It’s that time of year again where kiteboarders can no longer resist the yearn to burn their cash on new toys ready for the start of the new season. |


It’s that time of year again where kiteboarders can no longer resist the yearn to burn their cash on new toys ready for the start of the new season. The test team have been sweating in the test arena of El Medano in Tenerife for the next issue and will be bringing the most comprehensive test report to date with over 40 items put through their paces. Faults, strengths and the leading contenders will be revealed, and if you plan on buying kit in the next six months, issue 33 is a must-have. Tests include a haul of the latest bows and hybrid kites (that haven’t appeared in the mag so far for ’08) and a mighty fine selection of intermediate to advanced twin-tips. The testers took advantage of the wave breaks to ride a few surfboards too! Expect appearances from all the top players and a few surprisingly high-performing newcomers that have stepped up to the manufacturing plate.

See videos from a lot of the manufacturer’s by clicking here

Also sliding their way in between the covers are Miguel Willis’s travel column as he tries to go down-the-line in the Philippines (watch his excellent documentary video by clicking here) , Mark Shinn offers a motivational master-class. On top of all that we kick-off a brilliant new series that we’re very excited about developing in which we’ll limber you up for some of the greatest kiteboarding experiences on the planet: the details of the world’s best downwinders. Kiteboarding’s not the same unless you’re clocking up the miles, and this issue we kick off with a couple of classic routes along the coast of Cabarete.

Offering you their skills that pay the bills this issue, Jeremie Tronet takes over the Motor Drive project with the Jesus Style transition, (yes, that’s walking on water – the masses will flock to see you ride!) building up to it with a nose grab transition and some board-off basics, Ken Russell looks at how to ride fast…and hold it all together, and Adam Jones continues offering salvation to those with all the gear, but no idea with a class on getting the most from the correct board set-up for you.

You can see some clips of Jeremie Tronet via some videos on in which he uses some clever slow motion video technology to break down a few more moves. Click here to watch Jeremie’s videos. And on the subject of moves, Ben Wilson’s much anticipated brand new wave riding instructional DVD has been released, and there are a series of clips from the DVD at Clip 1 , Clip2 , Clip3.

John Bilderback’s new movie, The Kite Movie Lines, also goes through the KW player. See a clip of it here.

Plus, lots, lots more to keep you dreaming the only way a good dose of Kiteworld can.

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