Naish Ride Kiteboards 2012 Bi-Axial Construction

Target: Modern freeride twin-tip for all round and entry-level riders.
Design Characteristics:
* Progressive Flex to aid in pop and control
* Medium rocker for early planning and control
* Single concave bottom for easy edging and grip
* Wider outline for easy water starting
* Bold, clean, simple graphics
* Bright orange bottom to locate the board easily when on the water
* Includes simplified Ally bindings with softer footstraps
* Packaged with 5.0cm glass fins and a grab handle
Sizes: 135cm x 42cm, 140cm x 43cm

“The Ride project came about with the mindset that kiteboarding should be easy. To this end, we created a kite and board combo that delivers easy control and use with no loss of performance.
The Ride board features a single concave bottom and a medium flex allowing the rider to focus on having fun. The outline has been tuned for early planing and control. The modern tip design prevents spray from hitting the rider’s eyes.
The board is packaged with simplified Ally bindings and softer footstraps. The baseplate features both angle and width adjustment. The pad has multiple density EVA which cradles the foot. The 5.0cm fins enhance the board’s early planing characteristics, and tracks nicely when the wind picks up.” ~ Ian Ponting, Naish Board Designer

1. Bi-Axial & UD Glass Laminates:Instant flex response and superior torsion control provide a positive, smooth feeling ride.
2. Full Paulownia Wood Core:
Paulownia wood is lightweight, not subject to warp and has outstanding reflex characteristics. It also has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any wood, which makes it the perfect core for kiteboards.

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