Recon allows the rider to immediately turn off the power of the kite by activating the Recon’s quick release handle.|


> IMMEDIATE DEPOWER > INSTANT RELAUNCH > SPINNING LEASH > NO 5TH LINE > NO COMPLICATED BRIDLE > STANDARD ON ALL 2004 KITES IMMEDIATE DEPOWER RECON is a unique security leash and relaunch system. Recon allows the rider to immediately turn off the power of the kite by activating the Recon’s quick release handle. The rider then stays connected to the depowered kite by a leash which is integrated into the harness loop. As long as the rider is hooked into the harness loop, he/she is attached to the leash. INSTANT RELAUNCH The same patented function that depowers the kite also serves as a relaunch feature. When the kite is leading edge down on the water or snow, it can be launched in reverse or rolled into the preferred side launch position by simply pulling on only one of the back leader lines. SPINNING LEASH The RECON’s two key components are tightly integrated into the construction of the kite as well as the control system to eliminate the added lines and tethers normally associated with conventional leashes or reverse launch systems. There is no 5th line, external wrist or harness leash, or a complex bridling system. FEATURES 1. Patented security depower and relaunch system. A Cabrinha exclusive. 2. Leash is integrated into the harness loop. This means that there are no external leash lines attached to the wrist or harness. 3. Rider is able to spin the control bar without the concern for tangling with an additional leash line….there is none! 4. The relaunch mechanism is located directly on the kite and is activated using the existing leader lines. RECON does not require an additional 5th line to perform a reverse launch. 5. The location of the depower release handle is in a logical position above the control bar, directly in the riders normal line of sight. 6. The Recon, once released, is fully recoverable.   DOWNLOAD THE RECON PDF  


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