Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

So there it is, the Yourmood Kitecup 2012 is over, joyfully and peacefully of course, these are the
Mood Team’s standards of living!
Kitecup 2012  Nazare Portugal

Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

The wind wasn’t always on time but that is part of the game and the kite surfers amused themselves
in many other ways! A bunch of laughters, a ton of fun nights and a few musical decibels thanks to
the turntables of MC Speak2Max.

Yourmood Kitecup 2012  Nazare Portugal

Yourmood Kitecup 2012 Nazare Portugal

Logged in the luxurious Miramar Hotel (4 stars), the whole team could benefit from various relaxing
activities such as the Jacuzzi or by posing in front of the Guinness Record Book picture of the gigantic
wave in Nazaré.

Of course there was also plenty of action. First of all, during the Best Trick freestyle followed by
the Best Waves Contest a few days later with the “crème de la crème” Portuguese riders. The
competition took place on some pretty weak conditions, waves not exceeding 1 meter and wind
behaving itself at an average of 15 knots on the Praia do Norte.

Finally, it was our patriot Julien Kerneur who won the test (finishing first in the freestyle competition)
followed closely by the Portuguese riders. A special honour was awarded to Mathilde Serin for being
the only woman in the competition.

1) Julien Kerneur
2) Joao Stopani
3) Joao Fernandes

After a beautiful award ceremony and prize money distribution, the riders left conquered by this new
2012 edition.

As for the staff, they enjoyed for the last time a great competition, fresh fish, a few cocktails of which
we will not reveal the names, before going back home heavy hearted but with plenty of beautiful

Next year’s session already being set, first week of july for the water sesh expanded concept with the "battle crew", the snow sesh need to be confirmed, stay tuned !

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 Hawaii

The Finals of the 2012 Naish Summer Kite Race Series took place Saturday at Kanaha beach park on Maui with perfect sunny and windy conditions, a great crowd and lots of tight racing. More than 50 people signed up for racing and the team Ride Relay event. The race is all about fun, but everyone is improving and upping their games so there are no easy wins. The race division is growing and there were new and young faces. Alex Aguera stayed ahead of the pack and his daughter Alexis was not far behind, beating most of the men. The starts of the open division, with more then 30 kiters starting together, was an unbelievable sight. Flash Austin and Patri McLaughlin traded bullets in the first two races, and in the final race Flash pulled it off with a close win. Kalia Aguera kept up the family tradition and was not far behind the leading men.

 Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

This was the final race of the Naish Summer Kite Race Series and the Hawaiian state champions were crowned combining the results from all the race days with the final day counting double. With Alexis and Kalia Aguera and Flash Austin, three Naish riders placed on top of the podium. The awards party kept going well into the night, capping off a full day of action and fun.

See results & article HERE

kiteboading Racing fever at the MINI KTE 2012 Brouwersdam Europe


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Light wind characterised the first day of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe and Kitegatta 2012 in Netherlands. In preparation for the competition, competitors arrived to the event site yesterday evening for the registration and to analyse the dutch conditions before the event begins.

kiteboading Racing  fever on the 1st day at the MINI KTE  2012 Brouwersdam Europe

kiteboading Racing fever on the 1st day at the MINI KTE 2012 Brouwersdam Europe

For the racing and freestyle discipline, 101 riders will make up the event by representing 15 nationalities, At this event, 42 male and a great participation of 18 female riders will compete in Freestyle action and 41 riders in Course Racings. With the best kiteboarding talents here in Netherlands, the 3rd leg of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe will certainly provide a full range of high action, amazing tricks and nippy speeds in one of the most fantastic kiting location in Holland – Brouwersdam.

Beginning today at 10am with the first skippers meeting, competitors gathered for the first possible signs of wind and suitable conditions. The breeze seemed to hold on, giving riders the possibility pumping up their kites and readying their gear for the first Course Racings. After the sound of the horn, racers battled for perfect positioning and lead spots.

