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I actually had a superfund site across from my house when I was a kid. Something about paint dumping.

The superfund is an interesting spinoff of the Love Canal story,red bottom loafers, as it goes back to Hooker Chemical Company trying to get the town government to shove off. They tried to keep themselves away from liability by selling the land for $1 (so as not to profit from the transaction, but to keep it a full sale and not a donation) and including this statement:

Prior to the delivery of this instrument of conveyance, the grantee herein has been advised by the grantor that the premises above described have been filled, in whole or in part, to the present grade level thereof with waste products resulting from the manufacturing of chemicals by the grantor at its plant in the City of Niagara Falls, New York, and the grantee assumes all risk and liability incident to the use thereof. It is therefore understood and agreed that, as a part of the consideration for this conveyance and as a condition thereof,cheap michael kors outlet, no claim, suit, action or demand of any nature whatsoever shall ever be made by the grantee, its successors or assigns, against the grantor, its successors or assigns, for injury to a person or persons, including death resulting therefrom, or loss of or damage to property caused by, in connection with or by reason of the presence of said industrial wastes. It is further agreed as a condition hereof that each subsequent conveyance of the aforesaid lands shall be made subject to the foregoing provisions and conditions.

Not only did they try to explicitly state to any future purchasers that there was unpleasant things buried here, and that even if the town sold off the land they should tell people purchasing the land that there are still unpleasant things buried there.

Hooker Chemical got screwed out the ass when they had to pay to clean it up again, after the town stomped all over it.

In high school (may or may not be the one on that map), our chemistry teacher brought in a gigometer. We used it on one of the kids hunting boots, and it went nuts. It was a long time ago and I dont remember the numbers,michael kors cheap, but I remember the teacher being concerned. A ton of the teachers from that school have ended up with cancer, including family members of mine.

To the south, the west valley demonstration project. The only commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing facility EVER to operate in the United StatesArticles Connexes´╝Ü

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