The 2010 PKRA season has ended and this are the results! OVERALL RESULTS: FREESTYLE MEN: 1. ANDY YATES 2. Alex Pastor 3. Youri Zoon

WOMEN: 1. GISELA PULIDO 2. Bruna Kajiya 3. Karolina Winkowska WAVE MEN: 1. Guilly Brandao 2. Mitu Monteiro 3. Ian Glaza WOMEN: 1. Gisela Puliso 2. Kari Schibbevaag BOARDERCROSS 1. Mitu Monteiro 1. Jalou Langeree Also the results of the last event which was hold in Australia! PKRA – Nerang Gold Coast – AustralieRESULTS SINGLES: MEN: 1. Tom Hebert! 2. Andy Yates 3. Alberto Rondina 4. Reno Romeu WOMEN: 1. Bruna Kajiya 2. Gisela Pulido3. JALOU LANGEREE 4. Kari Schibbevaag

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