Requirements…|Requirements – To be simple, reliable no gimmicks. – To allow the kite release without removing the hands from the bar. – To kill the power of the kite yet integrating a kite leash essential for the safety of others, yet not slowing you down in your riding progression. – To adapt to all riding levels. Leash Free Safety System “- The release is instinctive in any situation: it is simply by pushing the bar away from you as far as you can that you kill the power. Only one motion is required: push. – Simple and efficient: the F.One system does not required to have a PHD. It is a ball pushed by the bar that slides and releases a line. – Safety AND maximum freedom: it is your chicken loop (de-power quick release) that has now the function of a leash because it is connected at its high end to the front lines. This annoying leash bothering you during tricks and passes is just a (bad) memory. You are safe and so are the others. – Works for all: from schools to expert riders More information about F.One

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