The new One for All Scepter Bar allows the kiter to use just one bar with all kites.|The new One for All Scepter Bar allows the kiter to use just one bar with all kites. The Ready to Go System helps laying out the lines and launching the kite directly. Identical line lengths for each kite make switching sizes fast and uncomplicated. Only some fine tuning is required to suit the various harness types and individual riding styles. Variable turn speed variations With the Variable Turning Speed Variations ( VTSV ) North has developed a system that offers extensive tuning opportunities to adapt the kite to the riders individual skills and present conditions. Four different setups are possible to control steering impulse, agility in turns and power, offering the opportunity of perfect tuning and maximizing fun on the water. And isnt that what kite surfing is all about? SETUP # 1   LIGHT WIND This is the perfect setup for a good day of light wind. The wide bar together with wide spacing between flying and bridle lines maximizes agility and power. This is the way to get as much as possible out of the kite and ensure optimum planing. SETUP # 2 MODERATE WIND This is a good setup for beginners in moderate wind. The wide bar requires aggressive steering for the kite to react. This forces the rider to concentrate on steering and thus helps avoid mistakes. The kite is less nervous in the air and easier to keep in position for water re-launch. SETUP # 3   EXPERT ONLY Setup three is for experts only. The kite should be fairly well powered for direct transfer of impulses from the narrow bar to the kite maximizing agility and lift for jumps. Due to the wide setup the kite will only respond to aggressive steering. This is not a setup for the undecided!  SETUP # 4   WAKE STYLE This setup is for wake style riding and for trying new maneuvers. A short bar connected to the kites inner points of attachment make it almost sluggish. It provides maximum pull on the lines together with very slow turning and steering impulses on the kite for full concentration on tricks. These ideal wakeboarding characteristics have so far only been known from two line kites and are now available with a modern four liner.

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