Amateurs and professionals, fifty competitors took part in Red Bull Kite Quest held successfully in the city of Saint Malo Saturday, April 21. The event took place off the main beach of Furrow in ideal weather conditions: sun and wind, to the delight of all.Competition and treasure hunt were on the agenda of this first edition won brilliantly by the triple world champion Bruno Sroka discipline.

Attractive program that Red Bull Kite Quest who valued sporting performance of the participants, their speed and endurance but also their ingenuity and adventurous spirit.
Three races acted out a series of ten kite surfers with a starting line. After the first session, the first forty were eligible to participate in the second run which only the first sixteen disputed the final. In each series, the competitors had to pick up on buoys pieces of the map that would lead them to hidden treasure in the heart of Fort National in front of the walled city.

“This competition is great!” Bruno Sroka says the winner in a broad smile. “The format is fun and it’s really a nice way to democratize the category” race “of kite surfing, often reserved for the elite. Although the majority of competitors are amateurs, the competition was good and the level treasure hunt to find the treasure was interesting! For my part, besides having won, I am happy to have raced in France because it has been three years since I run outside and be here to Saint Malo is a great way to reconnect with the middle of the French kite. Especially as I wait for the right time to cross the Channel from Brittany to Plymouth to support the candidacy of kite surfing in the Olympics in 2016. ”
Red Bull Kite Quest was deliberately open to everyone, amateur or headliners. And that’s Neck Sebastian, vice champion of France and member of the France team racing racing that goes on the second step of the podium: “I really appreciated the quality of the organization and the friendly side which persisted throughout the day. Everyone can expect a good result on this kind of meeting! ”

And this is the case of Didier Meliani which for its first participation in a competition, finished third: “This is a unexpected result given the level. Are enrolled with friends for a good time and we don ‘ was not disappointed! Yet I had a board and a kite freestyle, so I was not in the best conditions, but the length of each series was perfect. We first had to run on the beach before joining our kite Surfing at the water’s edge, and it already was not easy! Then you had to be very careful not to tangle the lines of our sails were very close to begin with. Then just had to give back .. . For me it was nothing but happiness for the series were not too long and I never went too exhausted! And “rider” in a competition next to people that we usually see in magazines, c ‘ is strong! ”

The pleasure of all was palpable on the main beach of Saint Malo. The crowd gathered attended the wonderful show of kite sails on the sea, and competitors have shared a moment of true sport.


Francois Collin, president of the club kite surfing in Saint Malo, Emerald Kite, co-organizer and competitor
“I am very happy to finish fourth, especially since we had a good battle for third place and that members of our club finish third, fourth and fifth. For the association, it is! It is lot of work to be in the organization and participate in the competition, but it’s really fun! I worked a lot these days about the event and before the start of the race, I had cramps everywhere! But it was worth it, it was really great! ”

Laure Saint Paul Peyro. One of three female participants
“I discovered kite surfing during my honeymoon in the Canary Islands six years ago. Before, I was only to windsurfing. We bought a kite for two, took some courses and since we sail without constantly kite surfing. It seems that it is difficult but in fact, passed the initial apprehension and with good technique to master his wing everything becomes easy. I came on Red Bull Kite Quest with my husband and a friend and we secured a small sum to challenge three. The best of the group will be the winner! ” Unfortunately, a fall in the first inning prevented him from winning his bet!

Loic Maheas. The youngest participant
“I’m 17 and I come from Los Angeles. My mother is French, she wanted me to come to Saint Malo learn French and be bilingual. But after two years here, I returned to the U.S. this summer. I practice kite surfing since I arrived in France. I have already participated in some competitions in windsurfing, kite but never. This is a first and I was not really a suitable board, it is a bit heavy. For me the biggest difficulty is not tangled lines of sails with the other competitors at the time of departure. You have to look around, be very careful, I’m really happy to have stayed until the final! ”

Damien Vincent. Commercial director of Facebook
“I practice kite surfing for ten years and my parents have a house near St. Malo. I love this area and as I had never competed before, it was the perfect opportunity! I have course heard of the event with Red Bull because I’m a fan on Facebook! This is a very friendly family competition and the theme of pirates I like it! “

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