Pro rider Guilluame Chastagnol (Chasta) signed up to the International Red Bull Team!| Pro rider Guilluame Chastagnol (Chasta) signed up to the International Red Bull Team! We knew it wouldn’t take long for RedBull to realise that snowkiting was right up their alley…and the right man to front their image in this incredible sport could only be “Chasta” The Snowkite Super Session held in Austria mid March was where RedBull finally saw Chasta in action. Chasta as always dominated the international field of riders including Fadi Issa from Maui. Watching Chasta on a DVD or in pictures doesn’t do him justice, you have to see him in motion to realise how smooth and technical he is. The top honchos at RedBull saw his impressive style and signed him up right away without hesitation! Not bad considering that Red Bull is banned in France and they have never sponsored a French athlete in any sports discipline before!! Congratulations to Chasta, with Red Bulls amazing marketing reach this will really help promote snowkiting in a positive way. Ozone Team crowned Winter Tour World Snowkite Champions. After a full and successful snowkite season Ozone pro-riders Guilluame Chastagnol and Sigve Botnen were crowned World Champions with Chasta (Guillaume) taking 1st and young blood Sigve 2nd in snowboard. Fabrice Tripier Mondancin placed 2nd overall in ski. for more info

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