We are proud to present you our new snowkite brochure for the Snowkites 08. The brochure includes product pages for the all new Snowkites AccessXC; FrenzyFX and MantaII|


New Snowkite Brochure available

ImageWe are proud to present you our new snowkite brochure for the Snowkites 08. The brochure includes product pages for the all new Snowkites AccessXC; FrenzyFX and MantaII
Plus some words from Chasta and our Pittarak Team that crossed Greenland from South to North travelling 2300km with our kites. In one 24hr non-stop kite session they travelled 412km!

Download Brochure here


2008 Snowkite Control System Flyer

ImageOver one year in the making Ozone’s New Molded Chickenloop design is here for the 08 Snowkites and 08 waterkites
Easy to operate, wide mouth for hooking in our out easily 
Passes the requirements for the AFNOR EU Norms for Chickenloop
Top handle spins for easy line un-tangling 
Expert leash attachment 
Fits into bar for perfect connection (male to female) 
Fool-proof release system and easy to re-connect with one hand 
Wear proof chickline (But is replaceable in case of failure by accident)

Download Flyer here


NZ Snowkite Trip Slideshow

ImageChasta, Dom, myself and Pascal spent five weeks in august traveling across the New Zealand searching out new snowkite spots.

Here is the slideshow which shows just how amazing New Zealand is for kiting, feel free to use the slideshow on your webpages as a link

click here to watch the slideshow 





Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the

mountain in its purest form without the

hustle and bustle of a ski-resort? Of getting

to the top without queuing for the ski-lift?

Or looked across at clean, empty mountains

wishing you could access all that powder

and terrain?

Then you need snowkiting!

Snowkiting is the ultimate dream. To us at

Ozone it’s about getting out there and using

the power a kite gives you to cruise, slash,

jump and carve your way across snowfields,

mountain ranges, ice-caps and even your

own backyard. Snowkiting up-hill is as much

fun as the decent without the kite; you’ll be

blasting across all over the mountain, free as

the wind!

You can climb 1000m in 10 minutes or kite

across the terrain that you dream to ride,

not where a resort dictates. You have 100%

control and thanks to our parafoil design, with

an Ozone snowkite you just un-wind and GO!

Snowkiting also extends your winter

seasons; we are typically the first winter

sports enthusiasts enjoying the first

snowfalls, and long after the resorts close

in April you’ll still find snowkiters loving

the spring snow.

At Ozone we’ve been perfecting snowkite

design since 2001, to give you the ultimate

tool for kiting on snow and accessing killer

terrain. If you love the snow and are a

snowboarder or skier who wishes you

could ride when and where you want,

then snowkiting is for you!

The best for ultimate performance and

maximum safety, Ozone kites for 2007/8

have been tested all over the world by

our industry leading team of riders and

designers, including snowkiting legend,

Guillaume “Chasta” Chastagnol.

Life is for LIVING! So this winter, go

snowkiting: it opens up a whole new

world just ready for the taking.

Matt Taggart and all the Ozone Team








Ozone is a professional company, at the forefront of kitesports innovations and

excellence, but we’re also passionate riders, enjoying our sport to the max …

See you out there!









Snowkiting is hard to beat as a

sport; it offers total freedom, no

lift queues and a fresh sense of

adventure every time you ride.

Its my favourite fix!

Fave Kites:

6m Access XC, Frenzy FX 9m and

the Manta II 12m. The ultimate

snowkite quiver for all wind

speeds and conditions.


160 Board – Stance 15/12

Fave moment:

Backcountry on Hector Mountain,

New Zealand with Chasta and


I saw a photo of snowkiting some

8 years ago. It looked amazing, so

when the snow came I had to try it

for myself. My first attempts were

slightly out of control but I did ride,

and the feeling I got has kept me

addicted ever since. I love all

adventure sports but nothing does

it for me like snowkiting.

I remember riding in Norway with

the Ozone team. With perfect

conditions we cruised far and wide

across the snow covered landscape,

only stopping when we found wind

lips and features to launch off and

powder to rip up. Memories so

good I will take them to my grave!

My quiver…Manta 10m for everyday

riding, Frenzy 11m for the light winds,

Access 6m for the strong wind and

my new Manta 15m for flying.

I started snowkiting about 8 years

ago and one day I came to the

Lautaret Pass and saw the guys

riding in the mountains. That was

the point where it all turned around

and a new world opened up for me.

Since then all I’m looking for is

mountains or backcountries. I

practice all kind of kitesports but

snowkiting is my favourite by far.

