Spocky a regular user of did a kite trip in Brazil last summer. As the winter is now kicking in in this part of the world|

Spocky a regular user of did a kite trip in Brazil last summer. As the winter is now kicking in in this part of the world (Northen Europe), he thought that publishing a little report would be wise ! But first check out his video. We stayed three weeks there, mainly in Cumbucco as well as doing a few day trips to Paracuru, A classic kiting trip for sure, but I am sure you will all appreciate those info : The spots:Cumbuco – Cauipe Lagoon : One of Brazil most famous kitesurfing spot situated around 7/8 kilometres of Cumbuco. Ultra flat water (not salty) with a few restaurants on the beach which are much cheaper than the bigger one across the beach and lagoon. The lagoon gets really crowded with a mix of rider (from beginners to pros). So watch out for kites flying around! The local rule: Downwind (closer to the ocean) is mainly reserved for beginners whilst the one just outside the small restaurants is mainly used by locals and other pro riders. You will also find a nice speed strip on the left of the spot. Downwinder in the waves to go to the Lagoon is a must do. (20/30 minutes) and a buggy ride back to your Pousada. (10R$ per people if 3 or more in the buggy otherwise 15R$). This spot is really “the best place in the world”. The only drawback is when it gets over crowded. Be aware hat the lagoon is not as busy in the morning; however, the wind is not as good as later on in the day.Cumbuco beach: A huge beach with side shore wind, usually only a minute away from your pousada. The water is really choppy and the water feels really salty. However, it is not as crowded than in the lagoon. At low tide, the water is flat especially in front of the « Duro Beach » pousada so this bit gets a it more crowded.Paracuru – Quebramar : Paracuru top spot ! Side on wind with a reef surrounding the beach that makes the turquoise water really flat at low tide. Be careful of the pebbles and other broken shells. This spot is ideal 2 hours before and after high water. At high tide the water is choppy and the waves out in the reef are not really powerful in general. Equipments: 7 and 9m were the only two kites we ever used in September 2008 (our first trip) and in our last trip (August 2010). The wind is really regular and kicks in every morning in between 9 and 10 am and get stronger up to 4 or 5 pm before coming down with the sun. In general, the more north you go, the stronger the wind gets: Cumbuco: 20-25knts, Jeri 30-35 knts. (may be even 40knts) No need for a wetsuit or a Shorty the water is really warm (26°C)!! A normal board short, a rash vest and your strongest sun cream will do the trick.Pousada: We stayed at the Cumbuco GuestHouse Pousada which is not the nearest to the town centre or beach. However, the service is excellent, the place spotless and the breakfast are great. It is located around 5 minutes walk away from the town centre, Restaurants: Our favourite one was ACL on Cumbuco beach and we really loved the El Gaucho for its meat.Divers: The locals are really cool. No security issue in Cumbucco and around. Out in the water, the ambiance is great in general with some locals having a great level in freestyle (They could all be on the PKRA !). Cumbucco is 100% kite and our feeling is that it is the main income generator in the town. You will find many places to repair your kites as well as a few shops. They are really expensive. Do not expect to make a good deal especially in Jeri.


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