Antigua is really a great winter escape for kiting, with the trade winds, warm sun and mellow island pace.When it comes to kite spots, it’s not too complicated: most people go to Jabberwock.
Jabberwock beach is the most user friendly and popular spot on the island. It is easy to find and is a short five-minute drive from the airport. The local kiters do most of their riding at Jabberwock, and there is a small school that operates from the beach. Kite Antigua, owned by Adam Anton ( is well organized for lessons, and most of all, it is affordable. You can find information about learning to kite in Antigua at The beach is great for learning due to calm, shallow waters. An outer reef barrier prevents the swell from hitting the beach, which makes it easy to go in and out. There is a small reef near shore that creates a spot of pretty flat water where you are likely to see the boys throw their tricks.
(Due to its location in the West Indies, Antigua receives consistent trade winds all winter long. In the two months that I’ve spent here, we’ve only seen about 2 weeks of lighter winds. When it’s on, the wind usually blows in the high teens/low twenties. If you are planning a trip to the island, you’ll probably ride your medium and bigger sized kites the most.
As for boards, it’s simple: bring a twin tip! Unless you just like to cruise on a surfboard, you will be better with a twinny. Plus, you’ll save some money at the airport check-in counter! There are not really any rideable waves on the island given that it is sheltered from most swells by Barbuda and outer reefs.
If there is no wind, the island has many other activities to keep you entertained and is truly a beautiful place to tour around. For those who like to stay up late, the nightlife is quite intense. On the weekends, when all the yachties are done with their week of work, English Harbour is hence THE place to party. You will find lots of young people from around the world in the harbor, and since a lot they have likely been on a boat for whole week or more: they will need to rage! So get ready, it’s going to be a good trip, with or without wind!

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