Snowkiting federate people connections just for fun!

It should give you one of the most important things in the life Freedom





Col du LAUTARET 2058m


(Hautes-Alpes, France)


10/16 JANUARY 2009


The SKM event was created to promote this spectacular discipline.SNOWKITING

Athletics and esthetics combining wind and riding within a fantastic environment

An event you must not miss it integrates the season of winter and the snowkite in a masterly way.

The SKM new dimension

The event is led by Guillaume Chastagnol, Triple Champion of the world in this discipline and master of increasingly more daring tricks.

The show is guaranteed.

The SKM is the occasion for riders, media and kiteworld to meet at our universally known location.


For the 2nd year the French Federation is again launching the championship of snowkite freestyle for season 2009. The Snowkite Master Organisation will be the Project Manager for the event.


This is all about backcountry style. Climb a mountain with a kite, pack the kite up when you reach the top and pull the best line back down with the kite in your rucksack. Time, difficulty, altitude and the ride down will be judged.


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SKM is an ideal opportunity to pass on knowledge during an innovative and unique event

During the event, the partners and sponsors have a window to present their products and their latest developments. This space is essentially a meeting place for the riders of the snowkite.

It is a place of exchange for all those impassioned by this sport of riding and sliding in freedom.

Each person has the opportunity to share feelings, ideas and projects and to anticipate new trends.


The Crew who realise the best movie will have the ultimate title of

“Friends of the wind”

Our event at the Lautaret pass is organised in this show style and is equipped to offer even more possibilities….

Photographers will find an inexhaustible supply of spectacular pictures

SKM is a show a meeting and not just a competition,

The riders don’t have the pressure of results and can try their most daring tricks.

Photographers will find an inexhaustible supply of spectacular pictures


Join great champions of snow, air and water, designers, photographers, sponsors and

commercial enterprises.

The SKM is a broad media event for specialized press and the general public. There are

many opportunities to produce articles, news and videos for the Internet, radio and TV.




During the event Free initiation with  SNOWKITEAIR Remi and Johann , at the

SKM Village (Col du Lautaret2058m)



We impatiently await your arrival for this week of riding!

The SKM is a friendly spirit event from 1400 to 2058m

PROGRAM 2008 business to be followed on



For accommodations

Offer you preferential tarifs for lodging

At the time of Snowkitemasters, our event partners,

with half board !!!

Located in the heart of the valley, this is where you will find all the festivities of the SKM 2008.

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Snowkiting World Championship 2009

Our idea is joining together all of the current best events in a official tour. The best performing riders

from these events then will be crowned the Snowkiting World Champion. The three major events

in France, Italy and Sweden with support from the KSA and all other Snowkite organsizations to push

the European and worldwide communities in Snowkiting. This is the reason we call the co-operation

the official Snowkiting World Championship.The Snowkitemasters in Serre Chevalier (France) ,

KWC at the Reschensee (Italy)

and the Nordicmasters in Sälen (Sweden) put together their experience to make 2007/2008

a great start.

 2008 was great to proof the potentials of snowkiting: The sport has a tremendous reach

fromracing over frozen lakes, freeriding in wide hills, endless flying, radical freeriding in high

mountainsor extreme wakeboard moves within fun parks. This means we experienced different

judging formatsand rider preferences. None of the single disciplines in Snwokiting can claim

being the only valid andour aim will be to put together different experiences to make the sport

become bigger and biggerinstead of pushing it into the extreme.


Over 100 riders from Austria to the United States were pushing the Sport in 2008.

Here are the results.

 The Championship will be expanded in 2009. The big challenge is to make the riders trave

l and price money

for itself will not be the answer. Our aim is to set up a travel budget wich is spent to the riders for

the 2009 eventsaccording to the results of 2008. The travel budget is financed by the sponsors

we will presentwith the tour planningfor 2009. Therefore it would be great if you mail us your

profile so that we can build up a

strong community

here is an example;   Mail in your data!


The organizers of Serre Chevalier, Reschensee and Sälen strongly believe in having done a

great first start and want to invite other events to join in.
An attractive spot, easy to be reached and ideally open towards spectatorsare the bestcriteria

to apply.

