Sri lanka A New Kite Destination

For those of you who haven’t opened a webpage in the past few months, not even facebook, you probably missed one thing: all the riders right now have one destination in mind: Sri Lanka


Home of insane wind statsflat water that had nothing to envy to the Slick or to the Brasilian lagoons, and mainly (yes, mainly) non-crowded spots (become rare nowadays), Sri Lanka is a real kite paradise. Obviously, if you want to take advantage of this last aspect, you have to go there soon, it’s probably not going to last.

We started talking about it about a year ago, when Fabio Ingrosso decided to open his Kite Center over there. Things have evolved since then and the school is growing. Here’s a new little presentation by the man himself:

My kite center located near Kalpitia is open from May first until the end of September and opens again during January and February. The riding possibilities are pretty much endless on a ton of insane spots, from ultra flat to waveriding, there’s something for everyone!


The wind blows between 15 and 30 knots every day, without ever getting tired it seems. In general, we want it to stop before it does. The water is warm (85°F) in perfect harmony with the air temperature… a real paradise.

Located on the lagoon in a foreign and zen landscape, my Kite Center offers beginner lessons with the latest North gear. Kite excursions on the different spots and in the touristic locations of the country are also organized on demand.


For all info: or contact @:

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