New zealand kiteboard magazine Issue 8

Thank you again and welcome back to Issue 8 of Apparently in the mystical arts the number 8 is related to Renewal. It is fitting then for this issue we have the renewal of two of the biggest names in Kiteboarding grace our pages with their new beginnings. We have the scoop on Andre Phillip who has been riding for Cabrinha for 11 years, become part owner of Tona boards & riding Slingshot Kites, beginning a new chapter in his life. The other is Aaron Hadlow 5 time world PKRA champion, returning to the podium on his first effort following a 4 year absence exploring non competitive kiteboarding, and nurse a blown knee. We also interview NZ’s latest world champion, Annabel Anderson, who has stormed the SUP race world tour absolutely thrashing everybody, man and woman.

New zealand kiteboard magazine Issue 8

New zealand kiteboard magazine Issue 8

Jake Kelsick kicks off his new Column WAKE N JAKE making steezy easy with his instructional videos showing us how to hit the sliders, Kickers & slap stickers. Also on our pro tips team is Torrin Bright throwin down a kiteloop 360, and Cynthia Brown with a strapless backside 360 in her surfboard column STRAPLESS BRAH If you don’t know, you will know. We also showcase a reader session in DEAR DIARY TODAY I WENT KITEBOARDING Matty Taggart gives us the bro down on his recent trip to Alaska. If you have an epic session and great shots, email them in and we’ll make you infamous. For all you hipsters out there we have BUDDHA SAYS WHATS HOT our regular feature looking at the spiritual concept of attachment to gadgets and cool stuff. As Buddha say, ” Sell everything, and buy this stuff instead”

As always we have bucketloads of spray in the FROTH gallery highlighting action from around the globe just minutes after it happened! And NO WIND showcasing the many sports we take up when there is no wind dare I say, SUP, Surf, Wake, Cable, MTB, hoolaa hoop and more ;-) Throw in all the regular features and you have issue 8 of

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