to be used during a regatta are already regulated in the current IKA class rules.

The main advantages of the proposed “Formula Kite” box rule are:

· Currently all kiteboard racing competition is sailed on box rule equipment, with a global spread
· Sailors of a very wide weight range can compete against each other with equal opportunities, avoiding preference for any part of the world or certain body shape. For a sample chart including weight and size of the worlds top kite racers, click here.
· The “Formula Kite” box rule concept allows brands to sponsor sailors and invest in them, further reducing equipment purchase costs to MNAs
· “Formula Kite” equipment allows slow but constant evolution of equipment in line with normal “wear and tear” equipment replacement cycles. Sailors are always able to sail on up-to-date equipment which is challenging to sail and attractive to spectators and media
· Most media friendly equipment sports in the Olympics are based on box rule concepts:
· Skiing/Snowboarding etc
· Cycling
· Bobsledge
· Rowing/Canoeing
· Archery/Shooting
· Tennis/Badminton
· Etc

A “One Design” approach would result in losing the top sailors. The Olympics have to be the pinnacle of every sport, with the best athletes taking part. In windsurfing, the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association, an ISAF special event) events are considered to be the pinnacle of the discipline, and a similar situation must be avoided. In windsurfing, not all the best sailors are participating in the Olympic Games. Only the box rule concept of “Formula Kite” will achieve this.

PWA and Formula Windsurfing have successfully used a system very similar to “Formula Kite” for many years, and they have produced top sailors including many from emerging nations on such equipment concept.

Sailors would travel to events with their own equipment – there is no need for event organizers to provide equipment, further reducing their costs.

The proposed changes, as an appendix to the current IKA class rules called “Formula Kite” can be found here with explanations.
For a full version of the IKA class rules with “Formula Kite” appendix applied, click here. (coming soon)

The proposed registration system, which ensures world wide availability to all interested MNAs and NCAs at reduced prices can be found here with explanations.
For a full version of the proposed registration system click here (coming soon)

For a breakdown of sample prices of a major brand click here

The kiteboarding industry, representing manufacturers with a market share in kiteracing of app. 90% supports the proposed “Formula Kite” concept. The proposed concept will keep the industry fully involved.
A “box rule concept” avoids a monopoly – monopolies are avoided in world economy as they usually provide poor products on high prices. Competition between manufacturers encourages production of quality equipment for sale at affordable prices.

Click here for some background information on provided One-Design Equipment, and why we believe that it does not work for kiteboarding.

Finally: listen to the sailors !

All top sailors strongly favour the “box rule concept” as it allows participants of a wide weight and size range to compete with equal chances. Furthermore it is much more rewarding for sailors to sail on up-to-date equipment.

Only the “box rule concept” ensures participation of the world’s top athletes.
ISAF has shown with its recent decisions on the women’s skiff and the mixed multihull that decisions are taken in the interest of the sailors. Let’s keep it this way !

Statements from top sailors from all parts of the world can be found here.

Kind regards,

Markus Schwendtner