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Do you have a sports car with a small trunk, motorbike, or you just like to travel with little luggage?

Split Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re Solve

Split Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re Solve





If yes, the RE  SOLVE board is the product for you!

Split Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re SolveSplit Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re Solve bag

RE SOLVE is a revolutionary concept of Split Kiteboard. An Unique connecting joint system is constructed for the most rugged conditions and will never limit you while kiteboarding.

Split Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re Solve top

Split Kiteboards News Kiteboards Brand Re Solve top

You can finally take your kiteboard everywhere, without additional demands for space or transport fees.

Do you have doubts about manufacturing quality? RE | SOLVE is a high tech product! Our special construction is created by a wooden core, reinforced by carbon fiber in the middle of the board. This technology guarantees similar characteristics and feeling to our pro freestyle kiteboard, the Tommy Pro.

Our know how is based on an Unique connecting joint system, when the material is embedded in the core of the kiteboard. This technology provides unbelievable strength and flex while doing the most extreme tricks.

RE | SOLVE was tested under the extreme pressure of 300Kg/ 661 lbs in the Aerospace Research Institute in Prague, Czech Republic, with no signs of damage.

Little overlap of the joint and 7 accurately set screws offers maximum compatibility and assembly within a minute!

You will be surprised by the perfection of on-water performance, when softer tips excellently copy the surface in choppy waters and at the same time offer accurate take off to your jumps and soft landings.

We have developed a special bag, designed precisely for RE | SOLVE split kiteboard. This bag contains two handgrips and pockets for fins and accessories.

We believe we can fly!

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