Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 Hawaii

The Finals of the 2012 Naish Summer Kite Race Series took place Saturday at Kanaha beach park on Maui with perfect sunny and windy conditions, a great crowd and lots of tight racing. More than 50 people signed up for racing and the team Ride Relay event. The race is all about fun, but everyone is improving and upping their games so there are no easy wins. The race division is growing and there were new and young faces. Alex Aguera stayed ahead of the pack and his daughter Alexis was not far behind, beating most of the men. The starts of the open division, with more then 30 kiters starting together, was an unbelievable sight. Flash Austin and Patri McLaughlin traded bullets in the first two races, and in the final race Flash pulled it off with a close win. Kalia Aguera kept up the family tradition and was not far behind the leading men.

 Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

Naish Summer Kite Race Series 2012 maui hawaii Flash Austin Alex Aguera

This was the final race of the Naish Summer Kite Race Series and the Hawaiian state champions were crowned combining the results from all the race days with the final day counting double. With Alexis and Kalia Aguera and Flash Austin, three Naish riders placed on top of the podium. The awards party kept going well into the night, capping off a full day of action and fun.

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