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  June 15th, 2007

Once again SBC Media delivers the magazine no kiteboarder should be without. The summer issue is jammed full of the best kiteboarding from across the Continent and around the world.
    Inside: the sickest action sequences ever seen in kiteboarding are seamlessly stitched together. Photographer Toby Bromwich snaps the world’s best on tour and catches Aaron Hadlow’s Back Mobe to wrapped, Ruben Lenten’s Front Mobe 5, Rui Meira’s Slim Chance Grab and Yuri Zoon’s Mobe 7 to name just a few. The riding is insane.
    Planning to plunk down your hard-earned money to buy a kite? SBC Kiteboard is required reading. SBC’s test team is regarded as the most in-depth, and this issue they investigate the latest in SLE and Hybrid designs. During this round of testing, the team’s goal was to cut through the brand-specific marketing terms and better understand the various styles of kite design and the inherent strengths and limitations. This issue includes individual reviews of the new Airush Vapor, Best Yarga, Cabrinha Omega, F-One Tribal 2, Flexifoil Ion 2, Globerider Sonic, Globerider Trix, Liquid Force Mig, Ocean Rodeo One, Ocean Rodeo Rise, Ozone Instinct Sport, and Slingshot Turbo 2.
     Photographer Alex Jowett and his rag-tag crew of riders discover the most breathtaking kiteboarding location we have ever seen. Dune Blanche is an awe-inspiring location; the kind of place you wouldn’t believe existed if it weren’t for the photographic evidence.
    You know you’re fast on a kite and you want to prove it to the world? This issue’s Kite Camp gives the lowdown on GPS speed and insight on posting the results for the world to see.
    The Tools of the Trade checks out the legendary Andre ìDreî Phillip’s quiver. Yes, he really does have five different surfboards for kiting.
    Read the summer issue and find out why the world’s top riders are calling SBC Kiteboard their favourite.



Win a Slingshot T2 and Jimmy Lewis Model III.
SBC Kiteboard loves to give away lots of free swag to their loyal readers. SBC Kiteboard readers get a chance to win the brand new Turbo 2 kite courtesy of Slingshot. Simply log on to for your chance to win.
    SBC is also giving away a Jimmy Lewis Model III. SBC is looking for your best hitchhiking story. E-mail it to
    Someone has got to win, so it might as well be you!



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SBC Kiteboard is published four times per year: February, April, June and September.


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