DAO Trip BVI 2012-2013 -

DAO Trip BVI 2012-2013 -


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There are several ways to explore the British Virgin Islands as we customize the trip to the customers preferences and activities, heres one way to explore the BVI: DAY 1 - Cooper Island Road Town to Cooper Island  6.5 nm: Its just a short sail across the well-protected Sir Francis Drake Channel to Cooper Island. Salt Island lies due west and has good day moorings, where you can tie up to do some swimming and snorkeling before heading to Cooper Island to pick up a mooring for the night in Manchioneel Bay (holding ground isnt good and moorings are in demand; arrive early). Take the dinghy ashore to enjoy the beach or relax aboard and admire views of the islands to the west. DAY 2 and 3 - Virgin Gorda Island Cooper Island to Virgin Gorda, North Sound  14 nm. After sampling the pleasures of Cooper Island, your British Virgin Islands sailing itinerary will take you northeast to the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. About 5 nautical miles from Cooper Island, on the west end of Virgin Gorda, is The Baths, a fascinating jumble of boulders, some of which form interesting caves to explore. If sea conditions are favorable for taking the dinghy ashore, this is a must-see highlight. Another option is stopping at The Dogs, a cluster of small islands off Virgin Gordas north shore. The snorkeling is spectacular. When you arrive at North Sound, youll find a plethora of marinas, resorts, restaurants, and scenic anchorages. Many sailors allocate two days to explore Virgin Gorda. DAY 4 - Marina Cay Virgin Gorda to Marina Cay  10 nm: By now youre completely in sailing mode. The stresses of life have faded, washed away with the combination of excellent sailing conditions, unparalleled Caribbean beauty, and a variety of pleasures ranging from the laid back to the active. A downwind passage of roughly 10 nautical miles from North Sound to the small island of Marina Cay will carry you along the north shore of Virgin Gorda and past The Dogs. Just northeast of Tortola, Marina Cay is nestled among three larger islands  Great Camanoe, Scrub, and Beef. Worthy of a painting by one of the great artists of history, Marina Cays beauty is breathtaking. The anchorage is sheltered and offers numerous mooring balls. Nearby Trellis Bay is also beautiful. It has a number of shops and restaurants. DAY 5 - Cane Garden Bay Marina Cay to Cane Garden Bay  18 nm. In a few shorts legs, you can sail northward around Scrub and Great Camanoe islands into the open waters caressing the northern shore of Tortola, passing the long tip of Guana Island, where a day anchorage are available in White Bay. Beyond, the land runs straight and bold, and then curves south until you arrive at picturesque Cane Garden Bay. Many residents of Tortola consider the bay one of the prettiest on the island, with its crescent-shaped beach of fine white sand juxtaposed against a lush backdrop of swaying palms. A number of fun nightspots are located right on the beach, or close to it, and dancing, dining, and enjoying great island cuisine are all popular pursuits. DAY 6 - Great Harbour Cane Garden Bay to Great Harbour  5 nm. Your British Virgin Islands itinerary has taken you east to the northern end of Virgin Gorda, and then progressed downwind to the west back to Tortola. Theres no reason to stop sailing west because the scenic island of Jost Van Dyke is just a short cruise away. Youll have plenty of time to stop at nearby Sandy Cay for some snorkeling and a tasty lunch. There are five anchorages or mooring sites on Jost Van Dyke, each with its own special charm. Peaks averaging 1,000 feet in elevation soar skyward from the shore of Great Harbour, home to Foxys, one of the most famous restaurants in the Caribbean. DAY 7 - The Bight Great Harbour to Norman Island  10 nm: The last full day of your British Virgin Islands sailing itinerary will take you southward from Great Harbour to lovely Norman Island and the popular anchorage known as The Bight. Once there you will have nearly circumnavigated Tortola! The Bight has two fun places to eat, including the floating restaurant Willie T, a replica of a 93-foot lumber schooner. Its also home to the caves at Treasure Point, a fascinating location for snorkeling. Just to the north of Norman Island are Pelican Island and The Indians, four rock pinnacles considered one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots in the area. British Virgin Islands Everyone can experience the British Virgin Islands by sea. Referred to as the sailing capital of the Caribbean, the BVI offers the finest and safest sailing in the world. The only thing you'll need is a spirit for adventure. The BVI has the consistency of the Caribbean trade winds, clear blue water, islands close enough for a day sail, and sunshine every day. Winds generally blow northeast to southeast at 10-25 knots, and are sometimes stronger in the winter months. From the main capital island of Tortola, sailors have an incredible variety of destinations in a cruising area that is about 32 miles long and 15 miles wide. A sailing vacation gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary amid the sixty islands and cays that form the BVI. Host to many yacht clubs, the BVI Spring Regatta features three days of exciting festivities and competition. Over 100 yachts will participate this year. