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Just to add a little more excitement, we prepared some very special content, bringing together everything that your kiteboarder mind could want to escape:

- General Kiteboarding news

- Boyz’n’style: Andre Phillip and Jake Kelsick, Antiguan kings of style

- Mission Photos: Australia like you’ve never seen before

- Oteniel Lorge Monteiro: Interview with the strapless master

- Instructional :  *Forward strapless rotation
* Killer Kiteloop

- Triple S: event, slider park (re)construction and interview with Eric Rienstra

- Union Island: Jeremie Tronet and his turquoise paradise

- Interview with Raphael Salles: the man behind F-One… and behind kiting.


Needless to say that we wish you the a great end of summer, full of travels, rides, good laughs with friends and all this now with the best of kiteboarding always available to you online!

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