After 3 full races, Florian Gruber (GER) took first leading position with Riccardo Leccese (Columbia) not far behind on second place and others such as Maxime Nocher (FRA) and local rider Rolf van der Vlugt (NED) finishing on place third and fourth.

In the women fleet, Stephanie Bridge (UK) happily earned first for the women with Christine Bönniger (GER) on second and local rider Katja Roose (NED) on third.

As racing has just recently been announced as an Olympic sport for the 2016 games in Rio de Jeneiro, all riders report an increased interest in the sport of kiteboarding, and more specifically kite racing.

For the next 3 days ahead, the wind forecast looks light. But hopefully, it should provide enough breeze for racing and freestyle disciplines to take place. In the meantime, competitors enjoy the Kitegatta area by testing 2013 material or checking out the awesome benefits of a MINI Cooper and a MINI Roadster.

For the latest updates, visit the Kitesurf Tour Europe Facebook page. Tour and title partner MINI has thus far proved to be an integral component of this successfull third tour stop of the KTE 2012 season.

Download Course Racings results Day 1

Day two in Holland provided a little bit more wind than the day prior. With acceptable wind conditions and the race competitors ready, it was time to head into another day of racings battles on the water. Measuring 7-14 knots throughout the morning and afternoon, competitors entered the water around 10:30, more determined than ever to improve their placements and claim greater leads.

After 6 amazing races during the competition day, columbian course racer Riccardo Leccese dominated the men fleet and earned the current first place of this event. Florian Gruber (GER) and Maxime Nocher (FRA) were riding very constantly by changing placements during the races. Finally, Florian remembered pushing on the board to gain some more speed against Maxime and managed to gain second place.
In the girls division, Steph Bridge (UK) was happy to finish first again. The british power woman rode very consistently throughout the day, with a strong and powered approach .
Others such as Christine Bönniger (GER) and Katja Roose (NED) put forth their strongest efforts, holding their ground for the duration of the races and finishing second and third.

In the afternoon, the wind noticeably were not picking up for some freestyle action. Disappointed by the wind, freestyle competitors relaxed on the beach and in the meeting area to wait once more, enjoying lunch and the dutch atmosphere until official releasement at 6pm. As the day continued on, there were brief moments where it looked as if the wind might pick up – only to die back down again, clouds and sun moving in with tropical temperatures..
In total, all 6 races were completed and no freestyle heats were run, as the wind proved to be too light for such competition. Freestyle riders like Mario Rodwald, Christopher Tack, Stefan Spiessberger, Sabrina Lutz, Annelouse Lammerts and Chiara Esposito sat patiently around the rider’s area waiting for wind and talking about the new material 2013.

Tomorrow, a light breeze is expected again of up to 13 knots, so competitors will arrive to the meeting place at 10am for the day’s first meeting. Hopefully, wind will compare, too. Stay tuned via social media for all the latest updates.

The scene was set on day three in Brouwersdam, Holland, as visitors and racers arrived around 10am to find out what was in store for the day. With light side-shore winds, race competitors pumped their kites for the first race of the of the day. At this time, winds measured around 12 knots on the water.

The horn sounded under a sunny sky with tropical temperatures and light wind conditions. Front-runners Riccardo Leccese (Columbia), Florian Gruber (GER) and Maxime Nocher (FRA) fought hard to gain a lead again. With most racers on their biggest kites, it was clear that every rider needed to take advantage of the best of their abilities in order to achieve top placement.
Moving onto the fifth race of the day and the 14 official race of Kitegatta 2012, Leccese finished clearly on first place. Nocher battled with Gruber and Kerneur for the following positions. As in all races, the angle of attack proved to be everything, allowing racers to edge up in placement and get ahead.
The first racer that crossed the daily finish line in all, after the wind dropped down and strong drift hedged about another sixth race, Riccardo Leccese came off the water with a big smile. Maxime Nocher proceeded to complete the current overall course ranking second, followed by Florian Gruber and Julien Kerneur (FRA).

