Arriving to the Philippines without luggage was not the planned start of the year, but the first target was the CWC cable park and they had rentals, so at least we could ride. Over a week later our gear arrived, by that time the arms were already sore but now the shredding could begin! Awesome hitting some bigger sliders and at least throw something new on the kicker.

When the rest of my crew returned to Sweden I headed to Boracay to kite. There I realized that flat for some people can be pretty rough water. So me and two buddies, Wind and Martin took a chance and headed to a remote island in the open sea.

Once there I saw a pile of pre bent bamboo laying around and my ideas of a bamboo rail seemed realizable. Said and done, with help of the local kitesurfer – Jing, we cut some bamboo in the bush. Then another local helped me to build it, true pilipina style, no screws, only bamboo and nylon. Later in the evening it was ready and the next morning we threw it in the water.

The video is mostly about the lifestyle on the island and the build but a few decent hits on the rail should be found in the middle.


I brought the new C4 in 11 and 15m, they felt even more solid than last year and I think the relaunch is improved because I can’t remember having my kites in the water… Along with the kites I brought an Underground Steeze 137, dope board, I have mostly riding it finless both in the cable park and with the kite and it feels awesome. The fins add some more tracking when the water is rough for increased pop but otherwise it works well without. C4 and Steeze thats an awesome combination and makes me happy!

For more videos, check my site,, you will find at least one from the cable park…

Now I’m back in Sweden, kind of rainy here but the ocean is almost free from ice now, so the season will start in a few days! In the beginning of March there is a snowkite rail event Östersund, skeosd, 3-6 March, see you there hitting rails!

Source: Ozone Kites

from : Nils Heuman

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