It took numerous prototypes, clever innovations, extensive testing and careful analysis of test results to develop the new Rhino 04. And one thing is for sure – it was worth the effort and we are proud of the result! North Rhino 04 “The Rhino 04 is a top performer and |It took numerous prototypes, clever innovations, extensive testing and careful analysis of test results to develop the new Rhino 04. And one thing is for sure – it was worth the effort and we are proud of the result! North Rhino 04 “The Rhino 04 is a top performer andin developing this kite the North team has once again set new standards with regards to performance, control and innovative power! The Rhino 04 is t h e new High Aspect Ratio Kite on the market. With maximum hang time and extreme power, the Rhino is the perfect flying object and contest kite for advanced and top kiters! Compared with its predecessor, the new Rhino’s has a significantly wider range of application. It now flies extremely close to the edge of the wind window. At the same time it offers very good control with excellent depowering and perfect upwind abilities. The Rhino 04 owes its revolutionary characteristics to its extremely innovative profile. At the center it retains a classic shape, while its tips feature elongated s-shaped reflex profiles. With regards to rigidity and durability, this kite sets new standards in performance and quality. These enhancements are possible through the use of new materials (such as our Ballistic Snakeskin) and new design features such as the new Fusion Rib Joints. The Rhino 04 is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 20 m2. Particularly the kites between 16 and 20 m2 are also excellent for light wind conditions due to their fast and direct response. North makes the (r)evolution!” Characteristics “Functional Panel Layout: North kites have always had functional panel layouts, and the layout for the Rhino 04 takes this philosophy to a new level. When we analyzed the loads on a kite canopy, we quickly saw that the tip and trailing edge areas require the strongest cloth. Thus, the Rhino 04 layout concentrates strength in those areas through both cloth selection and thread alignment, while saving weight in less load-sensitive areas through the use of standard fabrics. Ballistic Snakeskin: Since the Rhino 04 is kite for experts, its tips and trailing edge are reinforced with our Ballistic Snakeskin for extra performance. Ballistic Snakeskin is twice as tear proof as conventional Tejen material! Canopy and Seam Reinforcement: The original North Rhino led the way toward the correct use of proper materials in kite construction. Many features pioneered by North, such as the use of Dacron (stabilized woven polyester) in a segmented leading edge, have become the standard in high quality kites. We have continued this tradition by reinforcing the canopy only in key areas to avoid unnecessary weight. Nevertheless, our new kites are now more resistant to damage from crashes and abuse and the panels are easier to replace, which simplifies repair work. Key reinforcements can be found spanwise at the leading edge of the canopy and chordwise between the ribs and the canopy. Low-drag Canopy Reinforcement: The entry of the kite is aerodynamically the most important part of it. We have therefore chosen to put low-drag canopy reinforcement in the entry area. If you need thick, burley, high-drag dirt-bike pads on your kite leading edge because you can’t keep it in the air, the Rhino 04 isn’t for you! Reflex Tips: The tip of a kite tends to operate at low and changing angles of attack. The result is that kites often look nervous in the air, with the tips wobbling from side to side. Part of our solution to this problem is the patent-based Reflex Tip – an elongated s-shaped profile. In this profile, the trailing edge is designed to deflect airflow in such a way as to slightly increase and stabilize the angle of attack of the entire profile. The desired Reflex Tip shape is controlled and maintained through the use of Carbon Reflex Tip Battens and Reflex Hexribs. Fusion Rib Joints: Our Fusion Rib Joints not only ensure the kite’s high rigidity and stability, but also help keep the entire canopy smooth and eliminate flat spots. Low-drag, High-pressure Ribs: It’s not true that all types and sizes of kite need to have as little aerodynamic drag as possible. However, we like to control drag by putting it where we want it and eliminating it where we don’t want it. To the end of eliminating undesired drag we have created the lowest drag ribs available. From the low profile and correct orientation of our seams to the small overall diameter and tiny, low-turbulence rib ends, the Rhino 04 ribs are designed to reduce undesirable skin friction and wake drag to a minimum. One might ask: but don’t we need thick ribs for greater profile stability? The answer is that rib thickness is necessary up to a certain point, but that going thicker doesn’t increase profile stability. Instead it increases weight and can reduce the necessary flexibility that any kite needs in order to do things like steer quickly or adjust to changing winds. At the same time that we reduced rib diameter, we increased permissible inflation pressure. The chance of ribs breaking under higher pressure isn’t greater because the load on seams and cloth is proportional to the product of rib diameter and air pressure (rib diameter times air pressure). Thus, reducing diameter permits higher inflation pressures without increasing loads. For optimum performance, the Rhino04 Low Drag Ribs must be inflated to 12-15 psi. To help you with correct inflation pressures the pumps supplied with the new North kites will be equipped with air gauges. Pinch-free Rib Valves and Deflators: Low-drag ribs require high inflation pressures, so all Rhino 04 rib valves are pinch free. Deflation takes seconds with the built-in deflators. Dump Valves: Dump valves in the tips permit the rider to roll the kite up from one end to the other.” More information on North Kites: North Kites Photos: North Kites

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