The wind has finally decided to pick up in Essaouira. At noon, all riders of the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup got ready for the Freestyle competition.|


 5th November 2008


KPWT Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup 2008

Kiteboard Pro World Tour – 10 years anniversary
1 – 9 November 2008


The wind has finally decided to pick up in Essaouira. At noon, all riders of the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup got ready for the Freestyle competition.


We started with the men. No surprise in the first round but a special congratulation to a young and promising new comer on the Tour: Jérôme Cloetens. He is only 10 years old, he is Belgian, lives in Tarifa and is promised for a long career.

The second round was much more interesting with a few surprises. The heat 17 with Vincent Tiger versus Victor Borsuk was extremely close. They both could win but the final decision gave the victory to Victor Borsuk.

Same comment with the heat 22 but this heat reveals the talent of a local rider, Mohammed Hamaini. Mohammed had nothing to loose ; he gave his outmost against the 2007 Wave World Champion, Abel Lago and managed to go through the next round.

In the last heat of this round, Mitu Monteiro from Cabo Verde fighted very hard and brave against the current leader of the KPWT Jesse Richman but despite all his efforts, the Hawaiian talent had the final word.

The two last heats of the Quarter Finals were definitely the most interesting. Mohammed Hamaini did a very good job but the experience and talent of Antoine Auriol made the difference. Matthieu Judic, the Frenchy from La Baule, probably performed his best heat of the year but he had a tough work against the current leader of the Tour, and Jessy finally won.

Four riders are preparing themselves for the semi finals tomorrow: Victor Borsuk versus Leander Vyvey and Antoine Auriol versus Jesse Richman.


On the women side, the heat between Kari Schibevaag and Kristin Boese was very close but Kristin, the 2007 KPWT World Champion, made her way through the finals. In the heat between Kirsty Jones and Ainhoa, the style, the power and the tricks on both tracks of Kirsty made the difference. Marine Sudre from Australia and Céline Collaud from Switzerland had a very tight fight ; the victory went to Marine. The last heat of the quarter finals opposed Esther Oud from Holand against Ania Grzelinska from Poland. Despite a very nice performance from Esther, as it was her first participation of the year, Ania won easily and will meet Marine in the semi finals.


We will continue tomorrow with Freestyle and if there is enough time, we will switch to Course Racing. The Wave Masters are planned on Friday and Saturday as it looks like good swell is announced in the forecast.


So get connected and follow the show of the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup 2008 on !


KPWT Technical Team :

Frédéric Gravoille, Promoter

Stephen Marret, Speaker

Diogo Cardoso, Cameraman

Carlos Delicado, Photographer


Organisation : KPWT & Partners

Province and city of Essaouira, Association Essaouira Mogador.


Sponsors :

Gold Sponsors :

Essaouira Mogador “SAEMOG”, Office National Marocain of Tourism, ONMT.


Silver Sponsors :

Royal Air Maroc, Atlas Hospitality, Fundation of Festivals of Marrakech.


Bronze Sponsors :

Marocain of sport and games, Red Bull.


Partners :

Conseil Municipal d’Essaouira, Fundation Essaouira Mogador, Restaurant El Minzah,, windguru, Restaurant Casa Vera, GMF and the Agency of Communication Essaouira Plus, Arriyadiya.



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