 Finally a great thanks to all the riders and helping hands who put together

this fantastic season!















    Results France             
1 Fr       Civel              Ozone  SKR  ZAG    
2 Fr       Robin            Flysurfer        
3 Fr       Beaume         Ozone  SKR   Les 2  alpes    
4 Fr      Thollet            Air Evolution  Zag  Gath  Intersport BSM  
4 Fr      Petrement      Air Evolution  Kiteaddict  Credit agricole  Landsailor  
5 Fr      Sublet            Cabhrina        
     Results World          
1 No    Kaupang         Fone  Norronna  Prolimit  Quiksilver  
2 Sw    Widerstrom    Flysurfer        
3 Ge    Bubmann         Flysurfer  Chiemse  Mystic  Scott  
4 It     Culasso            Advance  Dainese      
    Results SKM          
1 No    Kaupang        Fone  Norronna  Prolimit  Quiksilver  
2 Fr     Civel              Ozone  ZAG  SKR    
3 Fr     Robin            Flysurfer        
4 Sw    Widerstom   Flysurfer        


      Results France          
1 Fr    Chastagnol    Ozone  Red Bull  Dakine  Apo  
2 Fr    Blanchard      Flexifoil  Apo  Loubsol    
3 Fr    Lhote            Fone        
4 Fr    Couvreur      Flysurfer        
4 Fr    Chedal          Air Evolution        
4 Fr    Rupp            Airush        
4 Fr    Freund         Mac Twist  Kitest      
    Results world          
1 No    Botnen           Ozone        
2 Au    Palmers         Ozone  prolimit  SP  
3 No    Meum           Nobile  Zeal  Mystic    
4 Cz    Zach             Ozone  Arnette  Falen, Celsius  
5 Ger   Muller            Flysurfer  Kiteaira  Ripzone  Trans  
5 Ch    Luppi            RRD      
    Results SKM          
1 Fr    Chastagnol    Ozone   Red Bull  Dakine  Apo  
2 No    Botnen        Ozone        
3 Cz    Palmer         Ozone        
4 Fr    Blanchard     Flexifoil  Apo  Loubsol
   Best Tricks
Snowboard  …..  Sigve Botnen
Ski                 ….  Björn Kaupang











Snowkitemeisterschaft Reschensee


FREESTYLE SNOWBOARD Deutsche Meisterschaft
1. Hainer Brandstätter
2. Fabian Haberkorn
3. Iris Tonak
4. Martin Stobbe, Pascal Lohmann
5. Marieke Plüschke
6. Emmanuel Norman
7. Hardy Brandstätter

1. Hainer Brandstätter
2. Oliver Palmers
3. Fabian Haberkorn
4. Iris Tonak
5. Martin Stobbe, Pascal Lohmann
6. Johannes Spaeth, Marieke Plüschke
7. Lukas Klotz, Ronald Rotter, Maggie Cleeve, Emmanuel Norman
8. Luis Voiteschowsky, Hardy Brandstätter


FREESTYLE SKI International
1. Nico Paflitschek
2. Florian Gruber
3. Marian Hund
4. Kim Hauser


FREESTYLE SKI Deutsche Meisterschaft
1. Nico Paflitschek
2. Florian Gruber
3. Marian Hund
4. Kim Hauser

Best Girls Overall
1. Iris Tonak
2. Maggie Cleeve
3. Marieke Plüschke
4. Lan Schumacher

Nordicmasters Sälen











Unfortunately no wind but great Snowtow-Action


Dear riders

 it’s a good tradition … like each year, the end of September,  beginning of October!

the  French Alps recover of a light white coat, just to irritate our brain for a week end…

In short, this year, it was on Saturday October 4 on the spot of “col du petit St Bernard”.

There were just on the spot 30  cm of good “pow pow”, of the truth peuf which flies with the wind.

Ah yes, there was wind also which made fly snow… the sky not always blue but good,

5 hours of session for the first exit snowkite,

one will not cry!!

Enormous feeling to find snow
… and it was really  winter .
A short video on the blog:

Prem’s snowkite 2008 at Col du petit St bernard


Laurent Hémard

Kites & Boards



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