I use Frenzy FX 13m for light winds

plus the 9m. Access 8m and 6m

for backcountry and mountains in

strong gusty conditions, wearing the

new Access XC harness as backup

above my waist harness. I always

have a backpack with me with a

smaller kite plus tea or water and

chocolate bars. Using touring skis

plus skins and telescope poles to

get back if wind stops.

Ride safe, Dom.


I followed the winter for 6 seasons in

a row, snowboarding in the States/

Canada and NZ. Then I discovered

kite-sports about 6 years ago and

haven’t looked back. Snowkiting for

me inserts the missing link in the

sport of snowboarding.

With snowkiting once you have your

gear you are no longer limited by ski

resort facilities or boundaries. For

free you ride all day with your mates

where you want, sessioning natures

transitions, untouched powder, and

literally flying down the sides of

mountains, ye-haaa now that’s living!!

Kites of choice;

Frenzy FX 13m tractor for light winds,

the Manta II 10m jumping machine

for high winds and the 6m Access XC

for nuking winds or teaching friends.







I started snowkiting in 2001. This was totally new to me, but I found out

how it worked with a friend. This was so cool! You can go where ever you

want to go, uphill, downhill, jump, fly, so many possibilities. I got hooked

straight away, and wanted to be out kiting all the time. For me it’s all about

having fun, pushing the level of kiting, being outdoors and doing a sport

you can master. I push the wake-style with my friends. It feels so good

when you have a new trick in hand, or you go full speed in 20cm powder.

It’s hard to put the feeling into words, just a super good feeling. I also do

water kiting. It is nice to do both; snowkiting and waterkiting. When you

have been one winter on the mountain it feels good to go back on the

water and opposite. It never gets boring.



I grew up in the mountains and miss it when I’m not there! It’s the fresh air,

space and using the power of nature that makes snowkiting special. I never

get bored of the possibilities, or the amazing scenery! Snowkiting doesn’t just

mean big air or jumps; pack a bag and go; uphill, downhill, from cabin to

cabin! Imagine a day with bluesky and a kite in the air taking you where you

want to go – you might be the very first person on that exact spot.

Kiting is easier to learn on snow, and it’s a sport anyone can enjoy, young or

old! You don’t need to be an athlete or need as much power or wind to get

moving, but it’s important to have someone teach you so you know how to

control and manage the equipment and the elements. Take care like in any

mountain sport, and then go enjoy!



I started snowkiting about 3 years ago. There are four ways about this

wonderful sport: cruising around, freestyle, flying, and freeride

backcountry. The last one is definitely my favourite. I prepare each of my

session with this main goal, going as far as possible, slowly, enjoying the

powder, the game with the wind to cross the hills, the valleys, the

mountains, and come back.

I use two Ozone kites; the 10m Manta II and the 6m Access XC.

I wear the new XC Harness, and I go with mountaineering skis, with

skins and poles to come back if the wind stops. I’m 50 years old, and a

grand-father, that means everybody can learn and manage snowkiting!


I started snowkiting 8 years ago at the Lautaret pass, in the steep

mountains. Right away I understood that this was my ‘free’ lift ticket,

and perfect to discover new spots around those beautiful glaciers.

Then I met the Ozone Crew, and got the best foil kites; easy to kill at the

top of the hill, and easy to pack for snowboarding down again. We’re all

addicted to riding the mountains in 3 dimensions, and see the potential of

riding new spots all around the world!

My quiver…12m and 10m Manta, and 8m for sure, plus my normal

harness with a climbing harness.

So, see you on the spot soon!




3 lines from the bar: the middle power line is a 500kg

line, splitting in a Y to each side of the speedsystem kite.


Really improving the kite’s turn, reduced parasitic

drag, increased speed and no twists in the lines.


Frenzy FX • Manta II


Robbie has also modified the kites bridal design

with the X-Line which crosses the speedsystem.


Creating a barrier that blocks the kite from being

able to BOW-TIE.


Frenzy FX • Manta II





Our NEW, moulded Megatron Chickenloop is easy to

operate, with a wide mouth for hooking in and out

easily. It passes all requirements of the AFNOR EU

Norms for Chickenloop releases in emergency



Spinning top handle for easy line un-tangling, with

suicide leash attachment, fits into the bar for perfect

connection (male to female), fool-proof release system,

easy re-connection with one hand. Bullet proof Beal

trim line will never wear out, though it is replaceable

in case of failure by accident.

The Ozone RE-RIDE safety system is the original

and finest safety system for depowering kites. It

could not be easier to use: simply reach up and

grab the RED safety handle, pull down and the kite

remains connected to you but without power. It stalls

and lands neatly downwind of you ready for you to

re-connect the system.

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