26′ footage “Island of Gods” Wave Trip
Indonesia .|

Featuring :

Mickael Fernandez (FR)
Gisela Pulido (Spain)
2004 KPWT Champions
Tom Hébert (New Caledonia)
2004 KPWT Junior Champion
And Hervé Bouré (FR) & Fabienne d’Ortoli (FR) Champions of the Wave Masters

Bonus :
26′ footage “Island of Gods” Wave Trip
with Hervé Bouré (FR) and Jérémie Eloy (FR)

The 2004 Kiteboard season has come to an end after 4 freestyle rounds :
Ø Sables d’Olonne Kiteboard World Cup – Les Sables d’Olonne – France
Ø Jim Beam Kiteboard World Cup – Istanbul – Turkey
Ø Realizar Kiteboard World Cup – Matosinhos – Portugal
Ø Alcatel Kitesurf Pro – Nouméa – New-Caledonia
…and the Wave Masters in Guincho, Portugal

Once again this season, the KPWT has consecrated the talent of the best pro riders and revealed new characters, among whom Mickaël Fernandez (FR), the new KPWT World Champion. Indeed, the different tricks, styles and technics are toughening in both freestyle and wave events, making the sport even more impressive and radical.
Besides, the young kids’ revolution that started last year is definitely rooting thanks to riders like Tom Hébert (NC), 2004 Junior World Champion and on the girl side with the amazing 10 year old Gisela Pulido (Spain), both Women and Junior 2004 World Champion, who plays a big part in the women growing level.
Furthermore, this year we could feel among the riders a strong tendency to wave riding : the Wave Master held in Guincho, Portugal that was won by Hervé Bouré (FR), did prove that more and more riders were eager to direct their career towards wave competition, and we were happy to give them the opportunity to do so and by the way get wave riding more professional.

Kiteboarding is still a young sport with a huge development all around the world, yet competition – the stakes of which are more and more exciting – is now highly professional and proposes new race formats (best tricks, speed crossing, hang time, border cross,…) giving the opportunity to the competitors to express their widening range of talents.

Many thanks to all the riders who make us dream.
Thank you as well to our local organizers : Institut Sports Océan (Les Sables d’Olonne, France), Sportworks Group (Turkey), Realizar (Portugal), Alyzéa (New-Caledonia).

A special thank to our partners who support the development of the Tour : Takoon, Gaastra, Julbo, Hawaï Surf, Kaleo and all the Kiteboarding Magazines


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