KSP day nine: light wind, lay day

Cascais, Portugal – June 9, 2012: Following an exciting day of competition yesterday, officials called a lay day for day 9 of the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event due to light and variable winds. The forecast looks good for tomorrow, the last day of the holding period for the event.

Yesterday’s non-stop action saw the world’s best kite surfers battle their way through 17 heats. (Watch the day 8 wrap-up clip here.) However, there are 32 remaining heats – 23 in the men’s division and 9 in the women’s division – with tomorrow being the final day of the event.

Contest officials and competitors were disappointed that additional rounds couldn’t be run today. “We still have quite a few heats to get through tomorrow and if the conditions are contestable, we’ll run men’s and women’s heats simultaneously again, which worked out really well yesterday and saves us a lot of time.” said Kristin Boese, KSP’s President and Tour Manager.

If conditions allow for the competition to resume tomorrow, several matchups promise to be thrilling. In the women’s fourth round, two champions will square off: Kari Schibevaag (NOR/Ozone) against nine-time world champion, Kristin Boese (GER/Best). In round four of the men’s division, good friends Airton Cozzolino (ITA/North) and Matchu Almeida (CPV/North), will face-off against each other. The battle between Almeida, an

explosive up-and-comer, and Cozzolino, the 2011 KSP World Champion, is expected to be a tight showdown since the two plan to maximize their scoring potential with difficult aerial maneuvers.

Contest officials and riders will meet tomorrow at 10 A.M. (Portugal time) to evaluate conditions and potential start times for the last day of the competition. To hear the call live, log on to www.KSPWorldTour.com/live.

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