Here we are, in the middle of dunes and camels, where man stopped building and nature is taking over the job (First Dakhla effect: poetry)
As the hours go by, we are starting to see the cream of the cream arrive, and everyone seem tohave made it for the first stop of the 2012 PKRA tour!
Everyone? No, it’s false. With the new season, there’s also the questioning and the long healing of the winter injuries. We heard on the side that Tom Hebert is done competing, Thomas Paris (like Cesar Portas and Aaron Hadlow) is injured, Mario Rowald decided not to come at the last minute. But the heart of it all, the icing between the cake layers, is there: Youri Zoon, Alez Pasotr, Alberto Rondina, Marc Jacobs, Seb Garat, Gisela Pulido, Bruna Kajiya, Karolina Winkowska, Asia Litwin… and that’s only 1/10 of people on the list!
Today is dedicated to training, registration, a bit of rest and meeting old friends. They all look like kids coming back to summer camp! The weather forecast for tomorrow aren’t great for the first part of the day but supposed to get better. In other words: there will be something to do with it! Keep an eye open and stay tuned!

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