Lord of the Wind Showdown in Mexico Day 3-4

Everything must come to an end… and the Lord of the Wind Showdown in Baja, Mexico follows that rules too.

Here are the updates for day 3 and 4 from BEST rider Kris Kinn:

Day 3… Blow wind blow
Today we woke to a glassy flat Sea of Cortez, which was just as well after the final round of the Bikini contest and Battle of the Bands, which took place the night before! However, around 1:30 the wind line began to move in and a riders meeting was held.

Course racing was the call, since the wind was only averaging 12 knots, making it difficult for either Big Air or Freestyle heats, and again the top three men were in close competition! The race director ended the day around 4:30, after 2 more series of races had been completed.

The evening’s festivities went down at Loco Rico’s where they held Baja’s largest beer pong tournament and had over 2,000 beers delivered for the event!

Day 4… The Final Showdown

Again, the forecast was not looking promising for the day’s event.

Everyone slowly made their way to the beach around noon, but the wind didn’t start blowing until 2. At this point, they had to make a call as to which event they were going to run, and with the Showdown being the idea behind the entire event, as well as the Travel Channel’s Sandblaster’s Series here to build a podium for the Lord of the Wind, they decided to get the race off as soon as the wind came up!

The Lord of the Wind Showdown race is a 2 1/2mi upwind/downwind race between male, female, windsurfer, kiteboarder, NO ENVY, winner takes all! Last year’s winner was former World Champion Windsurfer, Kevin Prichard, however the wind this year was much lighter, making quite an advantage for the kiteboarders. This really showed as we watched the top ten cross the finish line.

Congratulation’s to the new Lord of the Wind, Kiteboarder Johnny Heineken!

Showdown Race:

1. Johnny Heineken (Ozone)

2. Adam Koch (Ozone)

3. Bryan Lake (Ocean Rodeo)

—Kris Kinn

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