For the women, Stephanie Bridge (UK) proudly finished first again, achieving a perfect placement for her first tour stop at the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012. Christine Bönniger (GER) earned second place shortly thereafter, followed by Katja Roose (NED) in third.
Despite the light wind conditions for freestyle, all riders took the opportunity to share in dutch holiday spirit by sharing a few laughs over a refreshing ice cream or some delicious cold drinks while conversing with friends and family about the new kiteboarding tricks and the new movie « Hidden Lines » by Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon and Nick Jacobsen. A few multi-colored 2013 kites of many different shapes and sizes were able to lift off up into the warm air. As the day progressed around 4pm, the wind died completely. All riders were released for that third day. Thousands of visitors and all riders were finally chilling on the beach or refreshing in the water.

Tomorrow, join the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe at Kitegatta 2012 on day four via Facebook for the latest information throughout the day and information about the prize giving ceremony. To view pictures of the day.

KTE Mini europe Holland 2012 – Day 4 – Results
In the face of the upcoming olympic discipline – the 3rd leg of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe at Brouwersdam (Holland) was an inspired and cramed event of Course Racing action

Riccardo Leccese (COL) and Stephanie Bridge (UK) obtained the dutch event titles in Course Racings

Arriving for the first time in Holland, the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe and its competitors passed by the dune landscape of Brouwersdam for a four days actionful event happening – the Kitegatta 2012. An amazing count of 101 total competitors in Freestyle and Race represented 15 countries. The best riders in Europe planed to create another great show on the water to showcase fastest speeds and tricky maneuvers, providing onlookers and participants with ultimate performances.

According to the wind forecast, light wind was announced for the majority event. Racing participants made sure that their gear was properly registered, while freestyle riders could be seen broadcasted throughout the event site, catching up with friends and enjoying the warm and sunny days. Riders and fans, discussed the new movie « Hidden Lines » by Kevin Langeree and Youri Zoon. During the whole event, wind conditions were too light for any freestyle action, but still good enough for racings.

With positive energy, just close after the Olympic Summer Games in London, all racers were motivated and full of power to show perfect kitesurfing skills and fastest speeds on the water. After fourteen completed races throughout the event days with different conditions, Ricccardo Leccese (Columbia) and Stephanie Bridge (UK) rode very consistently throughout the whole dutch event, with strong and powered approach and a final success with first podium positions. Maxime Nocher (FRA) and Christine Bönniger (GER) achieving second, Florian Gruber (GER) and Katja Roose (NED) coming in third.

On day fourth, the awards ceremony took place on the beach at the event site, where many spectators, friends, and fans gathered to see the final exposure of the official winners for racing. Proudly accepting their awards and the price money, each winner looked over the audience with big smiles and much appreciation. Unfortunately all 60 freestyle riders didn’t get any chance to hit the water. They were chilling on the beach or in the event village, where kite brand companies displayed their 2013 gear and play host to lounging and relaxation. DJ booths and animation made up a large portion of the area as well.

In all, the event in Holland was well received. Next up on tour, the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe will take part in the Derby Kites of La Baule, France. Featuring racing and freestyle performances as well as a great event village with a trainer kite area, MINI showroom and MINI test rides. The French tour stop will host all European rider from 27th to 30th of september 2012.


5 lines
The Rebel remains a 5-line kite, of course, and for all the usual reasons:

- Short depower stroke and crisp feel. Anyone who rides waves or has short arms or just likes a responsive kite can appreciate the importance of achieving full depower with a minimal movement of the control bar.



- Super stability. If it weren´t so easy to keep in the air you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s made of rock, it’s that solid!

- Easy relaunch in light winds. Even riders who like four-line kites often add a fifth line to make relaunch possible in super-light wind.

- Safety. When you need to get total, complete and perfect depower in half a second, nothing else works as well as a 5th line.

Size-specific tuning
Sizes 5 to 8, which naturally end to be a bit too crisp and responsive, have been tuned for a crispness and responsiveness that’s just right. Not soft and slow but not uncomfortably harsh and fast.

9 meter kites can go either way, a bit slow and soft or a bit fast and harsh. We spent some time tuning this one for what we think is just the right feel in a wave and all-round kite.