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are comprised of more than 25 beautiful jewels set amid the sheltered, turquoise waters of the central Caribbean Sea. Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and Anegada are the major isles of the archipelago. The smaller islands, many splendid for day or overnight visits, add to the varied mix of tropical pleasures, which can be as laid-back or as active as desired during a British Virgin Islands yacht charter. White-sand beaches, luxury waterfront resorts, sailor-friendly bars and upscale restaurants, chic boutique shopping, snorkeling and scuba diving on coral reefs teeming with sea life, it is all the perfect blend to create a delightfully rejuvenating experience under sail on a private luxury yacht. British Virgin Islands sailing vacations are one of the top choices among sailors for a terrific and memorable Caribbean adventure. Sailing in Tortola British Virgin Islands sailing vacation offers a unique combination of steady trade winds, sheltered waters with minimal tidal currents, few unmarked hazards, line-of-sight navigation, excellent navigation aids, short hops to new destinations (often just a few hours or less), and protected bays and sounds where anchoring or picking up a mooring is easy and stress-free. Marinas with fuel and water are never far away, nor is support from the Moorings base in Road Town. The trade winds generally average 10 to 20 knots most of the year, and they hold steady, making the BVI superb for sailors new to cruising. Its easy to plot a course to suit the most favorable point of sail on virtually any passage, the islands provide smooth-water lees, and the navigation is straightforward. Temperatures average between 75°F and 88°F (24°C  31°C). Tortola Highlights ( Many of the British Virgin Islands are mountainous remnants of long-extinct volcanoes, rising from the sea in lush green that captivates the eye. The area includes majestic stone formations and intriguing flooded caves. Coral reefs abound. The natural beauty is a major reason why sailors choose a British Virgin Islands yacht charter, but the attractions ashore are also plentiful and varied, from beachside bars and luxury resorts to quiet villages and eclectic shops. Cane Garden Bay: Located on the north side of Tortola, just east of Jost Van Dyke, Cane Garden Bay is popular among cruisers for its beauty, beach, and nightlife. Shaped like the tip of a thumb, the bay curves around in a gentle arc, presenting a view from the boat of the white-sand beach and palm-studded shore, the quintessential Caribbean scene. Swim, windsurf, kayak, and relax at anchor or on a mooring until the sun sinks below the horizon. During the evening the beachfront restaurants and bars hum with activity. Enjoy conch, pumpkin fritters, or other fare at Quitos Gazebo while sipping a Bushwhacker, a drink made from four different kinds of rum. The Owner, Quito Rymer, often plays solo guitar and sings, or plays with his band, The Edge. Myetts Garden & Grille Restaurant is another popular haunt, with a varied dinner menu and calypso, fungi, and reggae bands playing on most nights. The Bight: A pleasant sail southward from Road Town, The Bight on Norman Island Offers one of the most sheltered and beautiful anchorages in the BVI, as well as the popular Willie T floating restaurant. Treasure Point is indented with four flooded caves; the northernmost one extends 70 feet. Inside the water is shallow, carrying depths of four feet to the naturally carved room at the end. With an underwater flashlight to illuminate the sea life below and the purple- and rust-colored walls of the cave interiors above the waters surface, its an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Due north of The Bight is Pelican Island and The Indians, four tawny rock pinnacles extending 50 feet above and below the waters surface to create a superior snorkeling and dive spot. Elkhorn, brain, and star coral, sea sponges, sea fans, and gorgonians flourish there. We like to make our guests as comfortable and relaxed as possible, you choose your itinerary whether it will be snorkelling on a beautiful reef, fishing or joining Daniel for a kiteboarding lesson, the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless... Food: We keep it real...Healthy and simple means delicious. Our first priority is to try to be self sufficient by fishing and spear fishing. For those who do not like seafood, or have allergies we have plenty of other options available with advance notice. Daniel is our fisherman, and we are always overfed. Polynesian cuisine, tapas, and of course the open grill is on the menu. Local alcohol is included. What to bring: The main thing is to travel light: shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Bring a hat, sun cream, a toothbrush, and good sunglasses. A long sleeve shirt can be helpful to for a lunch and a light sun jersey can keep the mid day sun tame. For those who can always find a way to be cold a pair of yoga pants and a windbreaker is all you will need in the tropics! You can bring your own snorkelling equipment, rash guard, shorty wetsuit or summer suit and booties. Your luggage should be flexible to easily fit in the storage compartments in the boat.


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