Sizes 10 to 14 have been tuned for short bar stroke and a maximised crisp feel.

Tolerant of low inflation
Rebels work best when inflated to 6psi. They lose some performance at lower inflation pressures, but will still fly pretty well. By contrast, many kites on the market these days need 8 or 10 psi to fly correctly.


Segmentation, rib configuration
Aspects of the Rebel’s overall geometry have not changed. There are still five struts, with the centre strut being a floating strut for momentary depower and luffability. Segmentation is much the same from tip strut to tip strut. Multiple segments through the centre of the canopy give good profile fidelity, while one straight segment on each side gives a flat profile where it can do the most good in resisting unwanted luffing and flutter. Five struts give needed structure while allowing for good performance at low inflation pressures.


Leading edge diameter
We kept the overall LE diameters fairly large right out through the tips to ensure rock-solid stability and tolerance of low inflation pressures. The new square tip is more tolerant of low pressure than the old one, so we could have reduced tip LE diametera bit, but chose not to in the interest of ensuring stability and reliability.The Rebel is an all-round and wave kite, so there’s no need to try to minimize diameters at the expense of convenience, stability and easy relaunch.


Aspect ratio
The Rebel retains the moderate aspect ratio befitting an all-round kite. The wider tip helps us tune the kite for quick turning and precise bar feedback. The risk of the wider tip is that the canopy fabric can be less tightly controlled and can luff and flap more. We have paid particular attention to this issue and ensured a clean canopy shape in this area.


What´s different and Why


Smoother feel
Every year we try to reduce undesirable luffing and fluttering in
the Rebel and this year we have made a further step in that direction, mainly achieved through fine-tuning of canopy profile. Luffing and fluttering occurs most when a kite is overpowered, or when it is turning tightly. In both cases, the feeling of the bar is one of vibration and imprecision. Reducing luff and flutter gives the bar a smoother and more precise feel. Most Rebels now are smooth enough themselves that much of the vibration we feel on the control bar comes from the flying lines vibrating in the wind.


Wider tip
The wider tip helps us tune the kite for quick turning and precise bar feedback. The risk of the wider tip is that the canopy fabric can be less tightly controlled and can luff and flap more. We have paid particular attention to this issue and ensured a clean canopy shape in this area.


New strut shape
The new struts, we call it the STREAMLINE STRUT are larger in the front for a more rigid connection with the leading edge tube. The quarter struts are thinner for less drag and weight, and because the need for rigidity is least at this point. The thin quarter stuts give the Rebel some of the flexibility and lower weight of a 3-strut kite without the big losses of range, speed, boost and top end that 3-strut kites suffer from.


Improved construction
Most obvious of the new construction elements in the 2013 Rebel is the element we call the “TE Force Spread” a layer of wave-shaped cloth situated at the boundary between our durable 50-gram D2 canopy ripstop and our super-tough 160-gram trailing edge Dacron. The dissimilar cloth weights between the two materials can result in excessive flexing and thus weakening of the ripstop just in front of the Dacron. The addition of the “TE Force Spread” layer mitigates and spreads the flexing of the ripstop and prolongs the life of the kite.


The new Rebel has a beefed up leading edge construction that allows for more durability at high inflation pressures. Frankly, one of the big advantages inflated kites have over ramair kites is relatively high inflation pressure. Pressure gives better shape stability and responsiveness to bar input. Being able to pump to a higher pressure has no downside. Other details, such as scuff pads that cover stitching and improved Lazy-Pump valves help ensure the Rebel is built to last.


Power vs. Depower
Recent Rebel designs have had a lot of power. In 2011 and 2012 we refined canopy profiles and angle of attack to improve depower, and for 2013 we have carried this process a step further to give a bit more depower without hurting the overall power.


Though the Rebel has been competitive in races over the last few years, it really is a wave and all-round kite and pretty much none of the testing for the 2012 model involved race boards. That said, the canopy profile changes made in 2013 result in Rebels that are a bit faster and more slippery than in previous years.